3.3. Non-humanoid incarnations and civilizations

Part 3. Non-humanoid incarnations and civilizations

QUESTION: In a parallel reality, can I not be a humanoid?

ANSWER: No, all incarnations take place inside the species egregor.

There is a system that forms Souls - reasonable energy.

Clots of intelligent energy that can develop.

These clots of intelligent energy can come into symbiosis with the cell mass, which simplifies their development. The human body is the cell mass.

There may be different types of human bodies (bodies may vary slightly). And usually these clots interact only with appropriate types of cell masses. These souls can exist in symbiosis only with certain cell masses.

QUESTION: What are the chances of reincarnation in the lizard civilization?

A: Reincarnation is only inside the species egregor (humanoid egregor for humans).

If we consider the stellar incarnations of people - in all the cases studied, these are incarnations in humanoid civilizations.

The appearance parameters are slightly different - face, limbs, but these are humanoid civilizations. A number of civilizations have already ceased to exist. Some still exist. You can tune in to Stellar Systems and read traces of information about civilizations in these systems.

Q: Do lizards actively exist on Earth?

A: There is a small population of intelligent lizards on Earth.

Q: What are the opportunities to contact, learn?

A: Those reasonable populations of Lizards that are on Earth - they don’t go into contact, they are aggressive. Lizards are one of the branches of the civilization of dragons.

Q: Is there anyone you can learn from?

A: In Cosmos there are some branches of the Civilization of Dragons that can enter into contact, but you have to look and ask them. They can only contact high-level mages.

Q: Are there other civilizations from which you can learn?

A: There are representatives of different civilizations, but they most often do not teach. Learning can be done by library type systems. In particular, the Portion of Development technology is a learning system using the computers of external civilizations.

Q: What does a dragon civilization look like? As described in myths and shown in the movies? Can they emit fire or what? And if there are intelligent lizards on the planet, then where are they?

Now on the planet there are small populations of intelligent lizards. Usually they are concentrated in large bodies of water - the seas, oceans. They try not to make contact with people.

Intelligent small lizards - up to 100-150 kg. An adult is of meter-two, something like a salamander, like lizards. These are remnants of some ancient civilization. Some very small populations. Do not emit fire. Common amphibious lizards. Reasonable. Hardly support their population. They can be traced in thin planes as the concentration of the mind of the non-humanoid type.

Non-humanoid civilizations

The insect egregor has a strong civilization. And this is a very highly developed civilization. There are highly developed insect civilizations in our galaxy.

But the dragon-lizard civilization is even more developed. It is super-magical. The most developed in our galaxy and in our World.

In other fans of worlds it can be different. In our fan of worlds, this is the most developed civilization.

The civilization of cockroaches is also one of the most developed in our galaxy.

For example, the civilizations of Mankind are conditionally maximum at the 4th level in the rating of technical development. And insects are at 5th level (above). And the dragon-lizard civilization is at 6th level.

QUESTION: What are the representatives of insect civilization in size?

ANSWER: They are represented on many planetary and star systems, as are humanoid civilizations. And their sizes vary from 40 cm to one and a half meters.

QUESTION: Do they build their spaceships?

ANSWER: Clearly yes. They have all the attributes of civilization.

Karma and amphibians.

There is a curious observation. Karma is strongly gained if you torment amphibians (snakes, turtles, lizards, etc.). For other animals, this is not so strongly manifested.

If any animal is “offended”, then negative karma stands out. Mostly according to the frequency of the Ajna Chakra.

Karma stands out in all frequency ranges. And it goes up and down. All creatures are subject to this mechanism, including the Gods and the Gods of the Gods are affected by this mechanism.

This mechanism regulates the evolutionary processes, the development of life in this reality fan. This mechanism is millions of years old.

For the human range, when any living creature is damaged, karma is allocated according to the frequency of Ajna.

Just for some living things karma stands out more.


1 species - turtles, snakes, lizards;

2 species - some kind of insect, it seems mantises.

In some systems, this may be super-intelligent species, which imposes restrictions on protection in other systems. This suggests that karma was adjusted to the interests associated with it.

If to harm the person - the karma is acquired mainly in the Ajna range.

And if these creatures (for example, if there is turtle soup), then Ajna will be involved and another 5 ranges higher.

If a person inflicts magical blows on someone, on living creatures, egregors - then this is karmically punishable. The contractor receives blows on several systems at once: Karma, Law, Luck and other systems.

More information – in the book "Karma and luck."

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