Rebuilding the Capture Center (Partner Retention)

"Sexual Gripping Center - Activating Connections"

Gripping Center - Activating the Sexual Center.

A person has several centers, from which tufts of fibers protrude, similar to corn silk.

This principle is also present in the Assemblage Point and in the Will Center and in the sexual Center of Capture of the sexual partner (CB).

The Center of Gripping allows these fibers to connect with the partner's energy and hold it, thus forming permanent connections.

Usually couples in which at least one partner has this center in good condition are fairly stable couples.

If you have chosen someone and start communicating with him, this Center allows you to form a permanent connection with him.

- Is the Capture Center suitable for business relations?
- Development of the Will Center is more suitable for business relations.

The Sexual Grip Center will be more effective in family, sexual matters.
Primarily for the formation of long-term family ties.
It's even more a question of getting married than seducing someone.

In order to quickly attract and just sleep with a partner, the following will be more effective: 

  • For men - Dedication of Apollo, Frey.
  • For women - Initiations of Freya, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Demeter, Yin.

According to statistics, those young ladies who cannot get married or cannot get together for a long time often have a poorly developed Capture Center.

For example:

State of the Gripping Center (energy of retention):

  • Brad Pitt - 70%;
  • Angelina Jolie - 60%;
  • Alla Pugacheva - 60%; 
  • Patricia Kaas - 10-15%;
  • Brooke Shields - 15%

If you take a pair of Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie:

Both have their Grip Centers in very good condition and form a strong pair. This pair can withstand heavy loads.

The tuning in a pair is not very high:

  • according to Vishuddha attunement 20%;
  • Anahata 40%;
  • for Manipur 70%;
  • for Svadhisthana 30%.

Those. The tuning is average, but the pair is quite stable.

By attractiveness parameters:

Brad Pitt has a good Apollo Initiation.
Angelina Jolie has Aphrodite, Freya, Yin Initiation.

Both have Fire Elementals (corresponding to level 2 swap programs).

In Angelina Jolie, the elementals go a little to the level of Anahata, which makes her somewhat emotional. Brad Pitt's fire elementals are at the level of Vishuddhi.

The sexual grip center of a sexual partner can be diagnosed and adjusted.

Diagnostics of the Gripping Center can be obtained in the Energy Card of the Personality . 

QUESTION: How does the procedure for strengthening the grip center take place and how many cycles are needed for, say, 15%.

ANSWER: Good grip center parameters are considered above 60%. The normal rate is 35-60%. We clean up the mental trauma that damages the grip threads. This leads to alignment, an increase in the power of the center of capture. One cycle of clearing the Center of capture + 20% (up to 60%).

Cost: Adjustment of the Gripping Center - $ 150. /cycle.

Feedback: Activation of the Capture Center / A.

Ordered Recovery of the Capture Beam to 65%.
I thought that I would immediately become a magnet for everything. But no. The baseline has not changed. Although I began to notice that if I tune in to a person, especially a girl, I somehow more tenaciously holds my attention, fixes that object. Cool sensations like magnets sticking together. =)

Feedback: Adjusting the Center of Capture / Anna

From the capture beam, I feel how confidence in myself as in a woman has increased. What was sorely lacking. I would like to extend it to 70%).

Feedback: Adjusting the Grip Center / Anastasia

You tested for me that I had a weak grip center, 15%. And I myself know that somehow the guys don't stick around me, although I attract them quite strongly. After I ordered the adjustment of the grip center, it felt like I was grabbing a man with something. Power appeared over him. After some time, these men begin to appear in my life - we meet with them at work, on the street or in a cafe. The effect is very interesting. 


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