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Reviews: Cleaning of complex to work /Nikita:

Very pleased with the effect after cleaning the complexes to work. What I used to do through force is now perceived easily, even some kind of enthusiasm appeared. I think the cleaning of such complexes in the long term will bring good results, like cleaning any other complexes.

Review: Cleaning of complex of boredom to work /Alia:

Thank you)) The center so coolly cleaned the previous time the complex of boredom to work and the meaninglessness of work that now it’s impossible to breathe, so much has come about. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review: Cleaning of complex to work /Yaroslav:

Hi) In general, once again I notice that after cleaning the complex there is a feeling of freedom of movement in the area where this cleaning occurred. Now, after cleaning the negativity to work, work processes begin to accelerate. Acceleration of tasks, some internal resistance has gone, which has slowed me down. And yet there is a feeling that I let go of the brake. And I also feel when I compare what happened before and after various cleansing complexes: when I act in the area of the complex, whether it is the desire to get rich, sales, or simply the willingness to work, then the energy of consciousness is heavily consumed. And when the complexes are removed, there is no such energy leakage. That’s about these changes.

Review: Cleaning of complex to work /Yaroslav:

After cleaning the complex of  “willingness to work” I can note such changes as that those things that need to be done, but they are not very pleasant, they have become easier to do. It is clear that there are still signals, but the fact that the signal is already almost 2 times weaker due to the unwillingness to work, it is felt.


Review: Cleaning of complex to spend money /Valeria:

Task: remove the complex of desire to spend money when I have them.

The result after work: I really don’t feel a desire to spend it now.


Review: Cleaning of complex of boredom to work /Alia:

Hello!!! Overall, good condition. At work, boredom is really gone. There are some new tasks, projects.


Review: Cleaning of complex of stupor /Olesya:


As promised to write about the complex of stupor, which is cleaned now. It worked. I get up and do things. It became easier. Maybe my mandala winner works too, which I constantly wear.


Review: Cleaning of complex for wife of fear of talking on the phone in English with strangers "/ Dmitry

My phone calls. You know, there’s probably a change. Maybe there is no pleasure, but there is not much stress already. I was called several times and they called me, in principle, more or less normally. This does not mean that I suddenly began to understand English better, but I do not notice such a rejection as before.


Review: Cleaning of complex of reaction to what is happening at work /Dasha:

Good evening! Today was as usual a very nervous day at work - I noticed that the excitement and tension from stress do not penetrate as deeply as before. As if only on a tangent I am touched, a certain detachment appeared. This does not affect the quality of work). On a 10-point scale, score 3 is still felt. But the difference is already very cool. It’s interesting how tomorrow will be - it’s scary to believe that work will no longer harass as before).


For those complexes that were previously cleaned, I did not even write - the realization did not immediately come that they disappeared). It is difficult to describe in words. Freedom! Calm. No sedatives have ever helped. And then bang and that’s all. Like a new person was born inside). The rest of the complexes would be cleared faster))


Review: Cleaning of complex of boredom to work /Yaroslav:

Hello, I want to thank you for the service provided. Cleaning of complex to work / boredom, I want to draw attention to the fact that it took about 2 months to build up the process.

I noticed a change in attitude to work, for 3 months I have been working on a fairly simple physical job, a change in attitude is manifested in the fact that I willingly follow the instructions of my superiors, I treat the company in good faith as my business, time flies quickly and I am not bored, have good relations with the team and with the authorities, before everything was quite the opposite.

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