Step 10. Higher Self Map (High Energy Parameters Diagnostics)

Higher Self Card

Analysis of damage to the system of the Higher Self.


The Card of the Higher Self includes testing the following parameters:

  • Preservation of the mentality of the Higher Self;
  • Magical blows to the Higher Self;
  • Military strikes against the Higher Self;
  • Non-magical blows to the Higher Self (envy, anger);
  • Human connection with the Higher Self;
  • The connection of the Higher Self with Divine structures;

Testing high-frequency parameters is quite difficult, as it requires a lot of energy.

In the Map of the Higher Self, we are now testing the parameters that we have been working on recently. These are the parameters

  • Personal strength
  • Divine Will and
  • Divine Life Force.


QUESTION: Is the Will and Personal Strength parameter able to extinguish negative karma?

ANSWER: Not capable. Karma is a mechanism designed to influence all levels, including the Divine. No personal qualities interfere with the influence of karmic mechanisms.


Higher Self Card - $ 20

Any damage found can be cleaned.

QUESTION: In the Card of the Higher Self I found beats with the egregor of technician-computers - will this prevent me from working in the IT-sphere?

ANSWER: Yes. The beats affect the assimilation of information and the comfort of work in the IT sphere.

QUESTION: Will it help if I take Prof. development in IT? -

will it normally be assimilated in the presence of these beats?

(does this not contradict the fact that while there are beats?) and will I remove the beats later?

ANSWER: In the presence of beats, the information will simply be absorbed more slowly.

Testimonial: Restoring the mental of the Higher Self

To be honest, this is a gorgeous thing))
I feel better, just like after any of your services))

Testimonial: Restoring the mental of the Higher Self

This is a good program - strengthening the connection with the Higher Self, we will do up to 100 percent.
For some reason, after each of your upgrades, I feel as if I am acquiring something very valuable. This feeling cannot be measured, it just is.

Internal harmony with the world has increased, softness, irritability has disappeared somewhere. 
I wonder how long this state will remain.

It feels quite pronounced. Especially all day today.
In a word, to put
it, I’m prettier.) Damn, I don’t even know, sometimes consciousness comes out to some abstract perception of processes,
but this is already manifested sometimes, we will do it up to 100, then I will weigh it more voluminously.
The service is very good. This is something very difficult.

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