In this article, we will talk about ancient technologies of accelerated development, about the activation of subconscious experience, which affects the rate of assimilation of new information.

Accelerated development is associated with the constant accumulation of new information.

Assimilating, this information complicates our thinking, and we are able to make decisions faster in the most difficult situations. Our life is becoming much more efficient and interesting.

Successful people: billionaires, professional military men, magicians, healers and others - these are primarily individuals who managed to accumulate a significant amount of experience over millions of years of past incarnations.

In this regard, the main questions arise: How to accumulate the necessary information and how to absorb it faster?

The thing is that just reading a book, listening to a seminar is not enough. We know that some people learn information instantly, as if he always knew it, while others get information with difficulty.

For rapid development it is important:

  • Activate the information that you already have at the subconscious level;
  • Prescribe the necessary new information-knowledge
  • Intensify thinking systems to embed new data;
  • To pump a sufficient amount of energy in the mind to process this information.

Developments in the field of accelerated development are connected with these issues.

1. Activation of personal subconscious experience.

Ancient technologies that allow to accelerate access to the experience of past incarnations were dealt with in Tibet, Ancient Egypt and the Traditions of the Shamans of Africa and America. This system is called Initiation through Death , it accelerates access to the experience gained during the period of Earth incarnations of man. The experience of the Monad activates experience throughout the entire period of evolution.

If you have not had the necessary experience in past incarnations, you can write down the necessary information. You can check what experience you have already accumulated over the period of evolution by making a  Basic (magic) card of personality .

2. List the required professional experience.

 These are technologies that allow you to copy information:

  • You can quickly record on your subtle bodies the experience of any specific specialist (businessman, programmer, magician, healer) present or past.

  • To copy professional information, the Initiation system is also used - inclusion in professional egregors.

In ancient times, the system of Initiations into the egregors of the Gods was used for this purpose. For example, Egregor Hermes (egregore of business and trade), Apollo Channel (egregore of male attractiveness). There are magical initiations, chivalrous initiations, etc. More info  here .

At Initiations, information from the egregore begins to be copied to your subtle bodies. Gradually being processed, this information begins to appear.

There is a subconscious understanding of professional knowledge from egregore. This affects personal effectiveness in business, military affairs, magic, love and other areas of life.

3. Paging extra energy.

Energy of consciousness is a necessary parameter for the work of the head, like electricity for a computer. It must be taken into account that accelerated development technologies require an excess amount of energy, because earlier they were carried out on the Places of Power . But you can also install on your subtle bodies  Systems of pumping energy of consciousness , which will provide a constant automatic flow of additional high-frequency energy.

4. Acceleration of thinking.

Thinking parameters affect the rate of assimilation of new information for you. The perception of new information is associated with the work of the Assemblage Point  (the organ of communication between human energy and the outside world).

To speed up the  perception of new information, you can adjust the dynamics of the Assembly Point (see Light of Consciousness ). To speed up the analysis,  processing  new information, the Plane of Thinking system is being built These are complex parameters of subtle bodies, but they are extremely important for accelerating evolution. The work of these systems was specially cleared for leaders and key specialists in highly developed civilizations .

The plan for accelerated human evolution is based on two principles:

  • Sequential removal of energy damage and mental injuries that block the personal experience of participants;
  • Record the information you need to develop to enhance your personal effectiveness.

You can choose Accelerated Development in any direction you are interested in.

Details about the technologies of accelerated development will be described in 4 parts of the book Magic of Development.