Appeal Channels for Women

Strengthening the womens' popularity.

Ancient Dedication in the cults of Love and fertility 
will provide you with energies of Charisma, Sexuality and popularity to other people. The secrets of attraction.

Each dedication can be done of first, second and third level
Second and Third level of Dedication provides with more interconnection with knowledges and qualities, colleccted there.

You can choose the type of the qualities that are more necessary to you:

Channels of appeal (for women)

Dedication od Aphrodita

Dedication of Aphrodite

The female body under the influence of these energies begins to radiate a pleasant radiance, golden warmth.

A man wants to come closer and touch this girl, hold her hand and warm himself in the rays of her beauty. Sometimes a smile spreads on a man’s face and he laughs for no reason.

Dedication of Demetra

Dedication of Demeter

Often strangers approach women with a strong dedication on the street and offer to get married. A man has discomfort when such a woman moves away for some distance. She is perceived by a man as a source of light and some energy, and the separation is very painful.

Demeters cook unusually tasty. The energies of Demeter have a magical effect on plants. Under the radiation of Demeter, plants acquire unusual vitality.

Dedication of Freya

Dedication of Freya

Freya's dedication was spread about 1.5-3 thousand years ago. It is the Goddess of beauty, love and war.

Dedication creates an aura of attractiveness. At the moment of communication with a man, charm is created, when the distance increases - a certain pressure arises - erotic dreams, etc. A man begins to think about such a woman, constantly remembers her. Gradually, sexual desire accumulates. The main component is the 6th arcanum. Usually a retinue of fans is created. It is even difficult for men to explain exactly what they like, but the attraction is very strong.

The main value - Women's attractiveness. Attraction of  surrounding men.

Dedication of Athens

Dedication of Athena

Dedication of Athena is a magical dedication, as well as one of the dedication of female beauty. Athena's dedication is one of the key, rare ones that allow you to enter the World of Magic, it is the magical perception of the world, the magical experience and knowledge that define it.

There is an interesting feature of Athena's Dedication. This dedication sets the motivation to admire, flaunt their youth and attractiveness.

Dedication of Eastern Goddess

Dedication of Eastern Goddess

The energies of the Eastern Goddess Channel, contain high-frequency energies.

Energies are very rare. The egregor itself is very ancient on Earth, rooted in an ancient religion that existed in southern China 3-4 thousand years ago.

This is a high frequency of 6 arcanum, attractive in its pure form. In the direction of such women, this attraction of men will unfold and hold.

Among the people with the Eastern Goddess Dedication:

Kim Kardashian - the sexiest woman in America

Dedication of Ishtar

Dedication of Ishtar

These dedications have a lot of energy of 15, 17, 6 arcanum (attraction). Ishtar places are located in places of power. Girls with the Ishtar Dedication are very attractive.

They are very smart and able to build some difficult games around them. Love and know how to play. Goddess gives a penchant for political games. Loves to play intrigue. Likes a beautiful game.

One of the characteristics of Ishtar is a sharp mind. Ishtar Dedication is quite rare. Women with the Ishtar Dedication accumulate energy of 6 arcanum. The body begins to be illuminated from the inside. Gives very soft, pleasant undertones.

Usually those who have Ishtar Initiation are told: She is very beautiful and very clever.

 Strengthening of hormones for women

Yin - dedication


It makes men want to grab such a woman in the ass and drag them into the bushes, causing a rise in sexual energy. If the man is weak - can cause a decline in strength and drowsiness.

About such a woman men say - "Sexy!"

With this Dedication, you need to be careful, as an increase in the signal causes de-energization of the men and people in general. A woman with excessive Yin is called a "femme fatale." A femme fatale can destroy a man, eat his business, sucking energy out of him. Yin requires precise, high-quality adjustment so that sexuality is strong, and the ability to drain energy is minimal.

The Price for any Dedication: 
200 USD/ Level 1, 500 USD/ Level 2. 1250 USD /Level 3.

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  1. Dedication of Demeter

    A man wants to have such a woman with him.

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  2. Dedication of Aphrodite

    The female body under the influence of these energies begins to radiate a pleasant radiance, golden warmth.

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