Dedication of Athena

"Dedication to Athena"

Dedication to Athena asks: 

  • Entrance to the Magical Picture of the World.
  • Motivation for magic;
  • Motivation for healing;
  • Motivation to trade.

The Initiation of Athena (like the Initiation of Thoth) is one of the key, rare initiations that allow you to enter the World of Magic, it is precisely the magical perception of the world, the magical experience, experience and knowledge that sets  

A person can engage in magic and practice magic only if he has left social perception into magic: the perception of multidimensionality, the perception of the world as a complex, constantly changing structure, where everything is possible, any processes are possible.

This perception allows you to change yourself and change the world around you.

This is a certain position of the Assemblage Point and it differs from social perception when a person and the world are stable and practically does not change, when everything is predetermined.

The Initiation of Athena (like the Initiation of Thoth) helps to get out of the social concept of the world, which increases the effectiveness of magical work

Egregor has developed such directions as:

  • Magic - 20 units;
  • Healing - 15 units;
  • Management, business, military affairs - 5 units.

Dedication to Athena sets the stage for a passion for magic and healing.

FEEDBACK: Dedication to Athena / Oksana

Dedication to Athena gave me the opportunity to better understand any magical practice. Inner knowledge appeared. They tell me that I perceive knowledge of magic and healing much faster than others.

The Dedication of Athena is a Magical initiation,
as well as one of the Initiations of female beauty.

There is an interesting feature of the Dedication to Athena. This dedication sets the motivation for admiring, flaunting with your youth and attractiveness.

Among nudists there are many people who have the Dedication of Athena. There is a certain drive in this, flaunting yourself, but without vulgarity.
The "parties" of people with the Dedication of Athena are characterized by the beauty of their youth, beauty and health.

Dedication to Athena - Brett Jordan

In the Athena Channel there are energies that enhance feminine energies, but extinguish masculine energies.
For example, at the level of the 2nd stage, damping of approximately 3-5% is possible.

The egregor also contains information on the English language.

QUESTION: What are the dedicated channels in the Initiation of Athena 

Initiation of Athena of the 3rd stage gives merging with the egregor, gives the transfer of magical experience from the Deity, the experience of healing.  

The 2nd stage of the Initiation of Athena has dedicated channels:

  • Channel of Introduction to the magical Picture of the World - setting the Assemblage Point to the picture where magical actions are possible. It is impossible to practice magic without attunement to the magical picture of the world.
  • Dedicated Attraction Channel 
  • Dedicated Amenity Channel

Information has been accumulated in the egregor of Athena:
Magic - 7 units.
Healing - 5 units.
Management - 3 units
Military science - 2 units.

Cost: Dedication of Athena - 1 level - 150 USD, 2 level - 500 USD

Below are attached photographs of a girl with a pronounced Dedication to Athena.

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