Step 11. New Parameters Map

New Parameter Map

NEW. We recently started making a new map - New Parameters, which includes several hundred rare interesting complexes.

Among them:
- The complex to postpone life for later (start living later).
People with such a complex do not live a full life now, but think that when they retire or later they will be able to do what they are interested in, what they love, health, and hobbies.
This is a common complex and is fraught with a serious threat to the quality of life.

- The complex independently make a decision or not make a decision.
In the first case, a person cannot make a decision on his own, he definitely needs someone's help. And in the second case, a person wants only to make decisions on his own, not taking into account the wishes, experience, knowledge, advice of other people.

- Complex that prevents you from concentrating on this moment, here and now. Options: interferes with thinking about the future, interferes with taking into account the past.
This is a package of three complex that prevent a person from being effective over time.

In the first case, a person lives either by past events or by anticipation of the future. In the second case, a person concentrates too much in the present and does not build his life in the long term. It is like a ship that sails without a route, without a goal.

In the third case, a person may be too concentrated in the future and present and does not take into account the experience of the past. Then he repeats mistakes over and over again, steps on his beloved rake.

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