Shiva and Ganesha's Channels

Initiation into Shiva's Channel and Ganesha's Channel

You can make an Initiation into the Shiva Channel and the Ganesha Channel. These are quite powerful egregors.

1. Channel of Shiva 

The channel carries qualities:

  • of magic,
  • healing,
  • development.

Shiva is the God of dance. But there are not so many energies of male sexuality in this channel. The channel is more responsible for development, spiritual practices.

Shiva is not only the God of dance ..

- Of course. But this is something that is easily tracked in the egregor. Shiva loves to dance. Perhaps some information is still present in the egregor.

Question: Both Shiva and Thoth are interested in magic. Are these Deities similar in direction of work?


Behind the cult of each Deity is most often a person with his own interests and hobbies. The Deities of Shiva and Thoth have their own individual magical experiences.
They also have their own personal interests. 

Deity Thoth, for example, in addition to magic, is also interested in:

  • music;
  • politics.

Sphere of additional interests of Shiva:

  • dancing;
  • different fun;
  • he also likes to cook a little;
  • hunting;
  • and young ladies.

The sphere of magical interests of Shiva:

  • demonology is tracked;
  • progressorship (development of society).

2. Channel of Ganesha

There is a kind of thriftiness, a desire to learn, an energy of well-being.

The Channel has skills for:

  • business;
  • finance;
  • farming.

In this channel, the aspirations to develop and do business are moderate, not very active - they set the general background of well-being more. 


QUESTION: what can be said about the Initiation of Ganesha, how strong is the egregor, how much and what information is there, what energies of arcana are there more? 

ANSWER: The initiation of Ganesha resonates slightly with the 5th arcanum (Spiritual Power).
This is the egregor, which is acting now, there are temples, a huge amount of energy.
It is very strongly powered. 

Both cults are now active, promoted, there is a lot of energy in them.

QUESTION: What are the dedicated Channels in the egregor of Ganesha?

ANSWER: There are Dedicated Channels in the egregor of Ganesha:

- Channel of Luck (10 lasso). Will give elements of luck. The right choice in situations. More strategic moment than tactical moment. Shifting in the right direction at key moments in life.

- Channel of Spiritual Power (5th lasso).
Influence on minds.
People listen to the opinion of such a person.
He changes the outlook of others.

- Channel of Well-being. 
Makes life happier, more prosperous and more prosperous.
The channel smoothes out unpleasant events in life. 
Life flows more smoothly and harmoniously.

QUESTION: The question arose after the post about the Initiation of Ganesha. And if you do the initiation of the first level, then the described signals, even weaker ones, will still be there? Or is it only necessary to take the second level so that there is some kind of signal?

ANSWER: All channels will be present in an insignificant amount at the first stage. This is the standard initiation that is done in the cult of Ganesha.

At the second stage, we can choose some quality and enhance it.

QUESTION: What are some examples of people with Ganesha initiation?

ANSWER: Indian actor Abhishek Bachchan and Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane have a bright signal of Dedication.

In the egregor itself there are energies of wealth, motivation to save and accumulate.

In the egregor there are some structures that strengthen consciousness. Both people have photo-enhanced brains.

Abhishek Bachchan Mawra hocane

QUESTION: How does the initiation of Ganesha enhance consciousness?

ANSWER: The Deity and Spirits in the egregor of Ganesha have a strong consciousness and the inclusion in the egregor of Ganesha leads to some strengthening of consciousness. Slightly adds intelligence.

- What is heightened consciousness?

- Strong consciousness is what is called the mind (analytical ability).

QUESTION: What other initiations strengthen consciousness?

ANSWER: The appearance of the mind creates the Indian initiation of beauty.

There are 9 lassos in this initiation and girls with these Initiation seem smart and beautiful.

We have not yet found other egregors that set the same amplification of consciousness, as in the egregor of Ganesha.

QUESTION: Question to the Masters: are there dedicated channels in initiation into the cult of Shiva?

ANSWER: In Shiva's Channel, it is possible to select a channel

- Spiritual practices and development.

Here it goes like an aspiration, a habit, like a knurled process.

For example, a person is used to exercising. What is it for him? Like a process.

In this case, it is possible to single out the signal Spiritual practices and development as a certain accumulated process.

- What is the plan for spiritual practices?

- There are a lot of these practices in Hinduism.

There can be various meditations, different types of yoga, etc.

Shiva is interested in spiritual practices and development technologies.

Both bodily practices and meditations are all the sphere of Shiva.

QUESTION: What initiations and attitudes can you recommend for the counselors of Hinduism.
ANSWER: You can make Initiations to the most famous Channels of the Indian Gods, including: Shiva, Vishna, Lakshmi, Ganesha, etc.

QUESTION: Please tell us more about the channel of well-being in the Initiation of Ganesha.

Is this channel somehow related to the 21st lasso?

ANSWER: The energies of well-being in the Initiation of Ganesha are not connected with the 21st lasso. These are high-frequency energies that go along the level of Ajna.

These energies do not fit into the standard.

There are money energies here, but they are not directly money energies.

In this channel there are about fifteen different energies in blood, approximately the frequency of Ajna, but it is rather difficult to characterize these energies.

They correspond to the mental meaning of the word well-being.


Cost: Initiation into the Shiva Channel - $ 150. 1 step;

Cost: Initiation into the Ganesha Channel - $ 150 1 step ;

The cost of the Dedicated Channel is 500 ye.

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