Step 4. Silver Thread Recovery- Energy Strengthening

Silver Thread.

A silver thread - is the structure that parents form when they conceive a child, a certain vortex. This is the force that holds the soul in the physical body.

Person is constantly stays under the blows of the "waves of death." These are systemic processes that take place at the planet level and gradually kill the body.

The restoration of a silver thread is a process that helps to improve immunity, health, vitality and prolong life.

The life span depends on the gradual erosion of the Silver Thread.

When a silver thread is washed out, a person is more susceptible to diseases, often sick, and when a silver thread breaks, he dies. This can occur from severe stresses, even if there is still no hormonal signal for death. A silver thread is unwound by the Waves of Death (system processes). During illnesses and injuries, a silver thread is also subjected to stresses, like a connecting thread between thin bodies.

The silver thread of an average person consists of 2–3 paternal lines and 2–3 maternal lines. Donald Trump's silver thread consists of 6 paternal and 5 maternal lines. Plus, these lines are reinforced (strengthened) due to the inclusion of  special Planetary enerhies (15 Arcanas).

Rarely happens that people hadin past lifes and keep remains now of the dedications in the special cults/ egrogors that contains energies of 15 Arcanas. For such people, the silver thread passed on their children is getting strong enough. Such people are usually long-livers.

What can be done to reinforce and recover the Silver Thread?

LEVEL 1 -The silver thread is restored in its original form, the lost energy is returned, the structure of the silver thread. The energy fullness indicator returns to approximately the level laid down by the parents. 

When working with level 1 silver thread, the strength of the silver thread in its original form is restored (what the parents laid down). That is, accumulated damage is removed.

Price - 70 USD. 

Every disease, every injury is a blow to the Silver Thread, so its recovery is a very valuable technology.

Often in the modern world with artificial conception, the silver thread of a child is very weak. Many people are born with a weak silver thread, in 20-30% it is only 1-2 units. This is very small. The silver thread of an average person consists of 2–3 paternal lines and 2–3 maternal lines. Donald Trump's silver thread consists of 6 paternal and 5 maternal lines. The silver thread serves as the energy reserve of the body. It affects the synchronization of thin fields, strength under various impacts and damage, as well as human vitality.

Let's say:

If now you have a Silver thread of 3 units, and at birth there could be 4 units. The first level of Silver Thread restores its strength to 4 units.

LEVEL 2 - Natural defects, defects of the silver thread, laid by the parents, are corrected. The silver thread is hardened by weaving reinforced fibers into it (fibers of highly structured energies, which allows holding large loads). Your silver thread becomes able to withstand several times more stress. 

After level 2, reinforced fibers are added to the Silver Thread, increasing its strength. For this, Ancient egregors are used that contain these energies.

According to our observations, the fortified silver thread for a long time and well withstands a series of magical blows in this area.

Price - 150 USD.

Therefore Silver thread recovery level one  will recover the basic steengthen of Silver Rhread into 4 poinrs.
Level two recovery will made silver thread stronger in a few times. And it will made it available to keep 10 times more pressures.

LEVEL 3 - We increase the vitality of the body by adding one more male and another female thread (paternal and maternal) using unrealized emissions of your parents' silver thread. The destruction of the silver thread caused by the accumulated influences is also removed: the Death Waves that exist in the System and destroy the Silver thread. 

At the third level of work, the energy of the fire elementals in the Silver Thread is added, which makes a person more energetic, and the number of fibers increases. For example, if you had 2 male and 2 female threads, then there will be 3 male 3 female. You can make another cycle of 3 levels, even increase the number of threads from the original level. Those. will be 4 male and 4 female. The threads that are added are additionally reinforced and filled. Excessively increase the silver thread is not worth it. 6 to 6 is enough. For people in risky professions where there is an increased probability of injuries, you can add more.

Cost: Silver Thread Recovery Service

Price - 200 USD for each gain.

PROMOTION: If you order all three levels at once - you'll ge extra Discount 100 USD (420 - 320 USD).


QUESTION: Do you have anything to fill the etheric body, similar to the mental (or something original?)
The thickness (density) of the etheric body increases the stability of health (the thicker the layer the better).

ANSWER: We did not deal directly with these areas.
Of the technologies that we have announced, we have only the restoration of the silver thread.
It increases the concentration of subtle bodies. Including the density of the etheric body.

Stanislav: 10/10/2016
Good evening!!! I have in the Energy card, it says that the Silver Thread consists only of 2 male threads with a strength of 4 units ... Question: If I order all three levels of recovery of the Silver Thread, you can’t create the missing female threads when doubling? Please explain very interesting !!!!

ANSWER: 07/13/2019 
First of all, we track what prevents the formation of a silver thread in parents at the time of conception. We have developed a technology to recreate the natural parental silver thread. At the third step, one thread is added, male and female. If it is completely absent, we recreate it from scratch.

QUESTION. Mstislav: 04/08/2016
Hello, I’m talking about strengthening the silver thread, what city are you from, and when will it be possible to meet?

ANSWER: All our services are performed remotely.
Please check frequently asked questions and answers formore details.


Natali 28.10.2019 в 21:38

I began to want to do something around the house, there was more enthusiasm. And the energy for some creations, last night, suddenly came up with a new game and almost completed it, although I couldn’t force myself to do anything, but here it all came from somewhere and did. So far, such observations

Alexandra: 05/31/2018 at 21:15
Thank you very much for the Portion of Health and for the Silver Thread! I feel very energetic, despite sleepless nights, a lot of strength has appeared, I have managed to keep up with a lot of things, I am very glad that I ordered this restoration!

Stas: 07.20.2017 at 21:47
Thank you for the service! It felt like the first impact was very distinct, it felt like the whole silver thread was filling with energy, it became hot, and at that moment, there was a feeling of some centering of all the bodies. As for the other two steps, they were not so clearly felt .... I felt an inner small tremor-vibration, I would call it that ... Such a state when you can’t sit still, I want to move all the time! An interesting state .... Sometimes it is felt, it is seen how the shape of familiar objects changes .... As if, in curved mirrors ..))) I will keep track of how it will happen next! )))

Victoria: 11/21/2016 at 11:21
Thanks a lot. In the process, it was felt as if heat and humming through the body, palpably. now I feel better, and I want to eat less, apparently the self-regulation of the body has improved

Anna: 09/20/2016 at 14:18
I did not notice the 1st level of recovery of the silver thread by sensations and well-being, but 2 very clearly showed itself - as if it was rooted better, grounded, I feel more stable, more confident how the coupling with Life became stronger. I’ll definitely come for the third level.

Elena: 09/20/2016 at 14:16
I feel the density in the area of ​​the spine, it is easier to gain strength massiveness became 15A when working with spells.

Dasha: 04.04.2016 at 08:24

Hello ❤ thanks! I feel cheerful, a lot of things, I have time even). So far, everything is going on so softly and naturally that it seems that life is "improving" itself)). The course holds confident. Infinitely glad to meet you, the hopes and the opportunities that you give.

Larisa: 04.04.2016 at 06:56
As for the silver thread - you need to observe. But now
Increased stamina, performance. I saw CH as if smeared with gray energy (I don’t know how true this is).
I learned about you from a friend. I was very pleased thanks again.

AV: 03/18/2016 at 16:37
I was restored silver thread. 2 times.
The first time there was no vivid sensation, but if you tune in to a silver thread, you feel the density.

The second time after the restoration of the silver thread (2 steps), I felt as if I had left some block behind my right shoulder, my shoulders were straightened, and my internal condition became more stable, a little more unshakable.

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