Low frequency energy paging programs

"Low-frequency power pump programs."

In some people, an active "heat at the level of the body" can be seen, causing sexual desire, sexual hunger in others (desire to touch, snuggle to them, etc.).

Often these are ancient pumping programs that energize the body, increase endurance and energy, and "warm up the body." The pumping takes place at the level of Svadhisthana and Manipura.


For example, Anfisa Chekhova, Sophia Loren, Anna Simenovich, Osho, Tarzan (Koroleva's husband), Dzhigurda have such systems.

It was the development of an ancient civilization that existed about 700,000 years ago.

This program is designed to increase body energy and increase sexual attractiveness - activating "animal energy", "animal sexuality". To increase attraction at the body level.

Often such programs were staged in conjunction with programs for processing sexual energies to reduce the burden on Svadhisthana.

- Are these programs better to use for boosting strength or increasing attractiveness?

- These programs increase energy at the level of the body, increase endurance, boost immunity, increase "animal sexuality". These are the main values.

Cost of the program: 500 usd.


QUESTION: How many low frequency paging programs can I install?

ANSWER: The maximum quantity that we have met is 7 pieces.

But when 5-7 programs from a person there is a strong glow, radiance and the Consciousness of the body of the surrounding people very strongly reacts to this. About others it is hungry all the time, and then a source of energy appears.

People around with such a person usually want to cuddle.


According to our observations, people with similar programs are often found in the center of tantric groupings.

For example, OSHO had about 7 such programs installed. Of these, 3 programs are currently operational.


These programs are quite rare.

You can start with one program and then install as many as you need.


QUESTION: What is the difference between type 2 swap programs with fire elementals and type 4 swap programs (low frequency swap programs)?

ANSWER: Swap programs with fire elementals carry energy according to the frequency of Vishuddhi of the 1st and 2nd levels. Swap programs of 4 types (on the body) - the main frequencies: Manipura and Svadhisthana.

Level 2 swap programs increase physical activity more. A fire shift appears, a person accelerates relative to this world. A person feels it even less as others. The surrounding people perceive it as an accelerated object. And the person around him usually sees as more inhibited. Any energy is somehow accumulated in the body.

But there is a specialized program designed for the energy of the body. It is a type 4 swap program (by body). In ancient times, it was installed for soldiers, athletes, as well as in cases where it was necessary to increase the sex appeal of the body.


TESTIMONIAL: Low-frequency paging programs / Alina

After this service, I noticed that I began to recover faster, despite the hard day, and the fact that I go to bed late. The body can easily withstand stress. There is no feeling of heaviness. And in the moment of wakefulness, she is quick and easy-going. The feeling of inner warmth, my subjective feeling. 

FEEDBACK: Low-frequency paging programs / Sergey

I liked this program. A state of warmth appeared at the level of the body. Previously, it was either cold or hot, but now it is as if the battery was turned on somewhere nearby. And I began to feel more cheerful. I get tired less during the day

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