Left-Right Shift of the Assemblage Point

Entrance to the magical picture of the world. Dedication to Athena, Dedication to Thoth. Right-Left Offset of the Assemblage Point.

The magical picture of the world. Dedication to Athena, Dedication to Thoth. Right-Left Offset of the Assemblage Point.

QUESTION: Is it possible to describe the channel of the “entrance to the magical picture of the world” in the Dedication to Athena?


ANSWER: A person is tuned in to the world as an information structure. There is a "right shift" - the movement of the point towards the right hand. This setting corresponds to the scientific description of the world, where everything is very stable, very predictable, where magic and magical effects do not exist. And there is the focus of attunement to the orthodox scientific world.

For example, Paul Romer is an economist, Nobel laureate, has a strong right-wing shift, attuned to a stable scientific world, where miracles are impossible.

The shaman in the photo has a strong left shift. Such shifts are possible in communities divorced from civilization - a perception filled with miracles, spirits, and processes. The Magical Picture of the World is one of the variations of the left shift - where there is magic, magicians, manipulations are possible, the impact of consciousness on reality.

- And what other variants of the left shift are there?
- There are many settings, this one is like points in space.
Other variations of the left shift include the UFO tuning.
We have described two opposite points (magic and science).

If we want to change the situation, to have an impact, we need a left shift. If we want to stabilize the situation, we can set the right shift, read scientific literature.

The Initiation of Athena and the Initiation of Thoth push the position of the Assemblage Point into the magical picture of the world.

QUESTION: Will the channels of “entrance to the magical picture of the world” from the Initiation of Thoth and the Initiation of Athena reinforce each other?

ANSWER: These channels set slightly different settings for the magical picture of the world.
Dedication to Athena gives an attunement to the picture of the world where magic exists. This is closer to the concept of modern magic, secret communities, modern magic traditions, Ancient magic, Tibetan magic, European magic - a world that exists parallel to the usual, but secret. They say: The world is not what it seems.

The dedication of Thoth gives attunement to Ancient knowledge, magical, complex technomagic, Atlantic knowledge. There is a setting for civilizations that have long gone, but they left behind knowledge and technologies, Civilizations that kept secrets of a high level. Space civilizations, where knowledge-highly developed science is indistinguishable from magic.

The scientific world is a stable world, a world of definitions, diagnoses, cause-and-effect relationships, miracles are absent here. You can use this picture to stabilize consciousness, to take a break from the instability of the world and magical manipulations.

If we want to dive into the left shift, we move into a magical picture of the world, where rapid development, miracles, ancient knowledge is possible, is what we need. This setting is given by the Initiation of Thoth and the Initiation of Athena.


QUESTION: In a recent article, you wrote that "Left" shifts in the perception of the world are possible in communities cut off from civilization - a perception filled with miracles, spirits, processes. It turns out that in order to practice magic, it is better to live away from civilization? Thank you in advance for your answer !!!

ANSWER: To increase the mobility of the Assemblage Point and the possibility of shifting into the Magic world, several methods are used.

1) The first way: to get away from society. Then, when they forget about you, in a few years the additional fixation will disappear.
Fixation is formed by attunement with other people and knowledge of some facts about you by other people, someone else's opinion.

2) The second way: breaking the connection by using various devices that violate the fixation of other people.
For example, rooms and capsules insulated with multilayer metal foil, or Faraday cage (mesh) or the use of dungeons, underwater shelters, where natural isolation occurs with moist earth or water.

3) The third way: Magic techniques such as Painting special magic circles for isolation from the outside world.

4) The fourth way: erasing personal history (According to Castaneda): being in society, do not tell anything about yourself or give out contradictory data that confuse others.
And other ways.

The latter methods allow you to get a strong magical shift without leaving society.

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