Professional Development Portion (Space Technology)

Professional development portion

"Professional portion of development"

You can make a Professional Development portion in the professional direction you are interested in

1) Magic

2) Healing

3) Business

4) management

5) finance

6) Technique (computers)

7) Technique (mechanisms)


The professional portion of development is
the recording of skills through systems, computers of highly developed civilizations.
They record broad-based information on the consciousness in some key directions.

Advantages, features of this record:
technical recording of information is carried out, of high quality and has a quick assimilation.

 Service cost: 50 USD.

QUESTION: I want to ask you, here you have three techniques that
enhance the healing potential, so to speak: 

1- Initiation of Asclepius or Thoth 
2- Recording of professional healing skills and 
3- Mentor in this area (he can independently work on my assignment ?) 
Please tell me which, in your opinion, of these techniques will begin to appear faster in practice ???? 

ANSWER: In this matter, the energy mass is important for the impact 
and experience and knowledge of magic and healing. 

Information is built in the fastest in the  Professional portion of development in the field of healing. 
And also you can record the professional skills of the Masters - Lesson of the specialists. 
This is where you can start.


Note 1. 
If a person has professional experience in a particular profession, then the most effective for professional development will be the Activation of the Experience of the Monad. From our testing experience, those who have had the Experience of the Monad,  even outside of highly developed civilizations, are more often engaged in their profession: they develop techniques, engage in magic, healing, develop business, etc. During the period of highly developed civilizations, a person has only 15% of incarnations. And the following effect is observed:  - if there is no open Experience of the Monad, in undeveloped civilizations a person is engaged in low-skilled labor;  

- and if the Experience of the Monad is, then even in undeveloped civilizations a person is still engaged in highly professional activities (magic, healing, business, etc.). 
Even if there is no civilization and a person is born in a deep forest and village, he still begins to build some kind of mechanisms, develop business, engage in magic and healing. This is directly related to the Monad Experience. 

Note 2. 
In addition to the personal Monad Experience, you can also activate the Professional Monad Experience. This allows you to create a source of experience and knowledge in past incarnations, even if the person has NOT previously been engaged in this profession. 

In this case, the connection with professional egregors for hundreds of thousands of past incarnations is cleared. The experience and knowledge of highly developed civilizations is used. 

Gradually, experience accumulates, it reaches the current personality and begins to manifest itself in the form of subconscious experience and knowledge. 


QUESTION: Can I order a portion of development on the topic of developing magical abilities?

ANSWER: You can order a portion of development on the topic of magical knowledge. The portion of development is information. Ability is the result of training

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