Sport Motivation Channels


This is the technology
thatallows to increase your motivation to doing sports,
increase your sports energy, strengthness and qualities required for doing sport.

The technology is based on copying the qualities and energies
from the top sportsmen of the past,
that form together the egregor of the best sportsmen in this field.

Ancient sport leages was dedicated to the Gods and formed the big ergregors,
that dedication allows to copy and persui necessary qualities.

As follows: 

Pluton Dedication

Pluto dedication

Pluto's dedication enhances interest in sports, fitness, athletics, training on simulators.

Pluto loves various diets, the idea to lose weight is his favorite horse.

hermes dedication

Hermes Dedication - the development of physical strength and beauty  

Hermes loves weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength and beauty of the body.

For example, we present a photo from several championships in powerlifting and bodybuilding. All participants in the photo have the dedication of Hermes.

It is like an illustration. This does not mean that any championship takes place under Hermes, although some of them are. 20-30 percent of bodybuilders have a dedication of Hermes. It is important to look not at the appearance, but at what moves them.

runners dedication

Runners Dedication

A deity that loves running and outdoor sports.

A dedication gives high interest, passion for running and love to outdoor games (something like tennis, badminton).

Among runners - 50-60% have this Dedication.

In the photo there is the race - everyone has a dedication of running fans.

Poseidon Dedication

Dedication of Poseidon

Dedication enhances motivation not only to swim, but to swim for speed, to compete. Among the swimmers, athletes often found dedication of Poseidon.

The founder of Egregor is an ancient ruler, a professional manager, a warlord. His main skills are in the field of management, magic, healing, and military affairs.

Ares Hercules Dedication

Dedication of Ares-Hercules (8 arcanum)

This is a separate cult in the line of Ares Dedications, there stands a separate Deity. If you look at the strongest people - they have a special source of energy of 8 arcanum. You can see the silver high-frequency energy of 8 arcanum.

The dedication of this wave has the qualities: pronounced power; aspiration to work.

It gives some physical strength, the ability to make physical efforts. Many famous strongmen had such a Dedication.

Dedication gives motivation to the sport - here is the idea to win in sports competitions and to be the strongest.

Dedication of Martial Arts

Dedication of martial arts masters

Dedication to Lemurian times.

Sets motivation for martial arts.

Energy gives greater sharpness in the movements, experience and knowledge in the field of martial arts, military affairs.

Gives high motivation, desire to train.

A dedication contains some aspect of the 7 arcanum, which sets increased speed, sharpness in movement, speed in action. Many top-class Martial Art Masters have a Martial Arts Dedication. It gives a passion for martial arts, training, to popularize martial arts, and their study.

The Price for any Dedication: 
200 USD/ Level 1, 500 USD/ Level 2. 1250 USD /Level 3.

100% Results guaranteed.
all money back if you are not satisfied.

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