Runic Initiation

"Runic Initiation (Aryan)"

Runes magic

Runes are a tool for working with the information of the runic Egregor.

These are steadily created (with the help of technical tools) thought forms. 

Runic technology is very effective. Runic magic was primarily used as a way to magically influence reality, to influence situations, and also in treatment. The runic streams contain a lot of information about the structure of the world, etc.

Runic magic is a powerful system with roots going back several hundred thousand years. Runic egregor is very powerful, structured, associated with magic and healing. 


 This egregor is over 400,000 years old.
For example, Scandinavian Runic magic - it is several thousand years old. But behind it is a very powerful magical culture, which is 400-500,000 years old.

Runic Egregor is clearly formed, constantly maintained. The magic culture is ramified. In the rune egregor, a lot of experience has been accumulated in all areas of magic. The civilization that formed this egregor still exists. 
This civilization is concentrated in several star systems of our Galaxy.

Runic tradition

The runic tradition is a kind of extraterrestrial tradition. Its core is not terrestrial. It is a system that is present on the planets of the solar system and beyond the solar system.

There are some computers that, when accessing them, and with certain access, read the incoming signal and include a packet of actions.

Runes are a "signal packet". Runes are an extraterrestrial system that uses the earthly Sephiroth Tree to influence. Each rune uses several Arcana and some kind of spell command.

Runes are a technical type of magic (techno-magic) based on the fact that you can immediately lay a package of influences - tuning to energy channels, spells, commands - and turn on this entire package with one button (one rune).

Runes as a system was created by some external civilization that operated on Earth.

Runes as a system were used in the Post-Atlantic period (60,000 years ago), it was also used in the time of the elves (140,000 years ago). It was used on Earth about 250 years ago and earlier.

It is likely that this civilization operated on Earth precisely at a time when there was no highly developed civilization and there was no control. Perhaps these are some not entirely legal actions from the point of view of the Cosmic Law.

- Do all these periods belong to the same civilization?

- It seems that it was all one civilization, whose representatives used the runic system.

- Does this civilization still exist?

- And at the moment they are somehow manifested. Their footprints are felt on Earth.

Runes are their own magic, which is controlled by this civilization. Magic is turned on by separate rune keys. Moreover, each rune uses a whole package of influences.

Magical runic egregors.

In the post-Atlantic period, there were several magical traditions that used rune magic. They can be called runic traditions of 1-2-3 waves.

When we say 1-2-3 runic initiation - we mean initiation into runic magic of these 3 waves.

1. Magical runic tradition of the First Wave.

If we count from the present, then the first tradition began about 4.5 thousand years ago and has been sluggish to this day. When they talk about Scandinavian-Germanic rune magic, this last Wave is meant.

The egregor itself contains information on the use of runes for magical and medicinal purposes.

Parallel to this tradition, there was the Cult of Odin, which, although it is magical in its purest form, for some reason contains a powerful Channel of attunement to the runic egregor of the civilization that created the runes. It has an extraterrestrial inclusion.

2. Runic magic egregor of the Second Wave -

existed about 15-20,000 years ago

We did not find any mention of it in the literature, but it is well tracked in subtle plans.

- The actions indicated by Mahabharata refer to this period?

- The runic tradition of Wave 2 spread over the territory of modern India-Tibet and the countries of Southeast Asia. Perhaps it has something to do with the events described in the Mahabharata.

3. Third Wave of magical runic tradition.

This was the Magical Runic Tradition that existed about 50,000 years ago. It was associated with the direct presence of representatives of this extraterrestrial civilization on Earth. And accordingly, this magical tradition contains original knowledge on the inclusion of Runes in the egregor. It was attended by magicians specially trained in rune magic.

If the first Tradition was founded by incarnate magicians who used runes in bad lives and they have fragmentary memories and subconscious skills to use runes. Correspondence, the efficiency of using the runes is 15-20% due to the fact that there are strong distortions. These runes often do not turn on with sufficient strength or do not turn on at all. The efficiency of the second wave is 30-40 percent. The effectiveness of the third Wave is maximum, since these specialists were trained by the Runes-Makers.

Initiation into the egregor of runic magic.

Initiation into the Runic channels makes it possible to constantly, 24 hours a day, accumulate the energy and information of the runic streams.

It is possible to make a Consecration: to the desired Egregor of Runic Magic. 

Cost: Initiation into one magic runic egregor - 150 USD.

JANUARY PROMOTION. 4 Runic Initiations. 

Since the death of Atlantis, there have been 3 Waves of the Runic Magic Tradition. 
The oldest: 40-50,000 years ago, the next: 20,000 years ago, the last: 4,500 years ago (existing).

Egregras are not very active, since they are ancient, they have little energy, but they contain a mentality in the field of magic and healing (with the help of runes).

You can make an initiation into 3 Runic egregor and the Initiation of Odin.
We are ready to make a 30% discount when ordering these 4 initiations.


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