In this article, we will talk about the magical help provided by the Center in the afterlife.



Rituals for funeral days.

QUESTION:  The funeral days are coming. What can we do for the dead?


For the dead, you can remove the complexes that torment them. 
Testing of these complexes is performed on the  Karma Map.

Life after death.

QUESTION:  So after death they say they’re not tormenting anything else?

ANSWER: On the contrary, the first problem is that a person has the same attachments, needs that he had during his life (he wants to eat, drink, and communicate), but he cannot realize them, therefore he is in pain. Even hungry spirits talk about them.

The second point, if they are closer to hellish plans, then they constantly feel discomfort. And this discomfort will last hundreds of thousands no. 

QUESTION:  At what level of position does Ad-Paradise begin to feel this discomfort?


Roughly speaking, a person is between two gates: Paradise (+8), Infernal (0). A person feels both of them in parallel, but the closer to the source, the stronger. The righteous are at the gates of Paradise (6-7 units), Sinners are either already in Hell or at the Gates of Hell (0-1 unit).
With a position of 2-3 units, a person already feels discomfort coming from hell. These are approximate, approximate figures.

The position of their past incarnations is tested on the  Karma Map .

What can be done for the deceased.

QUESTION:  And if you pray, can you go up a notch?

ANSWER: In Christianity there are special prayers that raise - Sorokoost. And depending on how well this prayer is carried out, it pushes towards Bliss. Also in all major religions there are prayers and rituals that are associated with pushing in this direction.

QUESTION:  And if you pray yourself?

ANSWER: Each prayer is calculated for something. The ritual of repentance and forgiveness of sins facilitates the soul (when a person repents and sins are forgiven).

QUESTION:  Do the deceased like prayers for the dead?

ANSWER: Memorial prayers overwhelm the low-frequency subtle bodies of the dead, and thereby clean things and the room where they lived. This is needed more alive so that there is no smoldering energy in the apartment.

What the dead need:

  • so that relatives come and remember them, and that they eat and drink something. 
  • They also like the prayers that offer and purify them (for example, Sorokoost). 
  • It is necessary to use prayers that ask the Saints and the Lord to save their soul, to cleanse and forgive sins.

QUESTION:  How often do deceased people need to remember?

ANSWER: Their need arises once a week - and we commemorate days once a year.
But you can remember the dead at home, when we eat or drink something.

From our point of view, the  best gift for the deceased  is to make

  • Transfer of the deceased towards the Light Plans  (the flow of Higher Bliss) (Contact us for information about this service)

The best gift for yourself  in the past,  for your past incarnations -

  • clean complexes that torment their allies
  • and make a  Transfer to the Bright plans of their past incarnations  1 or 2 steps (throughout the Fan of Realities). 

What can be done for the dead?


You can do the exact same services dead as live people.

From purges to the Monad Experience.

But there are several basic services related to the state of afterlife.

1. Repose:

Repose is the process of transferring the deceased to the world of the dead.

The problem is that the deceased remains in contact with people and with things from this life.
When resting, the dead person’s connection with things, for example, an apartment and with relatives, decreases and the energy of death and decay ceases to go on them.

The cost of work is $ 50

2. Escort towards the Paradise Plans

(you can translate the dead conditionally 2 steps up)
There are a number of Christian rituals that translate the dead into more comfortable plans, for example Sorokoust.
If we take the steps between Paradise and Hell for 10 units, then somewhere in 2 units we can translate.

The cost of work is $70

Technologies that can be applied after death

For the dead, you can also do the Karma Vessel Cleaning , to clean the complexes that cause torment.
and install other technologies, such as Swap Programs , that will help them in their next lives.

One of the main problems of the dead is that they cannot fulfill their needs - some kind of psychological dependence. For example, eat something, take revenge on someone, etc.

You can make a map of the analysis of the needs of the dead.
Usually these are 10-15 complexes that torment the dead to varying degrees.

You can also draw a map from your past incarnations - what torments our past incarnations in the world of the dead.

This may affect some of our hidden deep-seated complex.
These complexes will be tormented after death. They constitute the emotional component of a certain unrealized inner.

All identified complexes can be removed.
In this case, millions of past incarnations begin to feel more comfortable in the world of the dead. They find some comfort.
This can also add some psychological comfort to us and help us remove hidden deep psychological complexes.

My friend died - what can I do for her?

Answer: Your friend still has complexes-desires:

  • - I want to drink coffee;
  • - eat something (like bread).

If you want to make her something pleasant, you can think about her and drink coffee, eat bread - and she will feel something pleasant.
And you can also order a translation of it up a notch in bright plans, where there will be brighter, better sensations.

In this article, we will talk about how close relatives are pleased and like the dead.

What will be pleasant to the dead.

When a loved one leaves, we try to do something for him.

There is a tradition once a year to visit the dead and to bring something from food on the day of the memory of the dead.
There are different traditions, services.

1) When you go to the cemetery, take something tasty for the deceased (his favorite dish).
A small portion of this food is placed at the head of the grave. And you eat part and think of the dead.

2) The dead do not like alcohol; they disgust them. And also they do not like any fermentation products.

Only 20% of the dead like meat. Only 3% of the dead like alcohol.

It is better to bring what they loved, most often it is plant food .

3) The deceased likes when they put flowers at their head, but only certain flowers.
For example, they like roses . But traditionally carnations, daffodils and gladioli are unpleasant for them.

4) They like the candle, but only if it is natural . If the candle is synthetic (paraffin, with some smelling additives), then it causes severe torment for them.

If you want to make some saint pleasant, put a clean wax candle near his icon.
If you put paraffin - it will cause him suffering.

5) Similarly, smoking sticks . If they are made from natural materials - good.
If from synthetic materials - then it is very painful.

6) Music. When they come with an orchestra, loud, sharp music is not pleasant to them.

What do the dead like:

The dead like:

  • the attention of relatives (when they are remembered, especially those they loved)
  • good food
  • good smells

How to determine what the dead like?

We are often asked how you determine what the dead like. Social Survey Method:

  • In order to determine what the deceased liked, more than a hundred deceased were interviewed to make a selection. 
  • This information is also found in other esoteric sources.
  • Plus, there is a constant accumulation of experience during the Pooj, when it is specified what the dead want.
  • Plus technology is a lesson for specialists - also communication with specialists who have been for a long time.
  • Plus, when working with Mentors, Allies, there is a constant opportunity to conduct a survey of what they like best, what less.

In the process, we found inaccuracies in some technologies:

  • For example, it is believed that candles in churches are good when burned, but in fact, artificial smells cause the hostility of the dead. This is especially true of incense with artificial flavors.
  • It is believed that wine is suitable for sacrifices, but it turned out that the deceased did not like fermentation products. And with sour vegetables and fruits, you need to be careful.

It turned out that of the aromas they especially like the smell of roses, wax, non-toxic vegetables, fruits, cereals.

What to do for deceased relatives?

Question:  Is it obligatory to go to the cemetery to bring groceries?


Usually in the tradition they put on the table a photograph of a saint or a deceased deity and offer them treats.

Question:  Do they need to say something, talk with them, read poetry, or is it just enough food?


They mainly need food, but there is almost no need for conversation.

Well, or if there is an attachment to any particular close person, then yes. But this does not happen so often, maybe in 5% of cases. And the need to be fed is in the percentage of 50-70 dead.

There are needs, and there is what they like. Almost no one has a need for pleasant smells, but if we do this, they will like it.

Question:   Is it better to eat food for deceased relatives?

Dead relatives are better perceived if you think about them and eat at that moment. What they put, they practically do not feel. Even if food is directly put on the grave, they feel the energy of the food, but not its taste.