Old Age Signal Removal

Now we have several technologies for removal of old age effect and slow down aging.

Among them:

  • Old age singals from past incarnation removal
  • Increasing better body processing of old age signals 
  • Overal energy strengthening (Silver Thread and Mental Recovery Technologies)
  • Body age phases restart technologies.

Old age is the result of the action of the mechanism inherent in human egregore. It's like some kind of biological clock. But some assistance in this field available. For details read articles mentioned above..

But it need to mention that the Old Age signals from pastincarnations influence your energy and health in any age that you are.
Old age signal are tested in the Energy Map.

Cleaning old age signals from past incarnations

One of the problems associated with the energy, jealth and youth of the body is the presence of "Signals of old age" from past incarnations.

Of millions of your past incarnations, there are signals coming. Signals of old age usually fade after death,
but in some cases they continue to work, issuing an information flow and setting the program of decrepitude of the body.

Any person is simultaneously affected by body signals and old age from past incarnations. Usually the signals of past incarnations are weak and fade. But in some cases, associated with the parameters of this particular organism, there are strong active signals.

If the signal is very strong, there is even a progeria disease. These signals are noticeable on many people. Even young people can have the sorrow of old age. Any person can track the signal of old age from past incarnations. Usually this signal is weak.

If you remove it, and especially track it at the time of removal, people say that it is as if the mask is removed from the face, or the web and the face becomes fresh as it gets younger. Especially if the person is young, then this is more noticeable. But in any way, this signal of old age and decay is useful for any person at any age to remove it.

There are signals more or less. With a weak signal, which is usually found, these signals are felt like a mask so sticky on the face. You can take it off. After removal, the person immediately freshens.

It is necessary to clean up the signals of old age from hundreds of thousands
so that the body is younger.

Sometimes you can meet children who seem to bear the stamp of old age and adulthood-
it works signals from past incarnations.

This signal can be measured. Everyone has these signals, if they are not specially cleaned, then they destroy the body.

Cost: $ 150 /cycle (2 unitsof load are removed per cycle).


QUESTION: This should be a very significant impact as far as better health, right? It says on the energy map a 2 unit old age signal reduces work of all organ parameters by 20% so it would seem like this will do it a lot, but i just want to make sure i am both not half assing it and fixing the right things to get a clear benefit.

ANSWER: Indeed some technologies are more easyly to track, other less.
It depends on the person a lot. Of how sensible is he and what kind of experience he has.

As for  Old age signals. It may feel like when you spend lots of time with old people. You might get slow down a bit a bit more tired. And usually it has certain face effect.
Usually this technology is pretty noticeble, it feels good. Like after a good bath. Old Age signals effects health. Like supress it. But its general pressure.
Old Age singals stimulate overal health depression. But for specific health issues - its better to look more specivically, using such a technologies as Body tensions release, mental recovery and others.
As for testimonials - check what other people's reviews.  



It feels like they removed a gray, sticky web from an old crypt. The taste from this web is very unpleasant. Pleasant feeling after cleaning.

Svetlana: 12/17/2019 at 18:43

Regarding the cleaning of old age signals. There was a certain lightness in the worldview, in the feeling of oneself, as if it had become lighter and lighter.

Nikolai: 03/10/2017 at 17:52

In general, from the beginning i did not test old age signals. Although intuitively, I felt that there was an effect from the past, a certain extinction of the body.
On the day when they started work, there was a state of a certain intoxication, euphoria, an increase in tone, similar to an increase in vital energy. Then the chronicle worsened, then it gradually began to pass. Appearance - in appearance, friends and relatives began to notice that he was 5-10 years younger. He became more calm in communication. Inwardly - I feel myself for 20 years, which is very pleasing. For health - improvement began, for the soul - the desire to move forward and develop increased. The final rating of this service. I waited a couple of weeks, and then I wrote this review to evaluate the effect as it should. And this effect makes me very happy. Center specialists mentally kiss, hug and thank

Alice: 02.26.2017 at 17:46
today I met a friend who has not seen me for 5-6 weeks, she says you’ve freshened up, your face is so young, almost childish, the features have changed, as if they were smoothed out!
(after cleaning the signals of old age, by the way, I’ve noticed more and more often in the toilet, I used to have a tendency to swelling and used laxatives, now for 2 weeks I have been dumping the accumulated toxins),

Dasha: 04/23/2016 at 20:32
Regarding the removed signal of old age - like other reviews, I also noticed something difficult to express in words with the condition of the skin of the face, like wrinkles in place, but some other, it is more pleasant to look at yourself in the mirror

Alexander: 04/15/2016 at 16:15
By cleaning the signals of old age there is an interesting sensation of skin elasticity, the sensation is similar to the effect of massage, it is especially felt on the face.

Marina: 03/11/2016 at 09:16
According to the signal of old age: as if I spent 10 days at the resort, the body generally worked well, the veil of fatigue fell from my face and was 2 years younger.

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