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About Us

Center for Human Development ExtraSkills
is engaged in research and development

  • Technologies of accelerated evolution of man
  • Diagnosis and disclosure of potentials of the individual.
  • Strengthening the abilities of consciousness.
  • Restoration of strength, energy and health.
  • Increase of personal attractiveness.
  • Activation of professional skills in business and healing.
  • Unique technologies that are rarely found on Planet Earth.

More than 20 years of experience in research and development.
For all developments, we give a 100% guarantee of the result-
 return the entire amount of payment within a year if you remain unhappy.

Technologis of express-development (Mind Upgrade).

Special technologies of express development (mind upgrade) were used in ancient civilizations in order to accelerate the evolution of man. The ancient civilizations on Earth are the Lemurians, Ases, Atlanta, etc. The educational process of these civilizations is similar to the development systems of the majority of highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations.

Among the training areas in developed civilizations, most often can be identified: business education, technology, natural sciences, healing, military science, magic, etc.

The training systems of ancient civilizations differed dramatically from our training system in that highly technological developments were used that were integrated into human energy bodies. In the subtle bodies of man, "sewing" training programs with expert systems.

The team of specialists has been researching for decades how to optimize and adjust the system of human thin and physical bodies for accelerated evolutionary development. The work is conducted daily, every day the Laboratory of Magic is one step closer to new discoveries.

The team of experts bit by bit restores the ancient technologies of personal development, and the most successful developments that have been tested for environmental friendliness and safety apply to their customers.

Extra Skills Laboratory - is the applied devision of the Institute, that provides technologies and treatment 

to improve humans life in 6 directions:  

  • PSYCHOLOGY STRESSES TREATMENT: The stresses in the past causes fobies and psychological limitations.
    It applies to the spheres of love, business, health and personal psychology comfort. 
    These stresses could be tested and quickly effectively cured. 100% results guaranteed!

    Specific energetic connections could dramatically influence personal energy and health.
    These energetic connections could be tested and effectively fixed.
    It provides the great assistance in curing even very difficult illneses. Results of these technologies are completely impressive! 

    Specific energy connections may add a lot to personality beaty and popularity.
    All well known artists and politics have these specific connections.
    The Extra Skills Team could test the connections that you have and install the connections that you need.
    These technologies could burst personal populartity and attractiveness to other people. 100% results guaranteed!  

  • MIND UPGRADE: Theses are the most important technologies of the Center.
    Secret ancient technologies allows to open the power of subconsciousness.
    These rare technologies were used to the leaders of the Civilizations of the Past.
    It allows to burst mind effeciency, personal and professional  wisdom. 

    These are the specific technologies that could be effectively used for business purpose. 

    Applied technologies that could increase the comfort and potentials of the home house, workplace, and business.

World Heritage Institute founded 6 projects:

1. Extra Skills Academy - 
studies knowledges and artifacts of past civilizations. 

1. Get free access to some books and studies of Academy- here.
2. Enroll in education courses - here.

2. Psy & Stress Laboratory - 
technologies to eliminate stresses and psychological limitations

1. Get detailed test of personal general psychology complexes and stresses - here.
2. Discover the new PSY LAB  techlonologies - here.

3. Love and Charisma Laboratory

1. Get detailed test of personal love complexes and stresses - here.
2. Discover the new Charisma Lab techlonologies - here.

4. Health and Energy Laboratory

1. Get health and personal energy test - here.
1. Get health and body tensions test  - here.
3. Get detailed overall goodness test - here.
2. Discover the ned HEALTH LAB techlonologies - here.

5. Mind Skills and Parapsychology Laboratory

1. Get detailed test of personal psychology complexes and stresses - here.
2. Discover the new MIND LAB techlonologies - here.

6. Business Laboratory

1. Get detailed test of business complexes and stresses - here.
2. Discover the new Business Lab techlonologies - here. Freequently asked questions

Personal Diagnostics

Q: How does the work go? Do I need a personal presence?

Answer: High technologies are used in the work, therefore your personal presence is not required.
All work is done remotely.
For work you will need your photo, preferably in full growth.

QUESTION: Hello, but how is the mental record made?
Well, I mean via Skype or just a photo?

ANSWER: You have enough of your photo to work full-length.
Within a week, the recording is built into the energy sector.
You can record a mental from any specialist of modernity or antiquity. You can choose any one that interests you.

QUESTION: At what age can you draw a personality card?
I would like to see a map of my baby
ANSWER: It is possible from year, but it is better with 3х

QUESTION: I'm interested in DIAGNOSTICS.
I want to learn more about how this process goes.

ANSWER: For diagnosis, you need your photo in full growth.
Diagnosis is carried out remotely, according to your photo.
You make an order, send your photo
and in a week you will be sent a detailed report-diagnostics on several pages.
If you want, you can ask questions about the topics of the report.

QUESTION: How is the pendulum diagnosed or read from the field by clairvoyance?

ANSWER: In the case of Express Cards, the diagnosis is carried out by Vision (through the Assembly Point).
Thin bodies are considered.
Psychological complexes are tested as a chain of thought forms at the level of the Vishuddha body. We consider Vishuddha's body and record the available signals in the Personality Card.

To test the energy damage, we are considering various subtle bodies, the presence of external magical effects.

Energy Cleaning

QUESTION: How does the service CLEANING ENERGY

ANSWER: To clean the power industry you need a picture of a person in full growth.
Cleaning of energy is usually carried out within three to seven days.
During this time, several cleaning cycles are carried out
energy damage, current magic strikes, damage, curses
disruptions of energy as a result of conflicts, etc., if any.

After cleaning, the condition of the energy sector is equalized, the balance of vital forces is usually restored.
Cleaning can be done for yourself, relatives or business.

Cleansing of ancient mental injuries, which several thousand years,
is carried out within the framework of the service Mental Recovery.

After the clean-up of the energy sector, we will let you know, and you can monitor your condition. More information - here.

QUESTION: And in the purge of the work is runic magic or sephirotics or?

ANSWER - in cleaning we usually do not use runes and sephirotics.
In the work correction of mental bodies is carried out through the removal of injuries of the human mental.

Removing complexes and stresses 


ANSWER: The work is done remotely. To work you need your photo in full growth.

It is advisable to go through the Psychological Personality Card,
To determine the main complexes that are visible at the moment.
Any of these complexes can be cleaned.
After that, you can clean any signals that are relevant to you, stress, confusion, etc.
Before work, you choose a clear formulation of the complex with which you need to work,
indicate the current level of stress on this issue you (from 0 to 10 points), 10 maximum.

During the week, the complex is cleaned. We will inform you about the end of the work.
After cleaning, you track how much you have changed attitudes toward this stress / issue.
If necessary, you can perform an additional correction cycle.

A number of stresses / complexes are removed quickly enough. For some, the cleaning of the complexes takes a little longer.
We work until the state is enough. Usually, after cleaning the complexes, the attitude towards the factors that strain people becomes smooth and calm.

General Questions

QUESTION: How to increase sensitivity to energies?

ANSWER: Sensitivity to energies is related to the mobility of the Assemblage Point. Don Juan gave special substances for her emancipation,

or manipulated the point assembly - clicked on it. It is possible to perform several cycles of cleaning the assembly point to increase its mobility. But it must be taken into account that the sensitivity of the sensing process is quite a long process and involves the development of personal diagnostic experience.  

QUESTION: I want to ask about magical initiations. in the same Sephiroth. here people are holding them on the Place of Power, ritual magic .. and here just by the photo ... how much it is very different from what is offered in the center, and whether the connection with the egregor is permanent? those. may be the possibility that the dedication will fly off?

ANSWER: When we do any initiation, we specifically strengthen it - reinforce the energies of 15 lasso so that it lasts a long time.
Usually these Initiations are saved for a long period of time. We hope for a few hundred years will suffice.

In the places of the Force, work is done to strengthen the energy of the magician.
We use our amplification and supply systems, which are also tied in places of power. But we prefer to work remotely, which allows us to work with Global Power Sites, and not places that are closer.
For experienced professionals it does not matter - a person is nearby or at a distance.

How different our Initiation from the Initiations of other magicians we do not know, since we did not meet the description of all the details of the rituals of other magicians. We do not believe that remote initiation is a problem. It is more spectacular when held on the Force Place. It will take a lot of time and resources to assemble in the Force Place. Quality on the Places of Power is growing, but it does not matter.

Remotely you can do the job no worse than with full-time setup.
We believe that our products are of good quality.
We consider it unethical to comment on the work of other specialists.

About Us


The magic laboratory is a group of magicians whose composition changes periodically.
The group is engaged in the development and implementation of technology development.
These technologies are mostly developed for themselves, to solve certain problems. The best technologies are useful to many other people.
The magic group is looking for references to the technologies of the Ancients and are being developed. Examples of developments: Initiation through Death, Experience of the Monad.

QUESTION: Services of the Laboratory are based on the technology of Runes, Tarot, Reiki?

ANSWER: This is not the technology of the Runes or Reiki
We try not to intersect in technologies with other magical schools.


The Magic Laboratory - investigates and uses the development of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Lemurian civilization, the civilization of the Ases, the Aryans.
We believe that it is almost impossible to create something new in magic. And all the developments that we have are based on existing technologies.

These technologies are developed by ancient magicians, therefore the group does not appropriate the opening of these techniques and does not advertise itself.

QUESTION: Does your group of magicians belong to some particular order, or school?

ANSWER: We are a separate formation. On the Earth there are no Schools and Orders, to which we officially belong. We represent the Forces of evolution, healing. Plus, we are formally the priests of those cults, the Initiations of which we set.

But we studied and cooperated with many.
Terminology and methodological basis we use the general, which is accepted in esotericism in different cultures.
We try to tackle those tasks that are complex and unresolved in other systems. And we try. so that our technologies do not interfere with any services that other schools provide.
If we somehow intersect in interests with other systems, we apologize in advance.

PS. We are the brightest representatives of the forces of good. But there is one inconvenience in this. Active glow around the head prevents sleep us and others,))))

QUESTION: Do you work on the situation to order with a payment for the result?

ANSWER: We try to do only standard procedures, because then we guarantee the quality and are responsible for the result.
We work on a prepayment - it helps to avoid debts that destroy the money egregore from us and from our clients.


Customer references, description of the results of the Services - read on the website:
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Unsuccessful reviews are mercilessly removed. :-)


On all services of the center, presented on the site Extra Skills
100% guarantee of the result.

If you are dissatisfied with the work - we will refund your payment in full.
Claims we accept within three months after the provision of services.
It should be noted, if you submit several orders - each new order implies that you are satisfied with the previous work and have no complaints. Details are here.

We are grateful for YOUR interest in the offers of the center
and we will be glad to receive your feedback and recommendations.

The presented technologies are rather curious, but we will always try to make our work even more high-quality, valuable and interesting for you.