Portion of Life Energy

"Portion of Life"

QUESTION: You say you have a new Portion of Life technology. Is this a Portion of Health?

ANSWER: A Portion of Life is a separate technology.

One of the Civilizations in Space is seriously engaged in healing and broadcasts the energies of Life with a capital letter. This is not related to the 17th lasso on Planet Earth. This is life as a kind of rational principle in the universe, opposite to death. You can broadcast this energy, increasing the amount of Life in the body.

This energy was used by Alan Chumak in his sessions. 


Portion of Life Level 2

There is a certain Reasonable Principle of Life, which is an integral part of health.

At the first level, "Life" is poured according to the Anahata-Vishuddha frequency. And the Systems of our World (World as an information bubble) are involved. 

At Level 2 Life Portion

the energy of Life is poured in at the frequency of the third body of Vishuddhi-Ajna, and Systems external to our world are involved (Worlds according to the principle of Matryoshka). 

Some people see that they have little Life. This is due to the lack of the principle of life in the energy structure. In this case, it is intelligent energy as information, as nano-technology, each grain of which contains a principle and information that determines fate.

We began to develop this technology, since many have come to us with questions of healing. But we are not engaged in healing, we are developing technologies that are guaranteed to increase the efficiency of systems and increase their performance. We know for a fact that this technology may not completely solve the problem, but it will improve the situation.

These are technologies of global impact. They have a long working period. It may take several months for the systems to improve.

You can make a Portion of Life as a whole on the body, or you can direct it to a specific zone / system at your request.

QUESTION: Is pumping life a one-time service?

ANSWER: There is such a parameter - Life. You can pour a portion of Life. The body consumes this portion as needed. If the body is sick, it consumes more. And if he is healthy, he works by himself.

A portion of Life can usually be done if you are overwhelmed, sick, feel that your vitality is under stress and feel that you need support.


QUESTION: How often can you upload a Portion of Life?

ANSWER: You cannot foresee it in advance. A collision with other people, geopathogens makes you burn this energy faster. This is a special super fuel for the body. The body works on this energy. This is a component of health.

On average, you can download it once a month.
Under specific conditions - cold, illness - the body will consume this energy more actively. Two Portions of Life do not need to be ordered in parallel. Energy is poured in once and it is consumed.
A portion of Life is not the energy of the 17th arcana. It is a substance that contains the basic Principle of Intelligent Life.
You yourself will determine how much your body is overloaded.
A young body consumes less energy, an old one more.
If the consumption of this Energy of Life is excessive, then you can order it several times a month.

A portion of life will support health and immunity of the body. A person can more easily survive diseases, viral and bacterial infections, etc.

QUESTION: What is the peculiarity of the Portion of Life Level 2 service?

ANSWER: With an ordinary Portion of life  , it is calculated that it should be enough for a month, if there is no critical consumption.

It is recommended to do a portion of Life of the second level in case of any difficult situations, diseases, injuries.

It is also recommended to carry out  one more service

- cycle of Adjustment of mental traumas that block Life.

A level 1 portion of Life costs 70 USD, 2 levels costs 225 USD.

The principle of "Energy of Life" is used initially. This is one of the types of energy that is used to create a person.
We have found a supplier, a Civilization, that can supply this energy.

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