Step 6. Past Life Experience Activation.


Successful people: billionaires, professional military men, mages, healers and others are first of all individuals who have accumulated a considerable amount of experience for millions of years of past incarnations.

There are ancient technologies that allow you to speed up access to the experience accumulated by the soul. Similar things were done in Tibet, Ancient Egypt and the Traditions of the Shamans of Africa and America. This system is called Initiation through Death, it accelerates access to the experience accumulated during the period of the earthly incarnations of man.

The experience of the Monad activates the experience throughout the entire evolutionary period. The experience of the Monad helps to unite the experience of past incarnations in the current person, opens access to unique knowledge, skills, gained in past lives. If you have not yet had the experience you need in the previous incarnations, you can write down the necessary information with the help of unique ancient technologies.

To check what experience you have already accumulated during the evolution period, you can make a Basic (magical) card of the individual (it diagnoses the experience of past incarnations, defines the range of interests and occupation of the personality for millions of years, the inclusion in various egregores, the presence of Initiations into the cults of the Gods ).

Technologies of express-development (Mind Upgrade).

Special technologies of express development (mind upgrade) were used in ancient civilizations in order to accelerate the evolution of man. The ancient civilizations on Earth are the Lemurians, Ases, Atlanta, etc. The educational process of these civilizations is similar to the development systems of the majority of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations.

Among the training areas in developed civilizations, most often can be identified: business education, technology, natural sciences, healing, military science, magic, etc.

The training systems of ancient civilizations differed dramatically from our training system in that highly technological developments were used that were integrated into human energy bodies. In the subtle bodies of man, "sewing" training programs with expert systems.

The team of specialists has been researching for decades how to optimize and adjust the system of human thin and physical bodies for accelerated evolutionary development. The work is conducted daily, every day the Center is one step closer to new discoveries.

The team of experts bit by bit restores the ancient technologies of personal development, and the most successful developments that have been tested for environmental friendliness and safety apply to their customers.

  • Restoring of the mental potential / Strengthens the integrity of the mental, restores the level of development, raises the position of the Assemblage Point /
  • Egyptian and Masonic ritual of Initiation through Death / the legendary technology of the ancient terrestrial civilizations of the post-Atlantic period /
  • Past life experience activation (Full Monad) / one of the most effective development technologies, known among humanoid civilizations. They activate the experience of past incarnations and increase the position of the Assemblage Point (level of consciousness)
  • Technology of Preserving of the Personality/ one of the most extraterrestrial technologies available
  • The Light of Consciousness - Programs for additional energy pumping and accelerating thinking.
Free Psychic Test - Mind Power, Health, Love & Past Life Experience.
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  • Past-life experience
  • The Vessel of Luck and Karma
  • Personal energy balance
  • Main psychology complexes and stresses
  • Balance of vitamins and microelements.
  1. Meeting Death

    Those to whom we made this technology note the following on the reviews:

    • There is a kind of expansion of consciousness;
    • It becomes more voluminous. And it stays with you further;
    • How some seriousness is added;
    • You feel the presence of a certain force that, like a tuning fork, tunes you in. Your actions become more mature;
    • You always compare your actions with something more significant, greater;
    • Your steps are becoming more meaningful, serious.

    But this manifests itself approximately a year after Contact.


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  2. Level 1 Paging
    Energy nourishment of consciousness, through the connection to the supplying sources of high-frequency energy in the Universe. Learn More
  3. Initiation through Death 1 step

    "Initiation through Death, 1 step"

    Copying the experience of past incarnations, merging Personal information into the current incarnation, increasing the mental mass.



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