Appeal Channels for Men

Strengthening the mens' popularity.

Ancient Dedication in the cults of Love and fertility 
will provide you with energies of Charisma, Sexuality and popularity to other people.

Each dedication can be done of first, second and third level
Second and Third level of Dedication provides with more interconnection with knowledges and qualities, colleccted there.

You can choose the type of the qualities that are more necessary to you:

Pan Dedication

Dedication to God Pan (energies of interconnection)

In egregor God Pan (energy as a channel) contains a lot of energy interconnections (15 arcane Tarot cards) and the male Yang energy (1 arcane Tarot).

In the dedication of God Pan contains information on business, trade, finance, the arts to seduce women, giving a passion for hunting and fishing.

This energy is recommended to increase the fertility of both men and women, increases the strength of the capture child's ability to conceive a child (infertility).

Dedication to Apollo

Women in that at all costs want to get such a man - a man with a dedication to Apollo. Seers see around such men of Yang golden glow, which carries information about the man and the ideal of male beauty.

These energies carry information about the arts - a cinema, theater arts, painting and poetry.

These energies are injected in the human world of art. Man became interested in music, cinema, there is a desire to play in the theater. But the main thing that they get "Apollo" - a woman's attention

Dedication of Freyr

Dedication Freyr

Dedication creates an aura of attractiveness. At the moment of contact with the woman created the charm, when the distance increases - there is a certain pressure - erotic dreams, desire, etc. The woman begins to think of such a man constantly remembers him. Gradually accumulates sexual desire. The main component - a 6 th Arkan. Usually created by a retinue of admirers. Women are even difficult to explain what it is like, but the desire is very strong. The main value - Men's appeal. Attraction women around.

Dedeication of sexuality

Initiation of male sexuality (Syrian).

There is a dedication, which increases sex appeal. It is an ancient cult of livestock in Syria (about 5,000 years ago). Initiation of this energy makes a man sexually attractive in the eyes of women.

In egregor little treble little mentalum but egregor gives a strong signal quality "male sexuality". For whatever reasons, these energy arouse sexual desire of women. Dedication This image adds a sense of light and the forces of brutality.

 Strengthening of hormones for men

Caucasian male dedication

Caucasian male Dedication

Caucasian Dedication - a variant of male sexuality.
It gives an increased level of male hormones and sexual activity. Enhanced pro-active attitude.

For men, raising the number of male hormones gives active in various fields, including social activities.

turkish dedication

Turkish men's Dedication

Initiation sets Yan bright signal.

For example, Dedication spins Caucasian male hormones, and Turkish Dedication gives a pure yang in the body.

Turkish Dedication slightly mutes the female energy, but may slightly impact on male sexual activity.

This dedication to the men's attractiveness and sexuality are not directly affected. If you watch the women, Turkish men are not directly particularly sexy, but the potential difference women feel. Celebrating their masculine energies.

The Price for any Dedication: 
200 USD/ Level 1, 500 USD/ Level 2. 1250 USD /Level 3.

100% Results guaranteed.
all money back if you are not satisfied.

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  1. Dedication of Apollo
    Women react to it not with their minds and brains, but with their bodies. The body perceives him as something very pleasant, very desirable and sexy. The brains cannot resist this desire of the body. Learn More
  2. Dedication of Pan

    God Pan (from Greek Shepherd) is the patron saint of shepherds and herders, the god of fertility and wildlife. Ancient Greek pantheon of Gods. 

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