Step 2. Mind Magic Map (Advanced Mental Potentials Diagnoctics).

Determination of past subconscious experience and scope of your Personality interests:

  • Diagnostics of belonging to professional and magical egregors
  • The presence of the ancient initiations in Gods Channels
  • The presence of old established professional educational programs
  • Diagnostics of the position of the assemblage point, shifts by elements
  • Experience of the magical work in terrestrial and extraterrestrial civilizations

The cost of diagnostics: 20 USD.

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Diagnostics struck with its scale, detail, scope, efficiency, explained a lot to me, and confirmed a lot, including internal sensations.I wish I had found you before ... ❤


Thanks for the diagnostics! They answered the questions I was looking for all my life. I understood my direction of development. But you have to work a lot. Now I understand why)) Very useful information about the dedication. There is something to think about))


Good evening! Thank you very much! I got everything, so far I only got acquainted with the magic map. Very interesting, and the main thing it really coincides with my inner feelings.


The magic map is a very awesome thing. It is a pity that I did not order earlier, but hung up on the initiations of beauty as in codependency. It not only gives information, it changes consciousness. There is a system update, after which everything starts working differently. For me, some dedications are not as effective in influencing a person as a magic map. I am very grateful and very pleased that in general there are such opportunities now. I love this project and masters.


Good day! I am writing you my impressions of the magic map. I was very pleased with the data. I will return to it for a long time, analyze it. Much cleared up. When you know your past you better understand the present.

Impressive, of course, is the work of pulling past incarnations / initiations. Knowing this array, it is easier to navigate in the magical traditions, and more deeply engage in what there is already a clue.

Some of the data about yourself just gave a great shock, the awareness of which will come even later! Thank you for such work! And a huge thank you!!!!

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