Your presence of traces of Egyptian Initiation through Death suggests that you have been involved in Egyptian magical culture in the past.

Initiation through Death gives a powerful impetus to development. People who have passed this initiation are usually more developed than those around them. 
This Initiation is a launching pad for the development of personality and other more complex technologies that were used in other space civilizations (for example, the Monad Experience, Mental Restoration). Initiation through Death is a legendary technology in both Tibetan magicians and Toltec magic (described by Castaneda), and was one of the key development technologies in Egyptian magical culture. Passing Initiation through Death / Fear / Stress is a very important technology, and it is recommended as the first step in the technology of evolution. 

If I have already passed the Initiation through Death, do I need to repeat it again?

Answer: The  past initiation was a development impulse for that person who embodied in Egypt. And she raised a notch in subsequent personalities. And each new Initiation through death for subsequent personalities raises your level up a notch. 
If it is possible to receive Initiation through Death, this is a very significant moment in development. 
In ancient terrestrial magical technology, this Initiation was a legend and the pinnacle of magical technology.

Ritual through Death

QUESTION: My magic card indicates the presence of Initiation through the Death of Tibet and in Initiations through death in the Secondary cities of the Atlanteans. What it is?

ANSWER: In the Sephiroth Tree there is a program that responds to the passage of the Death stream through a person (sometimes this happens at the time of dying). In response to Death, this program produces a stream that connects the personalities of past incarnations. There is a copying of personal experience.

This effect has been used as a developmental technology in several Post-Atlantic magic communities. The magicians of Egypt did this most qualitatively, besides this ritual is found among the masses, in Tibetan magic, among the Toltecs, in Voodoo magic, in the Secondary settlements of Atlantes. Initiation through Death is one of the brightest technologies of development and is mentioned in many magical cultures.

QUESTION: Tell us how Egyptian initiation through death affects future lives if a person dies during initiation.

ANSWER: When we observe people who came through the Egyptian ritual through death, which they did 3-5,000 years ago, it is noticeable that this person has become more developed and more complex.

This dedication has given a powerful impetus to development.

This is especially noticeable if a person made such initiations in various cultures: in Egypt, in Tibet, among the Masons, Toltecs, and in the Secondary cities of Atlantes.

If a person dies at Initiations, which is rare enough, but happened in the Egyptian ritual through Death, then the developmental effect was preserved, since the exchange of information at that moment had already occurred.