Svadhistana Sexual Links Cleansing


A man in the process of evolution accumulates a huge number of relationships with women. Over millions of years of evolution, these are tens of thousands of women. The same situation is with women. During sexual intercourse, a man’s energy is splashed into the thin bodies of a woman, stable bonds are formed, threads that gradually disintegrate. These thin threads are described in the works of Karlos Castaneda.

The remnants of these ties, not broken threads, inhibit the energy of men and women.

The remaining bonds accumulated over hundreds of millions of years of evolution can be cleaned up.

The effect of Cleansing ties at Swadhistana level.

  • The activation of the signal according to Swadhistan does not immediately guarantee an increase in the attractiveness of a person. (For this, Initiations into the egregors of Attraction will be more effective.)
  • But an increase in the energy signal according to Swadhistan leads to an increase in activity, in particular, sexual activity, sociability, emotionality and other factors that positively affect the person’s charisma.

Cost: Service "Clearing ties in Swadhistan" -

You can make the clearing of the main destructive relations:
1) for the current embodiment: 70 usd
2) according to past Earthly incarnations (several hundred): 200 usd
3) the main destructive relationships of extraterrestrial incarnations over the last million years of past incarnations: 600 usd.
When ordering all three levels: -20% discount (696 usd).

To activate the dynamics of Swadhistan, it is also is useful to:

  • Swadhistana mental restoration:
    Removing mental injuries from the area of ​​Swadhistan, external magical blows, technical damage throughout the entire evolutionary period. Cost of service: $ 50
  • Activating the dynamics of Swadhistan: Removing damage that blocks work and affects the activity of the chakra. This work strengthens the dynamics of Swadhistan and increases the human energy. Cost of service: $ 50


Question: What is the fundamental difference between clearing the dynamics of chakras and clearing mental chakras?

Answer: 1) Cleaning the dynamics of the chakras - we work with the chakra as a pipe, turbine and focus on those mental damage that interfere with the operation of the turbine and remove the outflows of energy from this energy pipe. 

2) When we work with chakras mental recovery, we optimize the chakra working area itself.
For example, for Swadhistana chakra - a person says that I have some problems in my genital area all the time, all the time I get sick. And then we work with the projection zone of this chakra (for example, the pelvic region) and try to remove the remainings of the injuries. We look detailed at whether there is damage in the area of ​​the projection of the chakra. The emphasis is shifting. High-frequency injuries that affect the operation of this area are removed. Mental restoration - affects the work of the body in this area more.


Review: Services in the complex "Activating the Dynamics of Swadhistan and Anahata + Energy Cleaning Andy

The condition is amazing, as in childhood. Waiting for a miracle, anticipation, emotional recovery. The world is somehow amazing, more juicy, filled.

After the activation of Swadhistan, I really feel the dynamics.A more active attitude, like in a stream that carries me somewhere. Pretty interesting feeling. The feeling that energy is spreading throughout the body.

Review: Cleansing ties in Swadhisthana / Vitaliy

According to Swadhistan, I can say that I began to recover faster. The energy inside is moving faster. He began to eat less and work more. The amount of time needed to sleep was reduced. I can not sleep 3-4 days and then sleep in one night.

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