1.3. Mental enhancement technologes of Atlantida and ancient civilizations


The level of technology of the Lemurian and Atlantic civilizations was extremely high by today's standards. The main professions, directions of development and training were similar to the modern ones: however, the level of learning technologies, of course, was much higher.

One of the key learning technologies - it was a badge of conscience - part of educational programs with embedded expert systems.

These programs can be represented as “additional brains” or “additional hard drives” with a database of necessary information that joins the student’s mind.

The basis of these programs was an expert system - a copy of the professional skills of a real specialist. The availability of these programs significantly increased the competence of specialists in the field of their work.

Also, these programs usually had embedded energy injection systems, amplification systems for extrasensory sensations (visions), protective systems, etc.

Based on the inclinations of a person to a particular type of activity, a person was set up appropriate educational programs.

This training system was used in various highly developed civilizations.

If you follow the evolutionary path of a person, you can track the type of programs that were set on him. Often it was the training of specialists in one or several adjacent areas.

The success of people, the quality of their thinking is largely determined by the level of preservation of their Atlantic educational programs. These programs were set at the level of the upper mental bodies of a person; therefore, they are partially saved from incarnation to incarnation.

The remnants of such educational programs can be traced to modern specialists. But more often, due to the old installation and a large number of mental injuries from these educational programs, only a few threads remain.

Those people in whom these programs accidentally remained at a good level often show phenomenal abilities in the field of extrasensory perception, management, healing, etc.

Among the training areas in developed civilizations most often can be identified:

1. Business education (management, finance)

2. Technique (computers, machine control, equipment)

3. Natural sciences (biology, natural research, research of living beings and worlds)

4. Healing (medicine)

5. Military affairs (military technical, military medical, etc.)

6. Magic (practical work - situation management and research).

Sometimes there are more rare specialized programs, for example, political-cultural work, sociology, religious cult management, space research, etc.

Magic principles

Magic in developed civilizations was primarily a system for working with consciousness. Psychotechnologies and special technical devices were used.

Magic in developed civilizations is the science of using one’s own consciousness as a certain tool for research, influencing one’s own organism and one’s organism on the level of the species and the planet (the planet as a living organism), the surrounding reality.

Magic explores the issues of modern psychology, philosophy, physics and natural science.

Magic is one of the sciences of developed civilizations. Magic training was conducted for those people who had a professional interest in this field. As well as special courses on the principles of magic were conducted as a system of advanced training for the military, businessmen, doctors and other specialists.


The educational process in ancient civilizations took place both as usual in universities (lectures + practices), and with the use of “strip-programs” to accelerate learning.

Information blocks were downloaded in two formats:

A) information that is directly embedded in the mental (consciousness),

B) information that is connected for auxiliary purposes (databases).

This principle of learning was used in the Lemurian civilization and was used in all developed civilizations of the Earth and the Cosmos. Any civilization first uses the resources developed by the External Civilizations (buys or gets free software, maybe as humanitarian aid), and then begins to develop its own software. From simple to more complex.


For example, the Atlantean civilization used the development of external civilizations.

Only 5% of the programs they used are their own development.

The Atlantean civilization has been using these products for about 1000 years.

This can be tracked by the number of stripes of these programs on past incarnations of people. The number of stripes does not exceed 7 stripes.

This means that for 7 lives a person has had these programs.

This means that these programs have been massively used for about 700 years.

On the other hand, besides individual programs, there are programs for managing Planetary processes (Sephiroth Tree - Tarot).

In the Planetary Consciousness of the Earth, one can find the remains of four such programs, all of which are of the same type and all of extraterrestrial origin.

Such a complex product as the management of the Planetary consciousness was developed by the External civilizations, and it has been used on Earth somewhere for the last 600,000 years.


The diagnostics of your ancient programs, magical experience, and potentials we have carried out as part of

Service "Magic Map of the Personality"


The period of preparation for the war in Atlantis with an Extraterrestrial civilization, before the death of Civilization lasted about 200-300 years. The period of the mass installation of the “Mobilization Magical Programs” was 10 years before the war and the destruction of Atlantis.

Atlantic mobilization magical programs gave a good impetus to the study of magic.

Almost all the people we studied after setting up these programs began to be actively interested in magic, even if prior to installing these programs, people had little interest or experience in the field of magic or it was missing.

QUESTION: In my magic map of the personality, it is indicated that I had magical (mobilization) programs installed.

Tell me what is it?

ANSWER: In the heyday of Atlantis, as one of the learning systems, there was a subliminal record of professional educational programs. In most cases, students had programs in the direction of their specialization (vocational training). For example, business, technology, magic, military, etc.

Diagnostics in the Magic map of the personality of the list of your installed programs shows in which area you can be most effective.

But before the collapse of Atlantis, relatively speaking, the period of the "arms race" passed. At this time, massive "mobilization" programs were additionally established for all people who had professional higher education. It was a special training in the field of technology of magic as a system of advanced training.

If basic higher education in the field of magic, healing, business, technology could take 5-6 years, and highly professional training could take up to 10 years, then these special courses took for about half a year.

At this time, students underwent basic training in magical technologies, received some experience in practical magical work as part of the course. Also, magical programs with databases, expert systems, etc. were built into the subconscious level. But the personal experience of magical work with clients was usually minimal.

After the catastrophe in Atlantis due to mental injuries and the age of installation of programs, for most people, these educational programs were damaged and worked for a fraction of a percent of their capacity. Although even this minimal signal can significantly increase your competence in the field of magic, business, etc.

You can try to tune in to the remnants of your existing programs, track the signals coming into your mind, and make a request for the information you need. This can manifest as elements of intuition.

The period of mass installation of magical programs in Atlantis lasted about a couple of hundred years before the death of this civilization.

Most of the souls of people who now live on Planet Earth were embodied earlier in Atlantis, and often have remnants of various educational programs.

QUESTION: What are the secondary Atlantean cities? What were the magical technologies in the secondary Atlantean cities?

ANSWER: The secondary Atlantean cities formed after the death of Atlantis.

In the secondary cities, there was a technical culture based on the technology and magic of the Atlantes. Developed technologies that were based on the resources that were available at the time. But it was carried out without complicated equipment.

For example, this technology was used to activate the potentials of the subconscious, as "Ritual through Death".


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