Meeting Death (Castaneda and the bully boy)

Death Encounter Technology

Those for whom we made this technology note the following in the reviews:

  • There is a kind of expansion of consciousness;
  • It becomes more voluminous. And it stays with you further;
  • How some seriousness is added;
  • You feel the presence of a certain force that tunes you like a tuning fork. Your actions become more mature;
  • All the time you compare your actions with something more significant, great;
  • Your steps become more meaningful, more serious.

But this manifests itself about a year after Contact.

How relevant is 'Meeting Death' to me? 


This technique is described by Castaneda as one of the most significant for the development of consciousness.

We usually made this technology together with other technologies of accelerated development. Compared to other technologies, it is difficult to single out its features.

But the effects that Carlos Castaneda (CC) spoke of are being observed.

In his books, it is argued that Contact with the consciousness of the Death Channel expands consciousness. Consciousness changes, the person becomes more serious, thoughtful. This technology makes the consciousness more mature and experienced: it brings in some kind of wisdom.

THE NOTE. Death Encounter Ritual Meets

in the Toltec Tradition, in the Tibetan tradition among the Masons.

This is usually a fairly rare ritual. It is associated with the need for the presence of a Master, a disciple. At best, a person could go through this ritual once in a lifetime or twice in a lifetime.

But modern technology allows this ritual to be performed several times. Recommended frequency: no more than 1 time in 3 months. And be sure to strengthen the Silver Thread at least once before the ritual.

The presence of the spirit of death adds wisdom. People who have become acquainted with Death bear the stamp of the seriousness of the events. In warriors who walked next to Death, sometimes those around them notice additional seriousness and depth.


Meeting Death - 100 USD / cycle.

You can do up to 7 cycles. It is done no more than once every three months.

STOCK. Reconducting an Encounter with Death costs 25 USD. 

It is advisable to strengthen the Silver Thread before such rituals. 


Question: 'Meeting with Death' and 'Initiation through Death' - what is the fundamental difference?


These are different technologies. At the Meeting - there is a Meeting with the Consciousness of Death.
And in the second case, the planetary mechanism is involved for the merging of personalities in past incarnations.

Initiation through Death (activation of the planetary mechanism) - increases the personality due to the fact that the personality of past incarnations is connected.

Meeting Death - qualitatively changes consciousness. Consciousness becomes different. Awareness increases.

Question: What attunements and initiations increase awareness?


Mindfulness is a kind of habit, like a scout's, noticing everything around.

She's just practicing.
So far, no motivation has been discovered from the Higher planes (Initiations), which set awareness.
But according to reviews after the technology "Meeting with Death" increases awareness. The person begins to take life more seriously.

For example, Castaneda's books describe that after Contact with Death (the Soul of the Death Channel), a person's awareness increases. In the Toltec school, it is precisely 'Encounter with Death' that is used to develop awareness.

In the Books of Castaneda, Don Juan advised parents to bring the bully boy to the morgue and touch the corpse of the child in order to raise the awareness of the bully boy.

Death rituals increase awareness. And first of all, it is the 'Meeting with Death' technology.

Question: After the Meeting with Death, I seem to feel normal. Is everything okay?


There are traces of the presence of contact with Death on the mind. Everything went well. Watch.
During our work, we very carefully monitor the processing of information. The load will be minimal.
If in the future you want to feel the load while working, you will warn us. And we will do as we did earlier.

Initiations of this kind are usually accompanied by depression, loss of working capacity for several months. Therefore, in our developments, a great deal of influence is paid to maintenance.

Question: I read one in an article: 'When I am not aware of my mortality, then I, it turns out, feel like I'm immortal. And if I'm immortal, then I can afford to waste my time and waste it. I can afford not to be realized and not to develop. ' And I thought, is there such a side effect of the 'Meeting with Death' service - increasing efficiency by discarding secondary time eaters, or is there a different effect? 


We say that a person becomes more aware. 
Basically, Castaneda describes it. And also in Tibetan texts. 
A person becomes more conscious and responsible, he feels the finiteness of his being. We cannot argue about the management of our time. This is more individual.

Review: Meeting Death / Vitaly

After this service, my concentration increased. I spend less energy. I am no longer nervous about trifles. Even when I lost my phone, my parents were more nervous than me. I have a condition - everything will pass. Even if some difficult situations arise, it is nothing. Only life and health are of value.

Testimonial: Meeting with Death / Sergey

After the Ritual 'Meeting with Death', there was a certain responsibility or something. You try to do your every action correctly, and a certain feeling arises that time is finite. And if you do something, you should do it in the best way. Increased control over the surrounding reality appears.

Feedback: Meeting with Death / Alexey

When he ordered the Meeting with Death, he was very worried. I thought it was something scary.

But, what is interesting, at the moment of the Meeting, on the contrary, suddenly all problems and worries were gone. On the contrary, a very serene state arose. Harmonious, balanced. How some heavy load left.
The state of contemplation. Like watching figure skating. Well, they ride, and okay.)

There was a feeling of some kind of lack of focus and wobbling.
And imposing, comfortable movements, as if you are on vacation.
Such a state: no need to tear and steam. Everything will happen when necessary.

There is no apathy for life. Desires remain, it is no longer comfortable to rush and fuss, as they interfere with enjoying the state of harmony inside and out.

The next day, I noticed that there was more some kind of rigidity, determination, even masculinity. How I matured. 
And yet, there is a feeling that everyone is fussing around me, running somewhere. And on the contrary, I have a greater state of stability. I'm here. And all that I need is mine.

It is very interesting, because all the previous technologies rocked the personality. And then suddenly, once, and something in you has already changed dramatically.

Review: Meeting with Death / Alina

A certain race for ostentatious, social clichés is peeling off.

You understand very well the social clichés that take up time, but become no longer interesting. They are like vanity that flows around you.

There is a realization that now all this is not essential.
Better to be here now than to run after the others.
A certain core appears, strength. Rod as awareness.
It's good where you are. You become like an anchor. You begin to contemplate this world.

There is an unconscious separation of the main from the secondary.
It's like in that joke: a boy is ready to run hundreds of kilometers after a woman, and a man knows that there is no need to rush. Everything will come at the right time.

There is a realization that sometimes it is better to refuse, sometimes to wait and this will be more meaningful. A certain awareness, experience appears to separate the main from the secondary.

There is no such state that you miss something, you have to run somewhere.
You start looking - and so everything is clear. There is calmness instead of fear of missing a chance. 


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