1.1. Ancient civilizations and technologies on the planet Earth.

SECTION 1. History and technologies of developed civilizations on Planet Earth.


PART 1. Ancient civilizations on the planet Earth.

There are many evidences on the planet of ancient powerful civilizations that existed before.

The previous high-tech civilization on the planet - the Ases of Atlantis Civilization existed for tens of thousands of years and died as a result of the use of geomagnetic weapons (geomagnetic torpedoes that resonated with magma and caused waves in the magma).

Until now, residual oscillations from these devices can be observed in magma.

Death of the Atlantic Civilization

The collapse of Atlantic civilization occurred in connection with the collision with the extraterrestrial civilization of the Titans. As a result of the struggle of two civilizations, geomagnetic torpedoes were used, causing shocks, impacts at the level of the Earth's magma.

As a result, planetary catastrophes occurred, a shift of the Earth's platforms. Approximately the scale of the Holocaust can be seen in the movie 2012 (director-Roland Emmerich).

Water on the Planet rose to 40 meters in the lowlands. Platforms on the hills are preserved. There was no normal connection between the surviving remnants of civilization on different continents. There was a period of chaos, the population died out.

When the water subsided, the earth's structure was restored and the feral population began to recover. Primary cities began to appear.

The remaining Atlantic cities died a few thousand years later as a result of a clash with barbarian tribes and the Aryan civilization.

Lemurian civilization

Prior to the civilization of the Ases of Atlantis, there were several more civilizations.

One of the most developed and largest was the Lemurian Civilization, which died about 180,000 years ago as a result of a world war between states. A weapon was used that destroyed civilization itself and the population. Traces of weapons can be seen if you look at black people. Many still have a missing look, an emptiness in consciousness - this is due to fairly strong mental damage.

Q: What happened after the destruction of Atlantis?


The Atlantis civilization existed on the whole earth. Atlantis was one of the largest states on Earth.

This civilization is named after this state.

The population of the planet was about 10-15 billion people.

The cause of the death of civilization was the conflict of the Earth civilization with the Extraterrestrial race-civilization, which had interests in the Solar System.

The conflict developed several hundred years and ended with an exchange of shelling.

The first military strike was made by outer space civilization.

This can be traced by the reaction of the Karmic Systems to this situation (karma lies on this civilization).

The main weapon that caused the cataclysm on the planet was the use of bombs, which penetrated deep into the layers close to the magma, caused waves-oscillations in the magma. This in turn caused an increase in seismic activity, the eruption of volcanoes, tsunami - a global cataclysm, which filled the entire Earth with magma and water.

An aviation raid also occurred on Atlantaen key systems.

In parallel, the consciousness of the inhabitants of the Planet was struck, which led to a general swoon for several days. Accordingly, they could not respond normally.

The military, who were in bunkers, retained the ability to act and made a military strike in response. The main states that had the appropriate equipment shot at the aggressor.

As a result of the cataclysm, more than 90% of all life on the Planet died.


After the destruction of civilization, the situation was somewhat similar to the plot of post-apocalyptic movies. Empty destroyed cities are standing across the globe. There are remnants of the doomed population who search for surviving resources in stores, warehouses, etc. The active part of the population, the military, the rulers form fortified areas, cities where they are trying to restore order, production where all the surviving equipment other resources are taken. Special groups go hiking to find the remaining warehouses and bases, search for all the necessary things the country and city need. Most of the territories are empty and abandoned.

In the fortified areas they are trying to maintain order and restore some laws and norms of a civilized society, to establish the production of the most necessary things. On Earth, such fortified areas were generally about five dozen on different continents. Between these cities there were some gangs involved in robbery. There were also settlements of uncivilized people who were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, tried to survive.

Cities and states, built on the principle of gang formations and primitive cultures, gradually formed.

There were clashes between fortified areas and gangs, but the advantage was on the side of the civilized world. They held the border and perimeter. There were zones where the principles of highly developed civilizations spread, which restrained the onslaught of hordes of savages. The population of people began to recover.

After some time (a thousand years), a repeated air raid took place on Earth, which struck the secondary Atlantean cities and special forces appeared, which began to destroy the secondary cities. So the power shifted to the side of the hordes, the uncivilized part of the population. The potential of the civilized Atlantean cities fell sharply and they could no longer effectively resist, gradually all faded out and was destroyed.

The secondary Atlantean cities lasted about 5,000 years. The last major settlements of the secondary cities died about 55,000 years ago.

Approximate chronology of events:

220 000 - 180 000 years ago - The existence of the Lemurian civilization (named after a leading state - Lemuria).

There were several countries united in a coalition on the planet at that time. The conflict between them led to armed clashes that resulted in the death of an entire civilization.

160,000 years ago, it is known that there was a civilization of the Elves.

120,000 years ago, there was a civilization of Dwarves.

Since the destruction of the Lemurian civilization to the survival of Atlantic civilization especially large advanced civilizations are not noticed.

70,000 years ago, civilization of Atlantis was formed.

65,000 years ago, Atlantis was formed as a highly developed civilization.

60,000 years ago - a conflict between civilizations and the destruction of civilization.

58,000 years ago - strike at the secondary Atlantean cities.

55,000 years ago - the demise of the secondary Atlantean cities.

3000 years ago the world was formed, modern civilization, which 50 years ago has received a powerful impetus to development as a technical civilization.

Since the destruction of the Lemurian civilization on Earth there were about 10 advanced civilizations at that time. Some of them we mentioned. The others remain little known, there is very little information.


The technologies of the Atlantic, Lemurian civilization and several earlier ones were very similar to the technologies used by other stellar Civilizations.

It is almost the same technology. When a civilization reaches the level of Space, it begins to develop rapidly, absorbing the effect of all the best technologies in Space.

An analogy can be drawn.

There is a state in Africa or South America, with its own culture, originality - but civilization comes there - the Internet is made, airports and railways are built. Products from other countries begin to be delivered, tourists come, and the country begins, like a sponge, to absorb all the best achievements of other countries. People from this country study, watch TV, the rapid absorption of cultures, knowledge and technologies of other countries begins. It takes 10 years and some boy from the jungle is already writing computer programs and selling them on the foreign market.

And it happens the same way with any terrestrial civilization, which reaches the level of contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations.

The flow of knowledge and technology will rush from the different civilizations of the big Cosmos.

As it is difficult to control information on the Internet, it is just as difficult to control information in a large Cosmos.

The rapid development of science and technology, education, etc. begins. All the best and worst is absorbed. Therefore, the technologies of spiritual growth are somewhat similar in all developed civilizations.

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