Cleaning Egregor Rod (people we incarnate with)

Egregor Rod's purge

"Cleaning of Egregor Rod"

Cleaning the generic structure is beneficial because damage to that structure takes its toll on us.
It's like determining whether a room needs sweeping or not. The owner decides this. You can diagnose the level of stress on the generic system. 

There are several generic structures:

  • Family egregor;
  • Family egregor;
  • Egregor RODA.

Usually the family egregor and egregor of relatives rarely exceeds 100-200 years old and includes a small number of people 30-50. These egregors are usually small, but their damage is reflected in us.

When we talk about the Generic structure, the egregor of RODA is  a stable powerful egregor, which is millions of years old and includes several thousand people. These are the people with whom you constantly incarnate. The concept of Family Knowledge is tied to this structure. 

Diagnostics of the load on the Generic system is done in the Magic Card of the Personality . Diagnosis of damage to the family system is done in the Energy Card of the Personality . 

When working with Rod, you can do:

  • Cleaning of family egregors, which include a person;
  • Cleaning the Ancestral structure (from damages, curses, blows of magical and non-magical type);
  • Restoration of the mental of the Generic structure (various outflows of the mental);
  • Clearing the connection of information from the Generic structure to you (directly obtaining the knowledge and experience of the Genus).

Cost: Services "Cleaning of a family egregor" 70USD

Cost: Services "Cleaning of Egregor Rod" - 150 USD.

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