ANSWER: Karma is an ancient system of punishments and rewards for doing right and wrong. For bad deeds, karmic programs strike a blow - negative karma is poured. Negative karma dampens immunity, makes the body more susceptible to coronavirus.


- What do karmic systems react to?

- Immunity is influenced by negative actions in relation to people and to specific systems. For example, actions that harm a specific person, village, city, etc. Moreover, these actions must be conscious, special. We try to gain benefit or pleasure by harming other people. Then a karmic blow is inflicted, which affects immunity.


Accordingly, good deeds strengthen the immune system - to bring some benefit to a person, people in general, or social systems. For example, during the coronavirus epidemic, find out who is in need of your home, pay for purchases, masks, or help a volunteer organization that is fighting the epidemic.


This is if we want to strengthen ourselves with the help of karmic systems. Karma is only one of the Powers. There are also Divine powers that control their territories, some systems. Forces of the Law.


Diagnostics of karma.

We can diagnose the state of our personal karma. Moreover, there is general karma, and there is karma on some topics. Accordingly, we can try to see (feel) the amount of negative and positive karma in us and our topics.


To do this, you need to tune in to the energies of positive karma.


1. Tune in to all people in the world.

2. Tune in to people who try to do gratuitous positive actions to people and other systems. And tune in to the light pleasant energy that descends on them. This is the energy of positive karma.

3. Further, we can tune in to all people in the world and highlight those people who want and do bad deeds to people and systems and seek to gain benefits for themselves at the expense of other people - and see the aggressive, burning energy that goes to them. This is the energy of negative karma .


Accordingly, we can look at some of our topics: Work, Relationships, Money, Family - and try to determine what kind of karma is there - positive or negative, and how much positive or negative karma is there in units.


Further, we can, by doing some positive actions on a number of topics, help some people solve health problems, work problems, money and relationship problems - and see how our good deeds affect the state of our karma.


Thus, we can regulate the state of our topics and help people solve their problems.


Usually the sequence is:

1. We are doing a positive thing.

2. Positive karma is poured in.

3. Within a few months, this karma is usually realized, and some events occur.


It should be borne in mind that there is a certain measure of karma. Let's say, if we want to have new shoes, then we need 2 units of positive karma. And to get a new apartment, we need 2000 units of positive karma.


Karma of the world.

If you look at our Planet Earth and Humanity as a whole, then the ratio of positive and negative karmic energy is two to three. This suggests that negative karma prevails, immunity will decrease, and diseases will intensify.


The countries are the same. If you test by country, they say that there are countries where people feel good, and where they are trying to leave, or where they want to hit the road. Social comfort is one of the main indicators of karma, how well people are, how their problems are solved.


There is external karma and personal karma. By doing some good personal deeds, we can improve our destiny and live comfortably. In the worst conditions, during wars and revolutions, there were still families who were not concerned. Either they left on time, or everyone passed them. By doing good deeds, we improve our own situation.