Vision- Clairvoyant Perception

"Clearing the Vision"

Energy vision is of particular value, since the esoteric practice is based on this.

Seeing is receiving a signal from objects and visualizing these signals (translating these signals into familiar images).
Activation of energy vision - 
involves adjusting the mobility of the Assemblage Point and
adjusting the Channel for signal transmission from the object
through the Assemblage Point to the organs of perception (visualization). 


This makes it possible to better recognize different energy planes:
etheric, astral, mental, etc. And also to recognize the various manifestations of these plans: thought forms, phenomena, features of energy flows.

Vision is a particularly important process for esotericism.
Most of the esoteric practices are based on it.

Among esotericists, normally developed vision is found in 15 percent. And setting up vision is a very difficult process, when it is impossible to determine when how much work needs to be done.

We can do several cycles of vision clearing, but it's hard to say what the results will be. In almost all cases, it was possible to improve vision. But in each case it was a different number of clearing cycles. 

For example,
Don Juan was engaged in vision. He used a variety of technologies for this purpose.
When Don Juan tuned Castaneda's visions, it took several years.

FEEDBACK: Setting up vision / Andrey
Earlier, I felt the flows of energy rather like amorphous waves flowing through my body and around my body. After setting up, I begin to see the flows more precisely, I can find seals and visualize more clearly how and where they flow.

Vision, as understood in the esoteric world, is of several types. Each of these types differs both in quality, and in the level of information perception, and in the systems that are involved.

Type 1: Natural Vision 

This type of vision is based on the fact that a person is a kind of information cocoon - with a system of commutation to external information threads. This switching system is called the Assemblage Point (TC).

TS is a kind of bubble on the film of the cocoon - on its front-frontal surface on the central line and corresponds to human attention. The luminous human cocoon is located in an endless black space, permeated with the information lines of the Universe.

The assemblage point is part of three thin bodies:

  • The first body of Vishuddha (chakra - in the cavity between the collarbones);
  • The second body of Vishuddha (chakra at the level of the chin);
  • The third body of Vishuddha (chakra at the level of the bridge of the nose).

When a person concentrates his attention on an external object, the assemblage point begins to stretch outward along with subtle bodies. It sticks to information threads corresponding to the object of concentration. After this, information from the threads begins to flow deep into the cocoon. 

This process occurs with any concentration of attention.

This process is the key to any esoteric practice and accelerated development process. We can concentrate on any external energy flow - the assemblage point will stretch out, stick to the corresponding threads of the multidimensional space, after which a person begins to perceive the energy and information that is in this flow.

The task is to learn to recognize different energy planes:
etheric, astral, mental, etc. And also learn to recognize the various manifestations of these plans - thought forms, essences, phenomena, features of energy flows.

This vision is present in about 15-20% of people (with sufficient mobility). These people can immerse themselves in meditation and perceive energy flows. Such people can perceive, but they may not have the skills and experience of perception.

An obstacle to the movement of the assemblage point is the mental trauma of these three bodies
and the higher frequency bodies that are in resonance with these bodies.

When mental trauma is prolonged, the mobility of the vehicle increases, and the person becomes capable of natural vision.

The key task is to unlock mental trauma.

The first type of vision gives the perception of an object as a kind of energetic entity, but it is difficult to tune in to physical details. This vision is more in demand in healing.

We can unlock the assemblage point, but we need to gain experience on our own, for example, when working individually with an instructor.

Sequence of vision:

  • Stage 1 - we imagine a distant object and keep our attention on the object of concentration.
  • Stage 2 - the assemblage point is sticking to the information threads corresponding to the object,  while our picture becomes heavy (the effect of hanging).
  • Stage 3 - information starts to flow - the picture comes to life, we begin to perceive the details that we did not visualize - at this moment we begin to examine the object.

It is possible to work independently to remove mental trauma, but such work can be very long - several years.

For this, the following meditation is used:

  • We can substitute a large, heavy (several tons) natural object (rock, etc.) in the background of the sun (used as a source of energy);
  • The assemblage point will be drawn to the information threads, which will create a tension of mental trauma blocking the assemblage point (TC) - and in the presence of a large amount of energy (meditation on the image of the sun) - mental trauma will gradually level out.

It is never possible to say in advance how many mental trauma we will face. 

There will be a "cabbage effect" - we remove subtle mental injuries - subtle bodies are restored and after that a new level of injuries can be seen.

Statistics say that among 10 people who are interested in esotericism:

  • 2nd - they will see well;
  • 6-a - will begin to see after going through 1-2 cycles of cleansing mental trauma - restoration of vision;
  • the rest of the 2nd have so many mental injuries, the clearing of which can take from several months to 0.5 - 1 year.

Since this ability is key in matters of independent development, evolution - the direction of relieving mental trauma - is one of the most interesting, promising and demanded areas of development.

After the "basic" restoration of vision, it is possible to carry out cycles of increasing the vehicle mobility every 1-2 months to increase the clarity of perception.

Type 2: Professional programs

This type of vision is present as special programs installed on a person - when he was embodied in highly developed civilizations.

These programs are a kind of a system of waveguides with cells, and waveguides leading to the areas of the brain that are responsible for processing information (visual, auditory, tactile, logical processing).

One of the lines of attention of a high-level element (the personality of a deceased person) is fixed in the cell.

When the carrier of the program concentrates his attention on some object or phenomenon,
the element's attention is directed to the same object. An elementary, being in a multidimensional space, can easily read information. What he sees through waveguides is directed to the information processing zones in the human brain. A person perceives what the elementary sees.

This way of seeing is demonstrated by famous clairvoyants on popular television programs, although it is positioned as the work of the 3rd eye.

Such a vision makes it possible to consider real physical objects, to understand, to understand the situation. But such a vision does not give a vision of energy flows,
since it is limited by experience and knowledge of the established element.

With a well-preserved program, we can see what products are on store shelves, occasionally read their names, understand the situation how a person treats us, what he thinks about one or another occasion, what trends exist in the development of the situation, etc.

This type of vision does not work well if there are many other people's thought forms and opinions on the object.

For example, it can be difficult for us to determine how the dollar rate will rise - too many people are watching and expressing their point of view. An elementary may not distinguish reality from other people's ideas.

The difficulty in restoring this way of seeing is whether it is possible to restore existing damaged programs, which are thin field structures.

Often you have to restore all such programs in many past incarnations in the hope that some will be able to work and give out a recognizable signal.

Type 3: Work through Allies

There are many elementaries who are interested in our development, professional assistance and our protection. For example, such an ally may be the soul of a deceased healer or magician who loves his profession and would like to practice healing and magic, or the soul of a person who loved you will be a protector or helper.

During incarnation, a new personality will be formed, and the former personality is in the world of the dead and has the same desires, including to help, teach, protect. We can find such a magician who wants to help us, and by linking the subtle bodies, we can get the desired effect.

To enhance the vision, we find a person who is in the subtle planes
and sees subtle processes and wants to help us realize them. When recruiting, it is advisable to look for an ally with our name - this strengthens the contact.

There are also many other technical ways of seeing, such as:

  • Inclusion in the Akasha chronicles;
  • Clearing signals from parallel lines of probabilities, where these events have already occurred;
  • Clearing signals from parallel lines of probabilities, where we have reached higher levels of development of the "Avatar (Deity) vision system". If this collective consciousness is interested in our development, it will constitute an additional system of seeing and testing situations;
  • Customizing the Third Eye;
  • Setting up Ascended Allies.

All these systems are very laborious processes in which it is difficult to predict the final result, since we are always dealing with individual characteristics (the presence of vision programs, the ability to restore them, etc.)

The process of restoring vision is difficult and time-consuming, but the specialists of our Center can help improve the quality of vision using various technological techniques.

It will not be possible to get the same effect as clairvoyants on TV channels, but it will be possible to get an average result by spending a lot of effort on restoring vision programs. 

Vision restoration is primarily intended for professionals who 
want to improve their abilities by adding new ways of obtaining information.

Vision Development Service Cost:

  • Type 1 - Removal of mental trauma and development of type 1 Vision - 150 USD;
  • Type 2 - Setting up Vision programs -
  • Type 3 - Activation of Allies - 

A maximum of 7 cycles can be done.
Between cycles, it is better to pause for 1-2 months - this is due to the period of restoration of the structure.

We do not install programs for levels 2-3 temporarily. 

Review: Clearing Vision, type 1 / Andrey

After clearing the vision, it became  easier to tune in to different layers in the energy.
It has become easier to determine the location of  various irregularities and damages in the energy sector.
The type of the damage itself, their appearance after clearing - did not become clear,  but is gradually accumulated through the diagnostic experience.
If you clean it well, sometimes you get bright pictures of those objects to  which you tune, but this happens not so often. Gradually the vision dims again.
Probably more energy or purity of consciousness is required.
But the very experience of a faster attunement, fixation of attention to different objects of the  physical and energetic world remains. You begin to understand what it is, to swim in the world of energies.

Review: Clearing Vision, Type 1 / Elena

My intuition began to work)) By itself ... I somehow did not deal with it even directly, the thought goes a few minutes before the event. 
Interesting!))) Scary truth ... I really don't want to see the future.

Feedback: Complex of services "Mental restoration and Vision clearing" / Eugene

Hello. For the last service - the restoration of the mentality and the opening of vision 1 cycle. About two weeks passed and I began to notice an increase in intuition, a feeling of the subtle world, it became easier to concentrate, when setting up and entering a working state, I began to see my chakras and an energy cocoon, I feel that the energy goes through subtle bodies more easily. It is more difficult to describe something in words yet, but what is happening is pleasing and the dynamics is felt.


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