11 types of karma, love, money, how to diagnose

New types of karma are revealed.

 11 types of Karma.

Karma is an ancient system that controls and stimulates the direction of development,wheel

suppressing the negative qualities of the evolution of living beings in the Universe and stimulating the positive qualities.

These systems are divided into 11 types:

1) Basic (criminal karma) 

crimes-punishments against sentient beings. This karma is positive and negative.
In response to negative actions, a certain measure of the energy of trouble at various levels is released. This energy works on the principle of similarity - it stimulates similar situations. You hit someone - and you get something like that in return. This acts on the principle of stimulating such situations in response. Otherwise, this would not have happened.

Or something we did good - and a certain amount of positive karma stood out - these are some good events in the world.

From people who have accumulated a lot of positive karma, some very pleasant sensations arise - even blissful ones.

This energy also acts on the principle of similarity. But there is a lot of it. Intelligent, the highest level of technology is laid here - this is information that shapes the world around a person.

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2) Karma Money 

it is an indicator of how much a person consumes and gives something to this world. The balance between these processes is regulated by the karma of money. Wealthy people are often dominated by the positive karma of money. For example, both Trump and Soros and Bill Gates are dominated by positive karma - they personally produce more than they personally consume. They personally generate some kind of product in the universe.

But at the same time, if you take Trump's daughter, she has a negative karma of money, -4 units, because she consumes more than she gives out.

3) Karma of Time 

this is an indicator of how rationally we use our time and take care of it, do not waste it. If the negative karma of time accumulates, a feeling of hopelessness arises - whatever you do, it will stop any processes.

For example, you planned to go for mushrooms, there is enthusiasm - you told your friend who has accumulated karma of time. He begins to ask, to get involved in the idea - we begin to discuss and we feel how everything is going out.

The negative karma of time begins to quench processes.

4) Karma Actions 

somehow connected with our actions and inaction. How active are we. It is like the Karma of Time. Here is more about doing work, moving through life.
Here, negative karma also causes an analogue of passivity.
If the Karma of time - we came up with an idea and it was extinguished, then the person with the Karma of action is inert. He does not quench our enthusiasm, but he himself does not move. Karma of action interferes with realization.

5) Karma of the Family 

it is the karma of creating family ties. With negative karma, family relationships cannot be created. This karma is gained through negative actions in family situations. And in part, this affects actions in the team. It considers not only the family as a man-woman, but also partially collective interactions.

6) Karma Wars 

how many people get involved in any military operations - conflicts.
For a person who has negative karma, he is constantly drawn into some kind of military process. From scratch there are some scandals.
- Does positive karma of war happen?
- Yes, peacekeepers. A person having some kind of energy acts on the world around him. Therefore, it is said that you should not be fooled by bad people - but rather with good people.

Omar Khayyam has a phrase that it is better to be alone than with anyone.

7) Karma of Food.

Reflects your attitude to food, frugality, etc. The negative karma of food determines how much you starve in different lives. Not like not having breakfast - but daily bread. In our civilization, this is not so significant, but only in 20% of the time in the history of the Earth was there any developed civilization, and the rest of the time a person had to survive. Hunger is a scourge of troubled times when there is no civilization. But at the moment, 60% of the world's population are undernourished on the planet.
In the presence of negative karma, prerequisites are created - situations, incarnations, where a person will starve, long and tedious.

8) Karma of Study.

Determines whether a person has the opportunity to learn, develop. Some of our complexes associated with this generate karma. But what complexes it is requires further study.

Methods of working with Karma:

1) In order to reduce karma, there is the following technology:  you can detect the negative complexes that generate these karmas.
Correcting these complexes, karma gradually equalizes.

2) It is very important to increase the processing of karma -
then we begin to process and absorb our own karma faster. And the negative karmic energy that comes to us from the outside - from our loved ones and partners, the tribal systems into which we are included, from the egregors of the country, humanity, etc.

Read more: Cleaning Complexes .

Diagnostics of Karma.

The state of certain areas clearly reflects the karmic nuances

For example, the Mongols-Tatars.

They had a surge of 500 years of active hostilities. And now the situation with the Mongol Tatars is not particularly active. This is some kind of forgotten territory. They are subject to high criminal karma.
Campaigns of Genghis Khan generated negative activity in a certain territory. And still it affects.

One can determine in fact what state of karma a country has by studying this issue, for example, for 100 years.

For example, take Africa:

  • 1) General viciousness (negative criminal karma) -1 unit.

Question: But what about crime?

Answer: here it is more important the intention to intentionally do disgust to someone, put him in jail, etc.

  • 2) Food Karma - what do they say? constant hunger. help is constantly coming - the value of karma is tested -4 units.
  • 3) Karma of money - they don’t talk much about money. They say about hunger, but they don’t say that there is no money. On the contrary, they say that Africa is a rich country. The idea of ​​poverty exists but is not very present. - for money they have -1 units.
  • 4) Karma of study - they say that difficulties with learning are very weak. - study karma is tested -4
  • 5) Family karma - they say that they have many children - the value of family karma is +3 (positive)
  • 6) Karma of war - they say that they are constantly disassembling.

But they do not have global wars - rather, peaceful showdowns.
- karma of war -1.5 But by the way, in Egypt karma of war is -4 units.

  • 7) Karma of time - they say that they are loafers, do nothing. - Karma of time -2 units
  • 8) Karma of action - They say little about their actions, they do not say that they are active. - Karma actions -1 units

You can test other countries yourself.

Karma of the country complements personal karma.

For each resident, another Karma coefficient of the country is applied with a coefficient of 0.5 units.

The important thing is how much a person can process the received negative karma or it will move it. Despite the negative karma of the country, active people still meet.
This should be both one's own positive karma and the ability to process negative karma. Because we always get negative karma from the outside.

Karma Vessel Cleaning.

There is a third way to work with karma - Karma Vessel Cleaning.

This is not only the emptying of the karma vessel, but also the work on past incarnations with situations that generated karma. For example, you killed someone - and negative karmic energy is constantly dripping from these situations.

Karma Vessel Cleaning is available in 3 levels:

  • - 1 level - on Earth incarnations
  • - 2 levels - throughout the evolutionary personality
  • - 3 levels - on parallel realities.

There is a work with own karmic situations.
There are also external inclusions, of the order of 25-30%, which are associated with the operation of external systems. And the negative karma coming from external systems is solved by increasing the level of processing of karmic information.

The strategy for working with karma is recommended as follows:

  • 1) First, try to act correctly in accordance with the principles of each type of karmy.
  • 2) Secondly, remove the complexes that generate karma. Cleaning complexes affects the entire fan of human realities.
  • 3) Thirdly, increase the processing of the Karma Vessel. Also affects the whole fan of reality.
  • 4) And already for the maniacs of purity of karma there is a purification of the Karma Vessel.

Note: Diagnostics of your personal complexes that generate karma, and Diagnostics of the state of the Karma vessel in different karmic directions are
carried out in the Karma Map .

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