Level 1 Energy Paging

Energy Booster Program, Level 1

“Energy Booster Program, Level 1”

Energy nourishment of consciousness, through the connection to the supplying sources of high-frequency energy in the Universe.

The Magic Laboratory of the Center offers the development of various civilizations, which can significantly increase the level of pumping energy of human consciousness.

These are programs that are installed on the mental body of a person, and enhance the energy supply of consciousness through connecting to the supplying sources of high-frequency energy in the Universe (Stars, Galaxy Clusters, etc.).

This technology allows us to provide constant pumping of consciousness with an additional resource, increases the speed of consciousness and enhances the ability of the psyche.

These programs are found in people.

The presence of energy-boosting programs give a certain social significance,  increase the speed of information processing and resolution of situations.

For comparison, the existing programs in the world for additional pumping of energy of consciousness:

  • Most people do not have such additional nourishment of consciousness;
  • The average signal for humanity is +0.2 units;
  • Brad Pitt - 5 units (there are a couple of well-preserved download programs).

Comparative effectiveness of different options for pumping energy of consciousness:

  • Look at the candle - 2-3 units of energy (during meditation);
  • Watching the Sun - 25-30 units of energy (during meditation);
  • Swap programs of consciousness - 10 units of energy (constant swapping).

When installing Automatic energy-boosting programs, the customer receives +10 units of a constant energy signal through the body of Vishudha.

Cost: Energy boosting program, 1st level - $ 150

Questions and answers

Question: What will level 1 swap programs give me?


Swap programs of the first level - to
think faster , increase magical abilities - in terms of working with the power of consciousness.
The swing period is one month.
Gradually, consciousness will be saturated with an increased amount of energy.
The power of consciousness will gradually increase.

Question: How long do installed Level 1 swap programs work?


Usually these systems work for a long time. They can work several incarnations. A number of people have leftovers of these swap programs from the time of Atlantis.
Level 1 swap data can be damaged through technological
disasters or targeted, frequent magical strikes. But this does not happen so often.

Question: What should I do if there is not enough energy even with swap programs?


A large energy deficit is usually caused either by loading a large amount of information onto the mental, or by the presence of gaps in energy and magic blows.
Swap programs increase the amount of energy of consciousness and the human body, allow you to quickly process current damage.
It is also advisable to periodically check the integrity of your energy industry:
clean the energy industry, remove external damage yourself or with the help of the Center.

Question: Level 1 Consciousness auto-download will work for me from which source?


Hard to tell. 
There are different streams of energy in space and different civilizations somehow connect to them. Including programs use these energy sources.

When we install the swap programs - we restore the swap programs 
that were set in different civilizations, including the Atlantic. For work, we usually use some old, broken programs.

If a person has programs, we repair them. And if not, we search somewhere and install it. Just doing the repair of equipment.

Question: I want to increase the amount of energy. Does it make sense to order energy boost programs?


In order to evaluate the effectiveness of services for you, you need to understand the overall picture of the processes.
Current personal feelings may not always be an indicator of services, but the result of
various processes taking place at the current moment in the body and the external environment.
What happens when installing energy-boosting programs - an additional channel is formed through which additional energy flows to you 24 hours a day.
And this is a very positive factor.

But you need to understand the same way:

1. In order to increase energy, you must first remove the outflows of energy that
were formed in this life. To do this, you must order a mandatory
general cleaning. Otherwise, magic hits, energy breaks will let down all the energy that comes to you. You can’t fill anything in a leaky bag.)
2. You must order at least one mental recovery cycle - this will remove
energy outflows from past lives - collisions with yin zones, tears of thin bodies
that relate to past incarnations - otherwise the energy will go away from these
gaps towards past incarnations.
3. Plus, you need to check whether there are psychological complexes that cause
collisions with other people due to resistance to external pressure and desire
put pressure on a person, defend your opinion. Constant collisions require
additional energy.
4. Keep in mind, if you order additional technologies for the development of
consciousness from us , then all the energy that comes through new channels of energy injection will go to
information processing.
Energy will begin to accumulate when there is no unnecessary additional energy expenditure.

Review: Energy Booster Programs, Level 1 / Sergey Z. 

After receiving the second level 1 swap program, I felt a very good surge of energy to my head. Apparently, the first program went entirely to the processing of information on initiations, so it was not so noticeable, although there were also sensations. In general, they are rather difficult to formulate in words, but they are very interesting. As if they put a battery in their heads. As a result, the head works clearer and faster, more options for decisions and less time for their adoption.

Review: Energy boost programs, 1 level / Alexey Vasilievich / 

Unsubscribe about the action of energy-boosting programs. After a week has passed since the work was done there are changes: I feel freer, more confident, all the magic and yggdrasil give visible results. There is a firm belief that there is more personal strength, I feel compaction around myself.
Review: Energy boost programs, 1 level / Sergey Ushkov /
Good evening. Got energy boost programs. When you turn on the swap in the "manual" mode, you immediately feel a powerful stream passing through the head, neck, shoulders, palms, which at the same time become very hot. A powerful surge of strength and vigor is felt in the body. From the moment you connect the programs, the sensations of strength and fullness are constantly increasing. Over the past not a long time since the moment of connection, strong changes have already been observed in Manipur - volitional manifestations, an increase in confidence and the people around, too, in this connection begin to change their attitude. Thank.
Review: Energy Booster Programs, Level 1 / Andrey
This topic has always been of great interest to me. After a few months after installing the programs, there are the following observations:

Paging programs for me personally do not lead to a bright increase in activity. The state of energy affects my amount of energy. Here, cleaning up energy is simply an indispensable thing.

What the impact of the programs was monitored on:
Energy boosting programs , level 1 allowed thinking to be made more precise, it’s easier to concentrate on some aspect, study or adjust. I perceive objects, phenomena in the world of energies are simpler - there is enough energy to hold and process them.
In terms of head work, head work is a good thing.
I didn’t track direct effects on the body, but perhaps information overloads are now easier, I recover faster and therefore the body does not swell so much for the work of the head .;)
Review: Paging Programs, Level 1 (4th program) / Stanislav

Thank you !!! It was a very interesting state ... If the first programs were felt at the Vishudha level, during installation, now I felt work in the area of ​​Ajna, more precisely, in the field of hair growth ... Now I feel a surge of energy in my head, and not in my neck, like before ... Even vision has not changed much! )))

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