Step 3. Assemblage point & Mental Recovery

"Mental recovery"

The restoration of mental bodies returns the subconscious experience of a person, increases the level of consciousness (Assembly Point).

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For the global evolutionary process, mental injuries in three areas are important:

1. The Monad Experience

Injuries that block the exchange of information between individuals in all past incarnations of a person. When we talk about the Unified Monad Experience - we remove high-frequency injuries that block the exchange of information between individuals in the process of evolution.

2. Speed ​​of thinking

High-frequency injuries that block the processing of information itself - information is poorly and slowly starting to be absorbed. 

3. Recovery of mental bodies

Injuries that lead to ruptures of thin high-frequency bodies, including Soul bodies (Divine Spark, Monad, etc.). As a result of the rupture of subtle bodies and the outflow of information, the level of consciousness (Assembly Points) decreases and access to this information is lost.

For each person, millions of such injuries accumulate during evolution. Even in this life, you get moderate severity of various mental injuries that overgrow, some are corrected, some are not.
But there were more complex injuries in the past. Somehow the body dragged them or not. Sometimes these injuries are very serious and the recovery process takes a very long time.

The Mental Recovery service  removes the main streams of energy, mental. This dramatically raises the position of the Assembly Point, the level of consciousness.

In the process of evolution, a person receives thousands of injuries of mental bodies - bodies of consciousness. Part of these injuries is a rupture of the sheath and the outflow of structured information - it looks like a kind of hernia - in the dissection zone there is a thin leg on a high-frequency body and at the end of a ball of leaked energy information.

Such an injury makes leaking information inaccessible and lowers the level of consciousness. We have to re-develop the level. On average, the ratio of leaked information to the rest is 60% / 40%.

Removing the main mental trauma, we can quickly restore the level of development. On average, in one cycle it is possible to recover about 5% of the information lost in the evolutionary line. The next cycle is carried out after assimilation of the returned mental - in a month. 

At the same time, tracking changes is not easy, and it depends on the experience of a person with thin bodies.

Unfortunately, the changes that are taking place are difficult to tie to ordinary human feelings and evaluation criteria, even words are difficult to choose for these processes.
We described this impact only because it is fundamental in the process of evolution and allows you to make a quick leap in development.

It is useless to ask us in what terms changes will occur and what they will be ... 
If you read these lines and something responds inside you can contact us and we will help you. A few years will pass and you will feel that the changes are serious and profound. But you yourself cannot describe in words either.

This is a unique and one of the most effective developments of the Center  in terms of accelerating human evolution.

It will be possible to carry out about 7 cycles. The full level is seven cycles.

Mental restoration during the first cleaning (cycle) gives a vivid effect - the  Assembly Point jumps sharply up, is located in the zone of maximum residence. Subsequent cleanings do not give such a leap to the Assembly Points, but are also very effective. It takes hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate new such information.

It should be noted that with this procedure, the mental of past personalities is restored. 
If we want the collected mental to immediately affect our personality - it is advisable to run the Monad Experience or have already open access.


Recovery of mental bodies - 150 USD/cycle. 

Full level (7 cycles) - 35% discount.


In the Mental Recovery technology, the very first cycles have the maximum effect, because the most severe and massive damage to the energy structure is removed. They are most noticeable, so they are removed first. In subsequent cycles, hundreds and thousands of minor injuries are removed. They are the most difficult to perform and the sensations there are already less, they are less noticeable. The damage that has accumulated over millions of years of evolution is removed.

Rather rare technology. There are few magical civilizations where this technology is applied.

Usually, during the first Mental Recovery cycle, the Assembly Point shifts half a level up. But we believe that raising the Assembly Point is not even an end in itself. More important is the restoration of integrity, the return of experience and knowledge in flows over millions of years of evolution, the restoration of the level of consciousness of a person. 

Full level - restores the mental to 90% integrity. For one cycle, one seventh mental outflow is removed. With a loss of mental 50% in one cycle, it is possible to recover about 6-7%.

The speed of the human evolutionary process is affected by his mental trauma.

Mental trauma refers to damage to the human mental bodies, starting from Anahata and above.

QUESTION: Does mental recovery work immediately or over time?

ANSWER: When restoring the mentality, we remove traumatic factors, and thin bodies continue to contract for another month or two.

Question: And how can mental injuries be described in life? How do they manifest?


Mental injuries are ancient professional magical or technogenic effects on a person.

Mental injuries are manifested in a decrease in the level of consciousness (a decrease in the position of the assembly point from the base level). Often this can manifest itself in such a way that a person is interested in something, something is close to him (for example, magic, esotericism, business), but a person is afraid to get close to this topic, walks around the bush, showing interest, but is not able to start actively manifest in this area.
Mental injuries block a person’s past experience, we think slower and understand less than we could, based on the personality’s potentials.
Sometimes mental trauma radically changes the way a person develops.
This can be manifested as the fact that in his early incarnations a person had magical experience, he worked professionally in the field of the science of consciousness, but this sphere is blocked due to mental injuries. Human evolution follows a different path, for example, business, although a vague desire to do magic can remain.
Partially mental injuries also include ancient professional magical blows from the time of Atlantis. They appear more clearly.
These effects can block the abilities, interests and various spheres of human life.
Sometimes, ancient sights of magical strikes can occur at the level of the body (pressure drops, heart disease, kidney stones, etc.).
These injuries can be removed, restoring the person’s health and blocked potentials.

Question: What does it mean that the level of consciousness rises?


You can imagine a person as a layer cake, of different information layers. When sucking several layers of information, the general level, or “Assembly Point” begins to fall.

There are some statistics. We take a person, clear him the main mental injuries - and the position of the Assembly Point (TS), the level of perception, jumps one level up!

If you clear the main injuries, the vehicle rises significantly.

Question: How many cycles does it take to get this result?


Usually at least two cycles.
First, we remove the main injuries, but then millions of medium and minor injuries remain. The main effect is achieved in the first two cycles. Further, it is difficult to achieve such qualitative effects of raising consciousness, but the integrity of subtle bodies will be restored.

Question: It is written that usually 2 cycles are enough. And the full level is 7 cycles. Is it possible to somehow understand how many cycles I need specifically? Or is it not predictable? The fact is that a full discount is given a good discount, so if I need 7, I would like to save, because the service is not cheap. Thank.


It depends on which tasks you set for yourself. The main breaks are cleaned in two cycles. If you need to thoroughly clean everything that is, it’s better to do 7.
After 2 cycles, the work takes place with smaller injuries that do not give such a striking effect as the first two cycles, but from the point of view of evolution this is also very useful.
The number of cycles is unlimited, after each cleaning you can still find something that can be improved.

To understand yourself, you can look at the parameter The level of mental flow in the Personality Magic Card:

  • 10-20% - low level is considered;
  • 20-40% - the average level of mental breakdown;
  • above 40% - already quite high.

The indicator of the level of mental outflow shows what percentage of your subconscious, the information you have accumulated earlier, is now blocked due to major injuries with tears in the mental body of the person. In principle, Mental Recovery is a rather useful technology in terms of accelerated evolution.


The effect of the mental recovery service for each can manifest itself in different ways. 
This technology helps to restore the individual lost potential of your Monad. Someone will start to activate their managerial potential, while others will have magical or healing powers. It all depends on what information, skills you managed to accumulate earlier for millions of your past incarnations.

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