STEP 1. FREE HINT: How to get positive karma

In this article we will talk about the development of positive and negative karma with the help of sick people, charitable foundations, etc.

How to accumulate positive karma?rainbow hands

Positive Karma is usually immediately discharged into negative.
Usually this can be imagined as a liquid of positive karma that interacts with negative.
Since there is usually much more negative karma, positive karma is discharged.
The ratio of positive and negative karma is usually 1 to 20.

It is very difficult to earn positive karma by actions.

Here the value of personal motivation - in charity - affects.
But the standard actions of helping the sick, the poor, the destitute can work in a big minus.

If we take actions in general, when people help patients
on average, this gives from +2 (positive) to -5 (negative) karma.
Often more negative karma is accumulated than positive.

Why is helping sick people often accumulated negative karma?

The answer is :

Because sick people are most often people who suffer karmic punishment.

Similarly, if you serve the poor, on the planetary level as a whole, this gives from +2 to -8 karma.
It is also necessary to select a beggar to whom to give money.

If you translate old women across the road - does not affect.

Helping children in orphanages from +2 to -4 karma.

We are not saying that it is not necessary to help, but that it is a very complicated process from the point of view of karma.

And if you take up real charity,
which would be a plus - this is a big problem.
In particular, this is a big problem for corporations that feel
they have accumulated debt and are thinking about how to drain money in order to benefit.

If you look: 

Soros Foundation has from +4 to -2 karma for some reason. So they find ways to use the money profitably. 

Bill Gates Foundation: +4 to -3 Karma

And if you take environmental stocks, positive karma is accumulated?


Similar. Of the 10 organizations that favor nature conservation, most likely positive and negative karma will be cut in half.

Common criteria are hard to find.
Much depends on motivation and what they do.

Is karma positive and negative?


Yes. There are universal, ancient mechanisms that mechanically regulate karma. This is somewhat reminiscent of a program.
Karma, roughly speaking, exists in all frequency bands. Karma accumulates if you do bad deeds in relation to a person (living being), to a community of living beings, and in relation to a certain integrity of the surrounding space.

This is an ancient mechanism, it is one for our planet. The mechanism was installed somewhere 1.5 million years ago and still functions well. Karma is a mechanism that regulates, would not start some living creatures that begin to destroy the systems of the world around them.

Communion, confession absolve sins?


The question is interesting. The egregor of Christianity is powerful, it must somehow work. And everyone says that after confession it becomes easier. If you look when a person confesses, a certain energy is formed that quenches karma. A person says: “I repent of this, repent of this ...” - and this starts to work, the energy goes to quench these karmic moments. This is especially evident in the Catholic Church.

And, interestingly, this principle is included in the general “karmic machine”. This principle is in Christianity, and in Buddhism, and there are some elements in Islam.

There are mechanisms in the common karmic machine that can track religious systems and be cleansed through this practice.

Repentance works like some positive deeds - the energy of extinguishing negative situations arises.

Communion works like a kind of grace. This is not a karmic mechanism. Confession and some other mechanisms of donation can influence a person’s karma.

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Mechanisms for adjusting behavior processes

There are several mechanisms for regulating the processes and behavior of living creatures:

  • 1) Divine laws (what Divine beings think above us, as it should be).
  • 2) Karma (a mechanism established by some higher beings that regulates behavior according to the principles of non-harm to a living being, the communities of living beings, the systems in which you are (planet, galaxy).

It resembles a distribution system - you do an act (and they pour “good” and “bad karma” - good or bad liquid — into your personal cup — hence the term “karmic vessel”).

Karma is like pouring a certain liquid, which represents future events - it can be positive or negative.

Negative actions accumulate negative karma. Good deeds improve your karma, bad deeds worsen.

In principle, positive karma can interact with negative karma and quench it, but only partially.

That is, if a person has sinned and then committed many positive deeds, this will partially compensate for karma, but the burden of negative karma will still be felt. The one who sinned begins to feel the accumulation of negative cargo. But karma can be adjusted.

To feed hungry animals, to drink, to give shelter to animals that are in need is a karmic plus.

If you drink good people, feed them is also a plus.

But here it is already our task to determine whether a person is good or bad (karma is plus or minus).

To learn how to define, to feel good, we can:

  •  Tune in to all of humanity.
  •  Tune in to good people - those who try to do selflessly good deeds, good to other people, to society.
  •  As a result, we should feel a pleasant light light energy - this is the energy of good, positive karma.

The Planet and Mankind easily take such energy inside.

How to tune in bad karma:

  •  Tune in to humanity.
  •  Tune in to people who like to torture people, animals, plants, to hurt them, to suffer. Destroy people, systems, countries.
  •  We will feel aggressive tough energy with a smack of hellfire (like butter is burning). This is the energy of negative karma. Humanity and the World resists it.

By the degree of resistance, how the World resists a person, one can determine the degree of negativity of karma (from 0 to 10).

QUESTION: What is included in the top ten in the rating of karmic violations?


  • From the point of view of Karmic systems, harming large systems is considered the most significant. Desire and actions for the destruction of systems: Earth, Humanity, the Solar system, Galaxy, World, etc.
  • Next is the destruction of living things: countries, egregors.

Punishment is described like a judicial system: the intent, quality and quantity of such actions are evaluated. Depending on this, various punishments are received.

The karmic system is a closed system that does not divulge details of the principles of functioning. Any intentional harm to other people is included in the attention area of ​​Karmic systems.

Diagnosis of karma is carried out in the  Karma Map .

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