Karma Basics, Understanding Karma

cargo of karma

The cargo of Karma can be called the accumulated stresses over the period of evolution, which have not yet been processed.

This stress complex can be formed on all plans of human energy:

  • At the level of Physics and the Etheric body - stress from physical injuries and shock.
  • At the level of Manipura and Anahata, there are traces of emotional interactions with someone  (they are caught in energy at the level of Manipura and Anahata).
  • The burden on the level of Vishudha is the result of the fact that our thoughts or those of others have led to tension, an imbalance at this level.
  • For higher-frequency bodies, the load of karma arises if we hit with some general principles. 

For instance:

The deities somehow think so, and we could be faced with these principles, norms of behavior. As a result of a collision with the Laws of the World, people have tears in high-frequency subtle bodies. These damages lead to the accumulation of karmic cargo.

In fact, our entire personal history is a series of interactions.

As a result of our negative thoughts, negative actions - we constantly collide with some egregors, systems that are built on other principles than we are.

That is, we are constantly faced with some kind of stress.


The car, if it goes, it wears out in any way, it gets damaged just because it goes. 

All these "stresses from riding" are mainly practiced in the afterlife - at the moment when the soul enters the world of the dead. These stresses begin to be processed gradually.
If there are a lot of stresses accumulated, they cannot be processed within the framework of one rebirth, but accumulate from embodiment to embodiment.

Cleaning of karmic cargo:

To do this, we remove everything that interferes with the processing of this accumulated information.
It can be arbitrarily called “karmic load”, “weight” is the residual stress after a person “knocked on something” during past lives.

In short:

  • The vessel of Karma  is the correctness of a person’s actions, the formation of a certain potential that leads to negative events in a person. The vessel of karma is  worked out through information processing, and it is discharged through events.
  • Karmic Cargo  - the consequences of negative events, tension as a result of collisions at all frequency levels. These are stresses resulting from negative events. It also forms the future. If a person has fallen, this can also affect the future. The difference is the process of their formation. A load of karma is practiced in the afterlife. The load of karma can also stimulate events.

Cost of cleaning cargo Karma: $150/cycle, one cycle removes 2 units


Vessel of karma

This karmic mechanism determines how correct our actions are from the point of view of the Higher Laws.

With this mechanism, a voltage energy arises, which the seers perceive as a kind of “liquid of tension”. It forms the so-called “Vessel of Karma”, which is gradually realized in a person in the form of some tense events.

This karmic mechanism can conditionally be called the Vessel of Karma. It is important how much it is filled. This is the potential for future negative events leading to trouble.

At the level of the “Vessel of Karma” there is a relationship between the vessel of karma of a person and the vessel of karma of the systems in which the person is included (vessel of karma of the country, people, etc.).

This vessel of karma can be realized in the form of events, or it can be processed informationally, depending on how much a person processes these energies informationally, how much he can process them up to the moment when they are realized.

Karmic Energy Processing

A person can assimilate the energies of the Karmic Vessel until they begin to be realized.

One person has a high degree of processing, the other low.
Those people who have poor handling often have some kind of injury. 
People with low processing are usually characterized by high morbidity.

We worked with the case when a person had injuries, fractures almost every month. There was a high occupancy of the Karmic Vessel (8 out of 10), plus a low ability to process karmic energies (30%).

And another case from practice. Fractures occurred very often, once every few months.
Low filling of the Karma Vessel (3 out of 10), and the ability to process (20%).

For each person, you can determine its level.

For example, the Dalai Lama is a fairly bright personality:

  • Processing karmic information - 75% (high level);
  • Karmic Cargo - 4 units;
  • Filling the Karma Vessel - 1 unit (a very good indicator).

He committed acts that are correct, good in relation to higher principles.


According to the observations of the researchers of the Magic Laboratory, if a person has a qualitative range of energy of the “Karmic Vessel”, then the influence of karmic energy decreases.

Then the notorious bastard will avoid karmic tensions and punishments. A good person with poor processing of karmic energies will accumulate stress and suffer.

Cost of 1 cycle processing of Karma parameter upgrade:$150/cycle. One cycle increases processing by 20%

Karmic lines (chains) are repeating events in a person from life to life.

Most often, they are associated with stress experienced in the past.

Some examples of karmic chains: 

  • death in war;
  • violence;
  • loss of loved ones;
  • breaks in relationships;
  • loss of money, etc.

The presence of karmic chains can be checked in the  Karmic map . Karmic chains can be cleaned. Learn more about  Karmic lines .

Question: Karmic chains - what is it?


Karmic lines are formed due to the fact that in tragic events there is a lot of emotional energy of a person and people around him. As a result, something like “astral script” is created, which begins to be repeated periodically, copying events, the time of the origin of the event, sometimes time is copied.

For example:

Dismantled the case when a person is accused at work of theft. A terrible scandal. Then he somehow decides, there are real thieves and after a few years the same situation. The whole situation moves according to the same scenario, according to the same algorithm.

Another case: 

On May 1, a young lady cat in a ventilation porridge cat (not her cat), the cat yells, a huge stress. On the following May holidays, a cat comes under the door to give birth to children. Again stress. All the neighbors on the ears. On the next first of May, a cat begins to break in the door. Here, as we see, the event scenario itself floats a little, but the time itself is fixed.

And such phenomena continue on a global scale, for example, Friday the 13th - then something unpleasant can happen. Or maybe something happens in some place, for example, Halloween, when the souls of the dead approach the world of the living. There are many such cases. This is a common occurrence.

They can be called karmic lines or karmic scriptures.
They can be not only for a person, but also for a country, some place where there is its egregor. Sometimes such things are created by curses, sometimes simply by emotions.

Diagnostics of the main karmic chains available to you and your Genus is
carried out in the karmic diagnosis card.

Karmic chains are formed as ordinary stresses or psychological complexes. And they can be removed Result is healing karma before it forms the vessel karma will beging to drain.

Cost: Cleaning karmic chains - $ 25 

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  1. Clearing Karmic Chains and Complexes

    Karmic chains are formed when an event of sufficient voltage/stress takes place, and an astral map of the event is formed. 

    Chains influence behavior to form negative situations. These chains can be broken.

    Karmic complexes are ordinary psychological complexes, which form behavior and thoughts, which produces negative karma.

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