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The magic laboratory is a group of magicians whose composition changes periodically.
The group is engaged in the development and implementation of technology development.
These technologies are mostly developed for themselves, to solve certain problems. The best technologies are useful to many other people.
The magic group is looking for references to the technologies of the Ancients and are being developed. Examples of developments: Initiation through Death, Experience of the Monad.

QUESTION: Services of the Laboratory are based on the technology of Runes, Tarot, Reiki?

ANSWER: This is not the technology of the Runes or Reiki
We try not to intersect in technologies with other magical schools.


The Magic Laboratory - investigates and uses the development of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Lemurian civilization, the civilization of the Ases, the Aryans.
We believe that it is almost impossible to create something new in magic. And all the developments that we have are based on existing technologies.

These technologies are developed by ancient magicians, therefore the group does not appropriate the opening of these techniques and does not advertise itself.

QUESTION: Does your group of magicians belong to some particular order, or school?

ANSWER: We are a separate formation. On the Earth there are no Schools and Orders, to which we officially belong. We represent the Forces of evolution, healing. Plus, we are formally the priests of those cults, the Initiations of which we set.

But we studied and cooperated with many.
Terminology and methodological basis we use the general, which is accepted in esotericism in different cultures.
We try to tackle those tasks that are complex and unresolved in other systems. And we try. so that our technologies do not interfere with any services that other schools provide.
If we somehow intersect in interests with other systems, we apologize in advance.

PS. We are the brightest representatives of the forces of good. But there is one inconvenience in this. Active glow around the head prevents sleep us and others,))))

 QUESTION: Where are your technologies from? 

ANSWER: We study the technologies of individual earthly civilizations (Civilization of Atlanteans, Lemurians, up to Lemurian civilizations. We study technologies of different magical cultures (Toltecs, Taoists, Tibetan magic, Shamanism in different cultures, magical technologies of elves and gno

QUESTION: Where are your technologies from?

ANSWER: We study the technologies of individual earthly civilizations (Civilization of Atlantes, Lemurians, up to Lemurian civilizations. We study technologies of different magical cultures (Toltecs, Taoists, Tibetan magic, Shamanism in different cultures, magical technologies of elves and gnomes, runes and tarot, etc.) We study the magical experience of individual magicians. Technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations, humanoid and extrahumanoid. We look for technologies wherever possible, process them - and as a result, they appear in the form of some ideas that we implement for ourselves and some further offer other people.

Our ideas cause an ambiguous reaction.
Some esotericists and magicians are delighted. Others are neutral.
Still others cause negative, and sometimes hatred. For various reasons. But we will continue to research.

The main research topic is development and development in this area. We study the rest of the topics, since we are contacted for various problems and we have to research it.

Plus, we collect information about magical legends and try to look for interesting magical tasks in different cultures - technologies associated with rapid development, death rituals, technologies of ideal health, eternal youth, memory preservation in subsequent incarnations, levitation and teleportation technologies, time travel, ideas the Holy Grail, an irredeemable ruble, etc. - these are the legends that exist in the world of magic and that we collect and research.

If you have heard about the existence of some interesting technologies, write to us. This is what we are looking for and collecting.

We have been dealing with the topic of development, magic, healing for hundreds of thousands of years. This topic is interesting to us. We have been doing this in many Earth civilizations and in many Extraterrestrial civilizations. And we will do it.

 QUESTION: Good evening Tell me, why is your center interested in offering and implementing development technologies for people?

ANSWER: Thank you for your question. We do this because the direction of accelerated development is interesting to us. We have done this in past lives. We continue to study now. And we hope we will continue to study in future lives.

Development is the principle of the universe.
Less than 1% of people on Earth are interested in the topic of development.
But for those who are interested in this topic, we are ready to help with our knowledge.

And these technologies are far from simple. Some give results after decades. For example, the Dedication to Preservation of Personality. Or the Experience of the Monad, which has been unfolding over the decades.

Any development technologies are very difficult for the body to assimilate. It takes a lot of energy.

It’s like a person who decided to quickly learn at school - to go through the material of four classes in one year. He will be overworked all the time and his interest will cause misunderstanding of others.

Even if there is no opportunity to offer it to others, we will still do it and move on.

And just as some Forces help us in development, it is our responsibility to help those people who are looking for development.

We do this professionally, so we charge you for it. All we offer is very sophisticated technologies. Some of them are extremely rare.

In addition to the development sector, there are a number of technologies related to health, attractiveness, social adaptation. This is due to the fact that people often contact us about these issues. And we are looking for ways to solve problems. This is not the main direction, but we are also working on this.

As to whether more advanced people will save civilization, the question is dubious. The more developed a civilization is, the more unstable it is. This is from the question, if one person will accelerate through the program, will this affect the functioning of the school - rather it will affect in the opposite direction.

Whether it is worth developing all of humanity at once is a question that requires study. But we believe it is necessary to help those who want to develop.

 Question: How is the work going? Do I need a personal presence?

Answer: High technologies are used in the work, therefore your personal presence is not required.
All work is done remotely.
To work, you will need your photo, preferably full-length.

QUESTION: Hello, how is the mental recording made? 
Well, I mean via skype or just need a photo? 

ANSWER: Your full-length photo is enough for work.
Within a week, the recording is built into the energy.
You can write down the mentality from any specialist of modernity or antiquity. You can choose any one you are interested in.

QUESTION: At what age can an identity card be made? 
I would like to see a map of my baby.

ANSWER: It is possible from a year, but better with 3x

QUESTION: I am interested in DIAGNOSTICS. 
I would like to learn more about this process.

ANSWER: For diagnostics, you need your full-length photo.
Diagnostics is carried out remotely, according to your photo.
You place an order, send your photo
and in a week you will be sent a detailed diagnostic report for several pages.
If desired, it will be possible to ask questions on the topics of the report.


ANSWER: To clean the energy sector, you need a full-length photograph of a person. Energy cleaning is usually carried out within three to seven days. During this time, several cycles of cleansing energy damages, current magical blows, damages, curses of energy breaks as a result of conflicts, etc., if any , are carried out After cleaning, the state of energy is leveled, usually the balance of vitality is restored. Cleaning can be done for yourself, loved ones or business. Cleansing of ancient mental traumas, which are several thousand years old, is carried out as part of the Mental Restoration service.

After the Energy Purification, we will inform you, and you can track your condition. More information can be found here . 

QUESTION: And in cleansing, the work is carried out by runic magic or sephirothics or?

ANSWER - in cleaning we usually do not use the channels of the runes and sephirotika.
In this work, the correction of mental bodies is carried out through the removal of damage to the human mentality.

QUESTION: How is the REMOVAL OF COMPLEXES service going on ? ANSWER: The work is carried out remotely. To work, you need your full-length photo.

It is advisable to first go through the Psychological personality map in
order to determine the main complexes that are visible at the moment.
Any of these complexes can be cleaned.
After that, you can clean up any signals that are relevant to you, stress, embarrassment, etc. 
Before work, you choose a clear formulation of the complex with which you need to work, 
indicate the current level of stress on this issue you have (from 0 to 10 points), 10 maximum.

The complex is cleaned during the week. We will inform you about the completion of the work.
After cleaning, you track how much your attitude has changed towards this stress / issue.
If required, an additional correction cycle can be performed.

A number of stresses / complexes are relieved quickly enough. For some, cleaning the complexes takes a little longer.
We work to the state enough. Usually, after cleansing the complexes, the attitude towards the factors straining a person becomes even, calm.

QUESTION: How to increase the sensitivity to energies?

ANSWER: Sensitivity to energies is related to the mobility of the Assemblage Point. Don Juan gave special substances to liberate her, 

or manipulated the assemblage point - clicked on it. Several cycles of clearing the assemblage point can be carried out to increase the mobility of the assemblage point. But it should be borne in mind that the development of sensitivity is a rather long process and involves the development of personal diagnostic experience. Details are  here .

QUESTION: I want to ask about magical initiations. to the same Sephiroth. here people spend them at the Place of Power, ritual magic .. and here just by the photo ... how much is it different from what is offered in the center, and will there be a permanent connection with the egregor? those. maybe the dedication will fly off?

ANSWER: When we make any initiation, we specially strengthen it - we reinforce it with the energies of the 15th lasso so that it will stand for a long time.
Usually these Initiations are preserved for a long period of time. We hope that this will be enough for a few hundred years.

In places of Power, work is carried out to strengthen the energy of the magician.
We use our own amplification and power systems, which are also tied to places of power. But we prefer to work remotely, which allows us to work with Global places of power, and not places that are closer.
For experienced professionals, it doesn't matter whether a person is near or at a distance.

How different our Initiation is from the Initiations of other magicians, we do not know, since we have not met a description of all the details of the rituals of other magicians. We do not think that distance initiation is a problem. It is more spectacular when held at the Place of Power. It will take a lot of time and resources to gather in the Place of Power. The quality in the Places of Power grows, but this is not essential.

You can carry out the work remotely no worse than with face-to-face setup.
We believe our products are of good quality.
We consider it unethical to comment on the work of other specialists.


The magic laboratory is a group of magicians, the composition of which changes periodically.
The group is engaged in the development and implementation of development technologies.
Most of these technologies are developed for themselves, for solving certain problems. The best technology turns out to be useful to many other people.
The magic group is looking for references to the technologies of the Ancients and are being developed. Examples of developments: Initiation through Death, Experience of the Monad.

QUESTION: Are the services of the Laboratory based on the technologies of ShMA, Monosov or Reiki Yggdrasil, Zhuravlev?

ANSWER: These are not ShMA or Reiki Yggdrasil technologies. 
We try not to overlap in technology with other magic schools.

Magic laboratory - researches and uses the development of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Lemurian civilization, the Civilization of the Aesirs, the Aryans.
We believe that it is almost impossible to create something new in magic. And all the developments that we have are based on existing technologies.

These technologies were developed by ancient magicians, so the group does not arrogate to itself the discovery of these techniques and does not advertise itself. 

QUESTION: Does your group of magicians belong to a particular order, or school? 

ANSWER: We are a separate formation. There are no Schools and Orders on Earth to which we officially belong. We represent the Forces of evolution, healing. Plus, we are formally the priests of those cults, the Dedications of which we put. 

But we studied and collaborated with many.
We use a common terminology and methodological base, which is accepted in esotericism in different cultures. 
We try to take on those tasks that are difficult and unsolved in other systems. And we try. so that our technology does not interfere with any services that other schools provide.
If we somehow overlap in interests with other systems, we apologize in advance.

PS. We are the brightest representatives of the forces of good. But this has one disadvantage. Active glow around the head interferes with sleep for us and others,))))

QUESTION: How is the diagnosis of a pendulum or reading from the field by clairvoyance carried out?

ANSWER: In the case of drawing up Express-maps, diagnostics is carried out by Vision (through the Assemblage Point).
Subtle bodies are considered.
Psychological complexes are tested as a chain of thought forms at the level of the Vishuddha body. We examine the body of Vishuddha and write down the available signals in the Personality Card.

To test energy damage, we consider different subtle bodies, the presence of external magical influences.

QUESTION: Do you do custom work with pay for results? 

ANSWER: We try to do only standard procedures, because then we guarantee quality and are responsible for the result.
We work on a prepayment basis - this allows us to avoid debts that destroy the monetary egregor for us and our clients.

QUESTION: Do the Masters undertake diagnostics and work in all cases?

ANSWER: Like any teacher, coach, esotericist, Masters can refuse to work with clients without giving reasons.
But most often, such reasons are: for some reason, it is not possible to see the energy of a person, the
incompatibility of the forces that stand behind the Person and the Master. In the ordinary world, behind each person there are forces (country, egregors, etc.), which can be in tense states. Then working with such a person can cause tension and negative events, conflicts will inevitably arise. 
To prevent this, to avoid it, we regret and refuse. And there are many other reasons. We cannot declare about most of the reasons, since the statement about the presence of such reasons can also aggravate the situation and change the karmic course of events. 
We once again apologize, but by refusing, we are trying to preserve your health and stability at the expense of our reputation.


  • Customer reviews, description of the results of the Services 
  • Examples of successful reviews can be found on the website.
    Bad reviews are mercilessly removed. :-)


All services of the center presented on the website 
have a 100% guarantee of the result.

If you are dissatisfied with the work, we will fully refund the amount of payment received.
We accept claims within three months after the provision of services. 
It should be noted that if you submit several orders - each new order implies that you are satisfied with the previous work and have no complaints. Details are  here . 

We are grateful for YOUR interest in the center's proposals
and will be glad to receive your feedback and recommendations.

The presented technologies are quite interesting, but we will always try to make our work even better, more valuable and interesting for you. 

QUESTION: When do you refuse services? I'm worried.

Don't worry. When the Masters believe that working with you and any services
can harm you, they refuse to work, caring about your well-being. 
We try to carefully check who we can work with so as not to harm anyone.

We respect confidentiality, and we try not to discuss your orders with other people, 
even if they are your relatives and friends. We change names in reviews.

 QUESTION: Why do you talk so little about technology?

ANSWER: The description of many technologies is a direct instruction for the application of black magic strikes, so you have to conceal about 60% of the information. First, we write articles, and then we have to correct them and delete the information, leaving only general information, without describing the exact processes.

QUESTION: How do you check the quality of the work of the Masters with whom you work?

 ANSWER: First, according to the principle of karma. If a person commits bad deeds, he collides with the Forces of Karma, the Forces of the Law, the Forces of Luck. We are looking at the parameter of the collision with these forces.

When we start cooperation, we try to check whether a person has committed unseemly acts from the point of view of these forces, whether there are traces of collision with Karma, Law, the forces of Luck on his energy structure, whether the Higher Forces have any claims to him, whether the person belongs to the forces that are antagonistic to the forces of Development.

In the process of work, we also check how much a person reacts to situations.

Clients often offer us money so that we do not quite right, good deeds. We specifically skip such sentences in order to check how the Master himself reacts, how stable he is in his beliefs.

If we have doubts or suspicions, we carefully check and decide whether to continue to cooperate with such a specialist.

There are technologies that are being developed by specialists. At Ezohat we make sure that the client is satisfied or gets the money back.

Before working with the Masters, we carefully check their work, collect feedback.

We deliberately build our work so that it is not the brand or the name of the specialist that plays, but the quality of the work performed by him.

We make sure to process the order, explain the nuances of the technology to the customer as thoroughly as possible: so that the Master does the job efficiently and on time, clarify the customer's feedback and, if required, finalize the desired order.

The client has the right to place a new order only after confirming the fulfillment of the previous order.

Since we work with systems of Karma, the Law, we are in an increased demand for our words and promises. Accordingly, we try to strictly monitor the quality of work and what we offer our clients.

QUESTION: Do you still have accelerated development technologies that you do not disclose but will appear soon? Are there any forces controlling you?

ANSWER: We are constantly studying technologies in the field of development, in the field of social adaptation. And when they are ready and formed (when we understand the answers to the basic questions), we publish them.

Since we are working with Initiations, we are in the zone of action of the Laws of these Deities, the initiations of which we make, and we are also under the Laws of Destiny, Karma, the Force of the Law.

Everything that we declare that we are working with this automatically increases the control in our direction from the Higher Plans.

This is similar to the fact that when a person applies for the position of judge, they begin to actively check and monitor his every step.

QUESTION: Please advise which dedicated channel to choose?

ANSWER: If you ask a question, we will try to advise based on our understanding.

But we will not be able to advise what to choose, because it contradicts the principles of the Development Channel.

THE NOTE. We do not deal with treatment, but we are responsible and guarantee for the things that we do.

In treatment, when we try to correct a symptom, it is never known in advance what may be causing the sensation.

And you can only go by the selection method, as healers and doctors do. Try one technology, then another technology, then a third, until we get better.

Health and the body are constantly exposed to external stress, because if we correct something to say that a person will be constantly healthy is difficult. Every doctor and healer knows that the disease can recur - for other reasons.

Therefore, we try not to engage in healing, but to make specific blocks of services that we know for sure that they improve health.

For example, we remove initiations that influence, remove mental trauma. But we know that there are other reasons that affect this disease and other factors may appear over time.

A person can fall under the influence of a geopathogenic zone or magical blows that can cause this disease. Therefore, no healer gives a guarantee that the disease will not return.

When we work, we guarantee that we remove the negative impact that we took on. But there may be other factors, other effects of egregors, which also affect the situation, etc.

We are very sorry, but have not yet found a way to solve all the problems with one service.

THE NOTE. When we are asked to provide a detailed description of a number of technologies, we are faced with a problem.

A number of technologies are quite often used in magical practices. And this has a good effect. Unfortunately for complex magic technologies it is not easy to understand the nuances of how it functions. We know that they exist, that there is an effect. There is no detailed description.

When in our research we come across examples of people who have these technologies, we try to recreate, we see how it is done, we see similar characteristics, but it takes years to make out the nuances.

We are like monkeys who found a computer. learned how to turn it on and off, but too much time will be spent on figuring out the circumstances.

Behind this may be the ancient institutions that developed it, and now there are no descriptions.


QUESTION: How does initiation take place?

ANSWER: Initiation takes place remotely.
To do this, you first need to pass preliminary testing, order an express card. This allows us to see if it is possible to work with a person remotely.
If you succeed, you can order a dedication.

The work is carried out remotely.
We carry out preparation and initiation ritual into egregor. Then we observe for some time how much the person resonates with the egregor.
After this work, for several months we will be able to observe and confirm to what extent the energies that are in the egregor are suitable for you.

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