Consecration of Plutos

"Consecration of Plutos"

Plutos is the God of Money and Wealth.

Plutos likes:

  • accumulate money, save;
  • manipulate borrowed money (take reasonable loans);
  • adventures with money, inclined to take risks;
  • the property.

The energy of Plutos contains the energy of the 10th arcana.

The egregor contains skills in management and business.

There is a tendency towards real estate:  rent; buying a property; active use of real estate for enrichment.

Most people who have Plutos' Initiation have an interest in real estate,
they successfully resolve issues with an apartment.

The energies of Plutos are manifested by Bill Gays, Soros, Carlos Sleen Hella.

QUESTION: What are the dedicated channels of the Initiation of Plutos?


1) Channel 1 - Motivation to engage in investments (investing money so that they work and bring profit) 

Principles-laws that correspond to this motivational channel:
- You can get rich if you earn while you sleep.
- Money doesn't sleep.
- Money should work. 
- Long-term investment.

2) Channel 2 - Motivation to buy and own real estate. 

3) Channel 3 - Access to extra-planetary streams of money.

This gives you a better feeling of money, more correct money decisions (an extra force that pushes you towards the right money decisions).

There are money channels of different levels. This dedicated channel enhances the resonance with the flow of money of a higher level - the sectoral level of our Galaxy.

For example, the Earth is part of the solar system. The solar system is part of the galactic sector, which includes several civilizations that have their own cash flows. This is the Channel of the monetary sector of the galaxy to which the earth and other civilizations enter. This flow, like a tuning fork, adjusts to more correct decisions.

Cost: Dedication of Plutos, 1 step - $ 150; 2nd step - $500

The first step of Initiation - makes a stable channel of communication with the egregor of the Divine.
The second stage of Initiation - strengthens the channel, copies information from the egregor.

Review: Initiation of Plutos

I already had several Monetary Initiations and I felt like brains in general are spinning in the business sphere. Recently I read on the site that among the main Business Initiations - the Initiation of Plutos and decided to try it. I didn't quite understand what it gives. As it turned out, this is quite interesting.

At the moment of Dedication, I remembered the film "The Life and Adventure of Mishka Yaponchik". The state is like "sliding along the wave". If before I always had a lot of ideas, proposals (I associate this with the Initiation of Hermes), then the Initiation of Plutos gives a very interesting state of Adventurism. Not in terms of recklessness, but in terms of enthusiasm to organize something, to invent, to cheat. And the most important thing is that the state of going to the end appears here. Until the bitter end. If before I had a mess of many ideas, and I did a little bit of everything.

Dedication of Plutos gives me the state not of an idea, but of an exciting Big Goal,
and I immediately begin to think over, calculate all the details of how to get to it. There is a wide flight of thought.

If we do, then do. High quality and elegant, and with a result.
There should be some special flavor in this. 
It should be cunning, smart and beautiful.
Such a graceful, generous business adventure.

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