Step 1. Personal Energy Cleaning

 ways to remove damage, evil eye, other people's thoughts and wishes, collisions, curses yourself. Frequent energy cleaning leads to a healthier, happier, more active life. 

Method 1: Cleaning with Holy Water

We collect the blessed water from 3 temples, preferably in those where the Fathers conscientiously relate to the blessing of water.
We fill in the spray gun for linen or for flowers and arrange a weekly cleaning:

3 times a day we create a cloud around a person from the spray of Holy water, trying, when we spray,
to send it to the negative that goes to the person. 

- Can I dilute the water?
- If water is diluted, the efficiency drops.
A lot of water is not needed. A liter in one temple, a liter in another.

Method 2: Candle Cleaning

Take a big thick candle. Ignite. And we begin to drive around the person in a spiral,
concentrating on the fact that the flame burns out the negative directed at the person.
This concentration is the key. 

We also arrange weekly cleaning.
2 times a day for 3 minutes.
Such cleaning is useful at least once a week, for several minutes. 

Method 3: Egg Cleaning

We take a fresh egg, and concentrating on the fact that a person has other people's negative thoughts, emotions, wishes. We begin to collect this negative with an egg. 

At the moment of work, we concentrate on the fact that a negative begins to stick to it, like a piece of warm plasticine.

The egg is thrown into the trash. Wrapped in paper, thrown into the bin.

It is not necessary to play what we break, pour into a glass, since in this case we can partially hook the negative onto ourselves.

Weekly cleaning: one egg each week.
Further recommended once a month.
Especially useful for children.
These are ways that are available to everyone.

With professional cleaning, they  remove very hard, powered curses, collisions with people, and interactions with geopathic zones.

Method 4: Cleaning with a Magic Wand

If we want a more professional approach to this issue, we need to make a magic tool. 

Take 2-3 types of aluminum foil from different manufacturers, for example, baking foil, chocolate foil and a strip of foil from an aluminum can.

We twist this foil into a bundle 40 centimeters long and half a centimeter thick.
On top we wrap with two types of transparent wide adhesive tape.
Several types need to have different material properties.

In a calm environment, tune in to the negative that is coming to you or to the person you are cleaning.

This negative comes from the level of Manipura, Vishuddha, unknown to you people in the form of dark threads. With a magic wand, try to iron these threads several times until they begin to disintegrate. Do not try to rip them off, but only destroy them.

Because if you rip them off, a return signal will go that will aggravate the situation. Our task is to destroy the signal.

Separately concentrate! We need to destroy:

  • negative emotions, anger, envy (the flow that goes along Manipura);
  • it is necessary to destroy the negative-magic thought forms that come to you (according to the level of Vishuddha);
  • negative descriptions, negative thoughts about you;
  • impacts on your egregors;  
  • negative effects on people who interact with you.

Regularly clean your body  
and feel lighter, more comfortable and more energetic.


Step 2: Basic professional cleaning of energy from magic blows by the magical laboratory.

  • This is the first task to start with to restore personal resources! 
  • The energy state affects the tone, the feeling of joy in life.
  • Energy determines our success in business, the amount of money and bright ideas.
  • Health, human immunity depends on the quality of its energy! 

It is important to be able to monitor the cleanliness of energy at different levels and restore energy resources.

Energy Cleaning includes the removal of all major energy damage, including:
  • Outflows of energy to other people, open connections;
  • Gaps in energy bodies (conflicts of interest);
  • Emotional feelings, resentment;
  • Anger, frozen aggression from other people;
  • Negative tags, wishes of other people. Impacts of Ifrites (ancient artificial systems);
  • Links to places with negative energy. Outflows of energy (linking to the elementers);
  • Magical punches (rewinds, punches with needles, candles, elementors);
  • Curses, stresses and other injuries.

Special attention is paid to cleanings.

- funeral candles;
- cemetery spoilage, communications with the grave land and the dead;
- shock and dissection of the volt (pupa);
- rewind on the heart, neck and head;
- lapels;
- negative suggestions;
- artificial relationships with other people (love spells);
- breaking ties with collectives;
- overlapping channels of money, business, a channel between people;
- specialized blows with runes and sephirotic magic;
- consequences of conflicts, collisions of subtle bodies;
- anger, tags, negative wishes;
- curses;
Accumulated for this life.

Cost: Energy cleaning - $50

Magical effects make up 30-40% of negative effects on humans.

In addition to this, it is also important:

  • The general condition of the body (the health of the organs of the systems, which is laid down by the parents and in the process of evolution);
  • The impact of geopathic zones (the state of the room where the person lives, the place where he works and the car he drives);
  • And also the people with whom you live (if they have great dedications to Death and Yin, this also affects health). 

  • Geopathogenic can be cleaned - see Cleaning the premises.
  • The Initiations of Death and Yin can be adjusted - see Adjusting the Initiations of Death and Adjusting the Yin Initiations .
  • The general state of health is tested in the Energy card of the Person .

Question: How does the "Energy Cleaning" service go?


To clean the energy you need a full-length photo of a person. Energy cleaning is usually carried out within 3 days. During this time, several cycles of cleaning energy damage and ongoing magical blows, damage, curses, if any, are carried out.

After cleaning, the state of energy is leveled, the balance of vitality is usually restored. Cleaning can be done for yourself, your loved ones or your business.
Additionally, in order to strengthen the energy sector, it is possible to connect energy pumping programs and activate energy centers. Cleaning of ancient mental injuries that have been carried out for several thousand years as part of the Mental Restoration service. 

Question: How will purification manifest itself? Can I expect an increase in energy and an equalization of the general situation in life after purification?


Cleaning usually has a positive effect on the internal state, energy and indirectly throughout life as a whole.
This is not to say that cleaning will immediately solve all issues.
To work with specific tasks, in-depth technologies are used.
Solutions are selected for the tasks. 
In addition to cleaning the energy sector, it is useful to clean the complexes and restore the mental.
It is sometimes useful to repeat the cleaning of energy itself periodically - for example, once every 1-2 months, in order to remove new blows, tensions in life.
In any case, cleaning energy is the first thing to start with!

- What does energy cleaning give?

- It becomes easier to breathe. Enthusiasm returns to work and communication. 

Question: I recently cleaned up elsewhere. Do I need to re-clean with you?


Whether it is necessary or not is up to you.
From experience it can be said that in most cases there are still damage to the energy sector that can be cleaned. Cleaning the energy sector is a rather complicated job. There are few good specialists. Cleaning is harder than destroying.

If you even cleared a month ago in our group,
it is likely that new bumps and damage accumulated over the month. The number of strokes depends on the activity of life, the competitive environment, personal diplomacy and other factors.

Even if strikes, new breaks in the energy sector did not occur during the indicated period - most often after removing the first layer of damage - layers of older and deeper damage gradually begin to appear.

There are times when there is no obvious negative, there is no drop in vitality, good luck - this says that you do not have severe damage. And very good! 
But this is not common. To check your condition, you can use the Energy Identity Card.

On average, everyone can be recommended to do periodic preventive maintenance, cleaning the energy sector every 1-2 months. In any case, cleaning your energy industry has a positive effect on all areas of life.

Question: How and when do changes usually occur after cleaning the energy sector?


Usually after cleaning people feel more energy, strength. Communication is easier, less stress in business. This can gradually lead to the activation of all processes. It will be easier and faster to interact, create.
How quickly does this turn into events in life? In different ways, someone has a day, someone has a week.

If after some time there will again be a decrease in productive creative activity in business - you just need to check the condition and remove the extra damage that managed to accumulate over this period. After cleaning, the extra burden goes away. All actions are usually easier and faster.

Question: Basic cleaning of energy - will it clean everything?


As part of the basic cleaning of energy, it will be possible to clean all the basic energy damage by the current personality, which will be visible at the moment. If necessary, it is possible to carry out several cleaning cycles, cleaning out more and more ancient layers of damage.
To remove all major damage, basic cleaning is sufficient.

In addition to the Basic energy cleansing, one can distinguish the Restoration of the mental, as well as Cleaning strikes from past incarnations. 

QUESTION Will there be an increase in energy after cleansing?

ANSWER: If magical influences lead to a decrease in energy, then after cleaning there is an increase in energy. But 80% of magical strikes are aimed not at reducing energy, but at damaging thin bodies, therefore the effect will depend on the type of impact.

Recently, there has been a decline in energy both at the level of individual egregors of people and at the level of large egregors (countries, peoples, Planets), which affects the general condition of countries and people.

To summarize, we work with the following aspects:

  • Correction of karma (change of fate for the better);
  • Removing the crown of celibacy;
  • Removal of the evil eye;
  • Removal of damage to health;
  • Removal of the curse;
  • Removal of childbirth;
  • Removing damage to loneliness;
  • Removing damage to ruin;
  • Removing damage to death;
  • The removal of the family curse;
  • Removing love spells;
  • Removing lapels;
  • The expulsion of energetic entities (exorcism);
  • Cleansing the premises, the rest of departed souls;
  • Removing coding, NLP, zombies;
  • Harmonization of relationships;
  • Restoration of aura;
  • The removal of any magic;
  • Improvement of well-being;
  • Sleep enhancements;
  • Training to achieve any goals;
  • Solution of psychological problems;
  • Elimination of phobias and addictions.


It is believed that salt water, a bath with salt cleans the energy well. Moreover, the concentration of salt in the sea is quite high.

But we, unfortunately, do not see that such a bath is well cleared by the power engineer.

Harsh impacts (when they burn something) are considered more effective.

There are top technologies that healers use most often. And they reflect a degree of efficiency. 
- burning out with a candle
- rolling out an egg - rolling energy. 
- prayers (impact by egregore).

We ourselves prefer to destructurize the effects with the help of special metal objects.

Review: Energy cleaning / Dmitry

There is a change in the energy sector, it has become larger and it seems like activity has increased. Thank :). 

Review: Energy cleaning / Yuri V.

Hello! I would like to leave a review. I ordered the Energy Cleaning service. I want to express my gratitude for the help and friendliness and professionalism. I felt a real result and changes in my condition. Harmonious calm state, vigor, energy saturation. Everything has returned to normal. Many thanks!

Review: Energy Cleaning / Ruslan 

Good day! Addressed about financial stability. An energy cleaning service was provided. About a month has passed.
Regarding cleaning, a state of lightness appeared, habits changed. For 2 weeks I haven’t been drinking alcohol, I just don’t pull, I don’t see an incentive in this, a toning up, as before. Money is better, not a fountain, but according to the results of the month - it is better than last year, I analyze it every year. Concern for tomorrow began to fade. I used to think about it constantly, probably blocked myself in something. He began to spend more on pleasure, convenient things. Energy has become more concentrated, discarding unnecessary things. He began to pay more attention to women. I lost all interest in viewing eros and other sites, I sit less on the Internet.

Review: Energy cleaning / Yuri G.

Many thanks! What I tracked during this time (work with me). Two stages, I noted for myself, the first Friday 06/06/2014. After nine in the evening, the condition began to normalize, a feeling of density and fullness of energy in the body. He began to spend less time on sleep in the following days. Understanding began to appear, a calm and conscious look at himself and his life. But after a few days, while continuing to observe the fullness in the body by energy, but at the same time, there was a state when there was no desire to do something. And on Monday 09.06.2014, at around 9 p.m. and later, I tracked the second stage, the state began to change, the feeling that the energy had gone from above, the fontanel opened with energy. The condition has improved, in addition to energy fullness in the body, density, clarity of consciousness, desires, plans. 

Today, the state has finally returned to normal, clarity of thinking, energy density, during the day, self-confidence, calmness, awareness, faith in one's own strength. Thank you !!!

Review: Energy cleaning / Anna L., 35 years old

After cleaning, it became noticeably better. Thank you so much. 
I live from brushing to brushing.

Review: Complete cleaning of energy /  Vasilisa

I ordered this service when there was an incomprehensible state of the body and the whole body. It was very similar to the beginning of some kind of severe infectious disease, the body burned straight, the throat began to tickle very much and everything turned around in the summer with nothing during the day, it started to worry. I had a friend then, and he posted our pictures, and he turned out to be a very jealous ex-girlfriend. And literally every day at a certain time, something incomprehensible began to occur with the body. As soon as the service was carried out, it instantly became easier the next morning, as if nothing had happened. Then it repeated, I asked if I would somehow work with a settlement. Thank you very much for such an ambulance!


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