Hemisphere Sync, Brain Dynamics Activation

"Activation of brain dynamics, synchronization of the hemispheres"

Improving the brain, increasing the power of the mind.


1. Communication between hemispheres and synchronization of the hemispheres

Synchronization of the work of the cerebral hemispheres.

This parameter affects the power of the consciousness.
With normal synchronization and communication between the hemispheres, the brain operates conditionally as a dual-core processor. If the connection is excellent, the power of the brain increases several times.

This can be useful for both logical thinking and magical practices.

This parameter was adjusted to scientists and statesmen. The level of signal transmission and synchronization of the hemispheres in humans is on average 15-20%.

If we take world-class famous scientists and academicians of sciences, the synchronization of the hemispheres can reach 100%

For example:

  • Tesla's synchronization between the hemispheres is 90%;
  • Academician Paton - 100%;
  • Einstein - 60%;
  • the Queen has 90%;
  • Leonardo da Vinci has 90%.

You can increase the level of signal synchronization between the hemispheres of your brain.

One cycle of operation adds + 20%  to 60% and + 10% after 60% to the current signal level.

The cost of one cycle of signal clearing is 100 USD. 

2. Activating the dynamics of the left and right hemispheres

The left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking, mental operations, linguistic work.

The right hemisphere is responsible for imagery, integrity, emotionality.
The work of the right hemisphere is also responsible for the esoteric higher states, samadhi, nirvana, etc.

Mental trauma can reduce the activity of the hemispheres, some of its zones (for example, the memory zone, the zone of auditory information) - and the person will perceive information poorly, or there may be poor hearing memory, lack of imaginative thinking - all this may be associated with impaired functioning of the left or the right side of the brain.

We can remove mental trauma that impairs left and right brain function.

Experience shows that if you study people who have little faith in esotericism, there is no sense of the Divine - they often have underestimated activity of the right hemisphere

On the contrary, if you take Geniuses, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci - the work of the left hemisphere was in good condition, and the right hemisphere was hyperactive.

One cycle of work involves an increase in activity by 20%  for the choice of the left or right hemisphere of the brain:

The cost of work is 70 USD / 1 cycle in one hemisphere.

Feedback: Service "Activation of the dynamics of the brain" / Andrey Ordered the activation of the dynamics of the hemispheres and the synchronization of the hemispheres in order to test the effect. At the end of the work, changes in the energy and in the body were not tracked. But if you tune in to thinking - I feel it became a little clearer, as in childhood - I perceive all objects a little brighter when I look at them. Somehow, awareness, perception of objects in the external world goes faster. A more juicy world appears when you perceive it. This has not helped me much yet. I think, with the same speed as before - but the effect of a clearer, clearer perception of the world is quite curious. Thank you! ))

Feedback: Complex service "Activation of the dynamics of the left and right hemispheres and Synchronization" / Sergey Z.

I feel great: my head is very clear, concentration is good. The effect is noticeable.
Testimonial: Complex service "Light of Consciousness and Synchronization of Hemispheres" / Denis

After a few months, I noticed that the work of consciousness has improved significantly. The ability to quickly perceive and be aware of blocks of various information has appeared. It is thought and analyzed faster and faster. Thought processes occur in greater volume and dynamics .... Very necessary technologies for pumping the brain. I thank the specialists of the Center for their work ...
Review: Synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres / Elena
I personally like the result after synchronization - the  information fits well than before - as if the feeling that my brains are creaking from tension.

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