Life Cycle of Civilizations

Humanity exists on the Planet.

This humanity is now entering the period of the existence of technically advanced civilizations, now in the inter-civilization period. At such moments, after wars and cataclysms, the population drops sharply.
It happens that less than 0.1% of the population remains from Humanity.
For example, after the death of Atlantis, less than 10 million people remained.
- Secondary cities have preserved their memory, haven't they?
- The memory was preserved, but the civilization was destroyed, some small groups of people were left living in basements. Like the planet of the apes in the movie. There were areas where there was practically no culture and technology and states developed at the tribal level. Somewhere they tried to preserve technology. Tribal states attack technical ones to take away the remaining resources. All apocalyptic films describe this picture. The struggle is for the remaining resources. Somewhere weapons, somewhere water supply. Somewhere the city has been preserved and people are sitting there, protecting themselves from everyone else.
- Was there magic then?
“Since Atlantis was a magical state, the remnants of learning remained, but centered around specialists who tried to transfer the remnants of knowledge.

Within humanity, there is a system of self-destruction, which forces us to fight, to transfer black magic knowledge.
Time of civilization development of mankind is on average 10,000 years.

The time between civilizations, when all development remains at the level of tribal communities and feudal states, is an average of 80,000 years. If we take the many civilizations that have existed over the past 5 million years, when humanity exists on Earth.

At the same time, the technique does not go further than the catapult and the bow. Maximum plumbing for a narrow circle of people and two-story buildings, primitive technical devices. High crime rate.
Raiding from neighboring villages and states is the norm.
There is no hot water, no sewage system, no normal medicine.
It is dangerous to travel between villages and cities, as the roads are full of robbers. The constant expectation of raids from foreign states is life in the period between civilizations. Feeling hungry, feeling cold and not feeling safe. Epidemics, disasters, droughts, fires, crop failures. The average life expectancy is about 40 years.

But now civilization appears.
Technical devices, progress, increasing security within the state.

One of the problems in this case is that with the advent of the Internet, technologies that can destroy this civilization begin to spread. The proliferation of various kinds of weapons, chemical, nuclear, the proliferation of black magic technologies that can affect humanity as a whole, like a living organism.

Despite the fact that now there are problems with money, security in the world, epidemics, but now we are living in a period of relative prosperity. Our audience now has hot water, sewage, and the streets are relatively safe. Medicine allows you to live more than 60 years on average. There is an opportunity for education and development.

So take the moment, enjoy :)

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