In this article we will talk about the Masonic rituals of Initiation through Death, and which of the famous personalities passed it.

Initiations through Death in Europe.

Recently, people began to turn to us, with traces of the passage of the Initiation ritual through Death visible in the energy sector, and in Europe not so long ago. We decided to research this topic.

Initiation through Death is found in the Tibetan, Egyptian tradition, the magical culture of South American magicians.

But, interestingly, about 200-150 years ago (mid-late 19th century), rituals were carried out inside Masonic lodges in Europe, which launched the process of Initiation through Death. Those. merging current consciousness with the previous one.

And through these rituals a significant number of people passed, about 1000. These rituals were not as effective as, for example, the Egyptian or South American ritual, but they also created the effect of infusing the mental mass into the person.

In this ritual, they tried to maximally initiate the burial process. An imitation of the funeral process was carried out using the attributes of a funeral: a coffin, recital of prayers, words in the direction of Death. And it was possible to start the process of the Ritual of Death (Initiation through Death).

These rituals were carried out in one of the Masonic lodges. The energies of these rituals are observed in England, France, Austria, as well as the Masonic Lodge of North America.

We decided to check whether influential masons of the past have traces of the passage of the Initiation ritual through Death. As it turned out, they have. True, not all, but a certain group.

If you take the Grand Masters of the Masonic Orders:

  • Count Clermont, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France from 1743 to 1771.
  • Jean-Jacques Regis de Cambaceres, the great commander of the Armed Forces School of Children’s Armed Forces in France from 1806 to 1821.
  • Duke of Ely Dekaz, Grand Commander of the French Supreme Council from 1838 to 1860.
  • Gustave Mezurer, three-time great master of the Grand Lodge of France.

All experience three times the passage of Initiation through Death in Europe. All of them were Great Masters. Perhaps these were degrees of Initiation.

Masons often included influential politicians and state leaders. For example, some US Presidents have passed Initiation through Death in the last few hundred years.
Specifically, John Tyler and James Knox Regiment have traces of the passage of Initiation through Death over the past few hundred years.

French Presidents Adolf Thiers, Patrice McMahon passed Initiation through Death in the second half of the 19th century.


Examples of famous people with the Masonic ritual of Initiation through Death:

  • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte -  twice passed the Initiation through Death in Europe, and also in Egypt he passed the Initiation through Death 5 times, as well as in ancient cultures in South America about 15,000 years ago.
  • Count Saint-Jarmen - Passed Initiation through Death in Europe in the middle - end of the 19th century. Moreover, he passed this Initiation 2 times. This increased the mental mass of his consciousness by 40%. Quite high quality done.
  • Count Cagliostro - Initiation was done 5 times, but not in Europe but in Egypt. Thanks to the Initiations through Death, his mental has increased by 80%. But we must also take into account that he had many incarnations on Earth. It appeared about 250,000 years ago on our planet. And once he died at the time of Initiation. Since a large number of mentals, once the procedure turned deplorably, his heart is weak

If we analyze the  Ancient Masons Rituals, the description of which is sometimes found in literature, then once they used the ritual quite actively when they imitate a funeral  (a person pretends to be dead, the rest imitate a funeral ritual).

This is closest to  meeting Death .

But with deeper processes, when all participants are seriously involved in the ritual and the adherent himself believes that he is dead, a deeper inclusion and activation of the rewriting processes is possible - the Initiation through death process.

  • Moreover, with the Masonic ritual of deep inclusions it is not possible to carry out, rewriting occurs in the aisles of 5-10% of the information. 5-10% of information is added.
  • The most effective Egyptian rituals, when 25-30% of information is added as standard.

The personalities of past incarnations merge, the information of past incarnations is being rewritten.

Initiation through Death gives the accumulated experience and knowledge in past incarnations, but does not give a Solid consciousness.

In order for the current personality to remain in the next incarnation, it is necessary to use the ancient technologies of highly developed civilizations: The  technology of preserving the personality is a technology of continuous consciousness .

Diagnosis of your initiation through Death is carried out in the  basic (Magic) card of personality .

Where do Initiations through Death take place in the modern world?

Answer:  In the Modern World, Initiation through Death is occasionally carried out in Tibet (once every 3-5 years). The Dalai Lama, for example, has traces of modern Initiation through Death.

And South American magicians conduct quite often such Initiations. They are carried out individually, with a frequency of at least once a year.

Question: Is this connected with the Toltec tradition?

Answer: Well, yes, this is from this area.

However, in the Castaneda group no one can see the traces of this Initiation, But with Don Juan this ritual was carried out. He passed this initiation 3 times, and for a short period of time. And one of his mentors also has this signal. 

 You can diagnose whether you have passed Initiation through Death in past incarnations in the Magic Card of personality .