STEP 1. Get FREE personal psychology diagnostics and phobias cleaning.

The mental enhancement lab has developed a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY,

which allows you test and clean any of your stresses, psychological complexes and phobias in just 10 days!  100% results guaranteed!

We can test your phobias, mental blocks toward any issue (love, sex, money, business, communications etc).
After cleaning the phobias you will be guaranteed to feel more comfortable toward the subject work is carried out on.

100% results guaranteed.

You can start your journey by requesting FREE Personal Diagnostics and then  you may choose to request a

FREE TRIAL - Release 3 main phobias that blocks Personal Growth:

  • 1) Stress 'Unwillingness to develop".
  • 2) Stress "Refuse to any offers"
  • 3) Stress/ negative attitute towards alternative medicine/ mystic/ magic.

After the stress is cleaned you would feel more relaxed to talk about these issues! And it will help later in personal development.

Stress Release. FREE TRIAL
Guaranteed result
For all the services we guarantee 100% results.
If you are dissatisfied,
we will refund the entire amount of received payment!

Request your gift, FREE CLEANING of a psychological complex right now.

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1) Stress cleaning "Refuse to any offers"

  • A person with such a complex first refuses any offers, and then begins to think.
    When removing this complex, the person first ponders, and then makes a decision.

  • REVIEW. Stress Cleaning “Refuse to any offer” /William
    It seems like things that are offered as possible things to do or opportunities are easier to accept, and first think about at least before deciding. This is surprisingly important, I was wondering why it is one of the ones you do for free, now I understand why it will help. 

2) Stress cleaning "Negative attitute towards alternative medicine/mysticism/magic".

    • You can adjust the complex that sets “Denial of alternative methods of medicine, magic, esotericism”, including negative to esotericism, magic, perception of the Divine, inclusion in the egregors that set such signals. Adjusting this complex will help to avoid unnecessary tension in working on mind upgrade technologies with us.

    People often have this complex. It appears as if there is interest in everything mysterious, unknown, magic, esotericism - but something also hinders, restrains from learning more deeply. This manifests itself as a person has an interest, but the person takes a step forward and also a step back.

    Often it is caused by stresses in the past that you don’t realize, don't remember.

    This cleaning lead to an increase in interest in esoterics and acceleratiion of your spiritual development in the future.

    Review: Cleaning of complex to magic and esoteric /Olesya:

    Thank you for the free cleaning of this complex. I have always had a great interest in esoteric, but I studied it superficially and with varying success. All the time something hindered like a block. It took 3 months after the cleaning of the complex, and now I can say that I feel the direct need for a deeper study of magic and esoteric. Very exciting! Thanks!

    P.S. I could not even read your book, but now I read with great interest.

    Review: Cleaning of complex to magic and esoteric /Natasha:

    Hello, thank you very much for your work)) If I used to leave magic for the evening, now I’m starting to live on it)) The map is not so sad.... now I have a desire to order further in-depth diagnostics.

    Review: Cleaning of complex to magic and esoteric /Yana:

    Hello. After cleaning, with time I realized that a new level of understanding had opened up. I am always in magic and esoteric, but now it seems as though it has become commonplace, as if my two wings, materiality and spirituality, finally equalized. And now I don’t need to “fall into” magic, I am already in it and I perceive it as a common thing. Like, when an ordinary person brushes his teeth in the morning) Thanks, guys, thank you very much!

    Review: Cleaning of complex to magic and esoteric /Natalie:

    Thank. As for cleaning the fear of magic, I felt it 5-6 days ago. It happened very gently and I felt it. It was as if an imaginary obstacle was sleeping and the “other side” is now perceived as a continuation of this familiar life, therefore, I have no fear.

    Review: Cleaning of complex to magic and esoteric /Elena:

    I write to you about cleaning the fear of magic. I drew attention to the fact that the attitude to any kind of magic has become even. There is no fear of seeing beings from the subtle world. And in general there is nothing repulsive in relation to the practices. I accept magic as myself.

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    Stress Release. FREE TRIAL
    Guaranteed result
    For all the services we guarantee 100% results.
    If you are dissatisfied,
    we will refund the entire amount of received payment!

    Free Psychic Test - Mind Power, Health, Love & Past Life Experience.
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    • The Vessel of Luck and Karma
    • Personal energy balance
    • Main psychology complexes and stresses
    • Balance of vitamins and microelements.
    1. Cleaning Complexes

      "Cleaning complexes and stress"

      In the life of every person there are serious stresses, something that he could not cope with: severe divorce, humiliation, betrayal, physical and emotional abuse, etc.

      These stresses create residual stresses in the body, on which a significant energy resource is spent daily. A resource that a person could use in a constructive way: to learn a foreign language, work on family relationships, learn new things, and move up the career ladder.

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    2. Stress Release. FAQ.
      Stress Release. Fobias examples and description. Learn More
    3. Stress Release. FREE TRIAL

      Our specialists have developed a technology that removes complexes, stresses, phobias that have been forming in our personality over millions of years and create tension in various spheres of life. Cleaning is done at the energy level. A person relieves tension and restores normal, adequate perception of reality.

      Our job is to relieve energy tension and help the mind to process negative information. Stress is transformed into personal experience, a calm attitude to the source of unpleasant sensations appears. You need a photo and a clear description of stress.

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    4. Stress Release - Fobias Description