Initiation of Druids

Consecration of the Druids

The initiation includes the 17th Major Arcana of the Tree of Sephiroth into the channel of life force.

The channel is well formed as a religion. At one time, a system of priests was built.

The channel contains a lot of information on healing and magic. Work is underway with the planetary energy of life (animals, plants).

Those who lead the channel are specialists in the field of magic and healing. These are mainly Sephirothic magicians, but there are also Runic ones.

The presence of this channel fills the energy structure - the life energy of 17 BA, which has a good effect on a person and on the people around him.


Question: Where is more energy with the Initiation of the 17th Arcanum or the Initiation of the Druids?


There is life force energy in both channels, but since both channels are very informative, almost all the energy is spent on processing information.

The Druid Initiation and the 17 BA Initiation are primarily a development technology, not a way to pump life force.

Here is information about druids, magic. Although free energy is partially released and fills the space around. The amount of free life force energy in both channels will be approximately the same.

Examples of people with druid initiation 

QUESTION: As for inquiries, I am interested in the Initiation of the Druids, please tell us in more detail (information in Egregor and dedicated channels of the second stage).

I am sincerely grateful to you!  

ANSWER: The Druid Channel contains information on magic, healing, life force magic, technologies of the 17th arcana.
In the initiation of the 2nd step there are dedicated channels:
1) Channel of life force (17th lasso)
2) Channel: the desire to engage in healing and magic

But you need to be careful, because the channel of modern European Druids is now being formed separately from the Ancient egregor of Druids. This egregor is based on the energies of death, in contrast to how the ancient druids were based on the energies of life.



QUESTION: The articles mention the Planetary Life Force, the energy for maintaining the vital functions of the organism. Tell me, are there any services, initiation into this stream?

ANSWER: The planetary energy of the Life Force (analogue of the 17th arcana) is contained in the Initiation of the Druids.

We have not yet met other terrestrial egregors with the flow of Life Force energy.

Cost: Consecration of the Druids - $ 150

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