2: The evolution of the soul

You consist of what you eat, drink and the information you receive.

Question. In my Magic Map of the Personality is written: A monad appeared 2.5 million years ago - how much is it? :) It is not necessary to compare with others, of course, they say, but it is still interesting, is it considered a young Soul or ancient or medium?

ANSWER: You can track more than ten Birth Waves of Souls. This manifests itself as a massive outburst of new Souls, passes with a certain frequency. The matrix for the new Wave of Souls includes the cumulative experience gathered by the previous Wave of Souls. It turns out that with each new Wave, younger souls have a more perfect matrix, and older souls have more experience.

The souls of 95% of the population living on planet Earth in this period formed over the past 2.5-3 million years.
During this period, there was a surge of the four birth waves of souls closest to us. It is conditionally possible to single out that the people of the first three castes now on Earth belong to the nearest three birth waves of Souls and originated in this period.

Almost all people of the 4th caste, magicians, saints are people who have a serious level of development related to the 4th Wave (2.5-3 million years ago). The people of the 4th Wave make up 15-20 percent of those living on the Earth at a given period.

There were even more Ancient waves of Souls.
For example, Shakira, Alla Pugacheva - 5th wave (3.5 million years ago).
Sometimes Souls of 10-12 waves(10-15 million years ago) are found, but they are quite rare. The feeling of being close to such people is rather strange, as if you are in an old cellar. It is quite difficult to describe in words.
Usually, the people of the Ancient Waves find it harder to be with people of later castes, and they like to pile up together. Photos of people of 6th Wave are attached above.

Time of existence of 2 Formation Wave of Souls: 500,000 years - 900,000 years ago.
Assemblage Points are usually between Swadhisthana - Manipura. In this case almost all the girls in the photo have the Assemblage Point just below the navel.

Representatives of the 2nd Wave differ in that they are quite beautiful in appearance. But they have pretty little experience
and they are quite simple. People of the 2nd Wave on Earth make up 25 percent of the population.

Observation: 65% of photo models – 2nd Formation Wave of Souls.
Many of the representatives of the 2nd Wave are very cute.
They have a certain beauty of the body.

This Wave of Birth of Souls took place 3-4.5 million years ago. Usually these people are kept apart.

From the characteristics: they still have one frequency band below Muladhara. They have a small background negativity towards people.

An interesting feature - almost all thieves in law are of 5 Wave (90 percent of thieves in law -5 Wave).
Among professional criminals 70 percent - 5 Wave.

Plus, on the 5th Wave there is a rather intensive flow of 6 Arkana, which makes these people attractive.

The souls of people are formed by certain Waves.
The wave begins ... slowly increases ... then a pause ... and a new wave begins.

The Last Wave began 500,000 years ago and is now ending. It is almost over, and the souls of New Wave are beginning to appear. Those souls that were formed in the First Wave (closest to us) are the people of the first or second caste. 


Periods of mass ejection of New Souls were observed in the universe. Such periods occur approximately every 500,000 years.
The souls that originated in the earlier series of the birth of the Monad are called the More Ancients (5, 6, 7 Wave).
Souls that originated in one of the later periods are called Young Souls (1, 2 Wave from the present moment).
Ancient Souls have a Germ of the Soul that is not so developed, but their accumulated evolutionary experience is enormous. Younger Souls - their soul germ is more developed, bears the imprint of Ancient knowledge, but the personal experience gained is small. Each Soul (Monad) is formed millions of years.

Here is an interesting photo of souls - the girls of the 7th Wave (about 7 million years ago was the start of the Wave).

People of 7th Wave always keep apart from other people. They are very few and very rare. There are about 5 hundredths percent of souls of 7th Wave. You can meet them very rarely.

If you look, the Assemblage Point of the girls in the photo is not very high, they both have the same position - the Assemblage Point at the level of the Manipura.

What is interesting is their special, very heavy "earthy" energy. This feeling is due to the fact that their mental bodies have 3 frequency bands below muladhara.

If you meet them, most often they do not merge with the team, they have one group and they try to stick together.
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