4. Familly & Children Stress Release

1.   Education, children and parents

Review: Cleaning of complex to learning /

Regarding my daughter - we had a big problem with studying and her strong reluctance to listen to someone and learn! She refused at all!

With her, we cleaned 2 or 3 pieces of complexes to learning, the reluctance to listen and blocking of thinking was removed.

Now, over the evening, we can learn a couple of poems, write a page in the copy-book and do more exercises in mathematics! This is a breakthrough, this is a great result. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, WE HAVE RADICAL CHANGES IN OUR FAMILY FOR THIS YEAR.

Review: Cleaning of complex to argue /

I want to give feedback on the cleaning of children's complexes, the complex of desire to argue was cleaned in the older one, the fear of movement and the fear of enemies, we moved and were very worried how he could adapt in the new environment and school, the fact is that he was constantly under attack. He constantly got involved in some things, could not fight back, although for several years he went to wushu and karate, in short, we had a serious problem with the boy! Now, in the new school, he, too, is always in conflict, but recently, about a month ago, he began to defend himself! Twisted the offender and kept him until the guard came! Everyone saw that he was attacked in the school hallway right behind! Now Misha is winged, he feels much more confident, he is trying to stand up for other boys, of course his behavior has changed very much and now he happens to start a fight for no apparent reason — I think so, but my son is slowly becoming a Man from the victim! I am grateful.


Review: Cleaning of complexes and stresses /Alexandra:

Hello! Many thanks to your masters for removing our complexes, mine is a negative attitude towards the son and one of the complexes of the son is a negative attitude towards the mother! Even before the report was received, there was a lightness in relationships, I began to accept everything that irritated me in my child, I became restrained without an effort of will, but simply because everything suits me so much, it all feels so great, it's amazing!!! Finally, I get joy from my son, pride in him, I used to want to shove him into some kind of incomprehensible framework and I was constantly dissatisfied with him, and he, too, became softer to me, I began to hear more often - Mom, I love you!))

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