Step 5. Energy Map (Diagnostics of energy potentials and health)


The map includes: diagnostics of the state of energy and current energy damage, the state of organs and body systems. Diagnostics takes place in about 60 parameters:

Part 1. ENERGY: energy damage in this life, past incarnations, etc.

Part 2. MEDICAL CARD - state of work of organs and systems.


- Dynamics of the chakra flow (on 7 chakras)

- Activity of the Will Center, the Magical Animal, the Channel of the Power Plant

Part 4: Other Options

- The activity of the brain, right / left hemisphere

- Availability of additional energy pumping programs etc.

The cost of diagnostics: 10 USD.


REVIEW: Energy Map of the Personality / Dasha:

Diagnostics struck with its scale, detail, scope, efficiency, explained a lot to me, and confirmed a lot, including internal sensations.I wish I had found you before ...

REVIEW: Energy Map of the Personality / Olga:

Thank you very much for your work, it is simply priceless. I  begin to realize so many things after each new diagnostics that opens a new perception of the world, yourself and the people.

REVIEW: Energy Map of the Personality / Natalya:

Thank you very much for energy map, I would not know without it what is wrong in me and where it is necessary to pay attention to (I was not expecting that I have sucH silver thread), it is a very very useful map, in general.

REVIEW: Energy Map of the Personality / Taras:

I want to leave here for a review of this energy map, of my personality. Many thanks to the guys for their magical work! I think of even ordering expansion. I advise everyone!!! :-)

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