PART 4. Ancient evolution schemes and secret schools.

PART 4. Ancient evolution schemes and secret schools.

Reincarnation as a stage of development.

As it was said above, the man's full consciousness 
(transition 4.1 - 4.2) is an important stage in the development of the personality.

If the evolution of a person in the range 1-4.1 occurs in a completely natural way, then the transition 4.1-4.2 is a rather complicated position. The fact that the Atlanteans got people at this level with the help of high-class technology. 

All who passed this level before, were also the fruit of the creation of entire civilizations.

The natural process of accumulating the mass of energy for the transition 4.1-4.2 can take at least 100 incarnations (5-7 thousand years or more, taking into account the fact that there can be a large gap between the embodiments). 

This is due to the fact that the work of each caste requires active interaction with the outside world. However, beyond level 4.1, interaction occurs with energy or information objects (the world of spirits).

As it was said above, in the period of the existence of Atlantis people 4.2 were created, and this was the achievement of an entire civilization. By this point, all those who switched to 4.2 earlier (Mages of other, earlier civilizations of the Earth), have already gone to 4.3.

Secret societies.

After the death of Atlantis, Mages with level 4.2 formed their elite (see above) and created an extensive network of their influence in the world.

This influence was realized through the branched structures of the adepts (transition from 4.1 to 4.2). Strictly speaking, these structures also form numerous "secret societies", some of them, despite the name ("secret societies"), are quite legal.

For example, some Masonic lodges or Sufis residences, as well as Kabbalist schools, have a very respectable appearance, registered address and legal advertising. The essence of all the mystery is that these organizations are connected with the "Curators" of level 4.2 , which are part of the elite Secret Government of the Earth. For example, the Curator of Nazi mystical societies, who had the pseudonym of "green gloves" or "a man wearing green gloves," is known from the immediate history. N.Rerikh and E.Blavatskaya spoke about meetings with such curators. The curator of the Masonic lodges was the mysterious Count of Saint-Germain.

Usually, the curators deal with advanced adepts who are in the transition stage 4.1-4.2. For these people (adepts) there is no more important and valuable thing than evolution. They believe in the power of their Curator. They can not be intimidated or bribed

 Occult schools.

Proceeding from the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion: the evolution of a person, going in a normal way, stops at the level of transition 4.1-4.2 and then goes only in an artificial way ("short path", or "left hand path" - the Chinese term).

In this accelerated evolution we need teachers who, in one way or another, are connected with the "ruling elite of the Earth." These teachers can be conditionally divided "by layers".

In this case, the first layer is formed by people 4.1, who popularize occult knowledge (knowledge about evolution). This layer is, as a rule, "psychics" (4.1), propagandizing their own views on evolution.

The next layer is formed by "instructors" - people (transition 4.1-4.2), themselves actively practicing the inner work and teaching any practices (for example, yoga, qi-gun, aikido, etc.). This level is closer to classical Magic (Atlant's knowledge system). This also includes "instructors" associated with the systems of knowledge of other civilizations (the pre-Atlantean civilization of Mu - the Voodoo system, and the post-Atlantean Aryan civilization - "Runic system" or "Northern tradition").

The next layer is formed by the Wizard (4.2). These are "healers" who have overcome the barrier (4.1-4.2), which are "conductors" in the "spirit world". Masters are quite rare, they have significant Forces (see description 4.2) and work only with people at the transition level 4.1-4.2.

The next layer is "curators" (4.2-4.3) (the characters are a bit like the "smoker" of the "X-Files"). As a rule, these are deeply conspiratorial people who occupy an incomprehensible position in society and possess great powers (see descriptions 4.2 and 4.3). They also have a huge influence and very big connections (very similar to Bruce from the book "Look into the eyes of monsters" Lazarchuk and Uspensky or, for example, Gesser in "Night Watch" Lukyanenko) . Curators communicate mainly with 4.2 and direct "schools", thus implementing the function of managing evolution.

On the other hand, the Curators (4.2-4.3) are associated with the "Alchemists" (4.3), who are in Magonia. Sometimes Emissaries emerge among the Curators (4.3-4.2) - those who come from Mahonia. They are, rather, not a layer, but a one-time phenomenon.

In the Buddhism of Tibet, there is the term "bodhisattva" denoting such emissaries. Hindus describe them as avatars (incarnations) of Vishnu (analogous to the Hindu Trimurti God of the Son in the Christian Trinity). An example of such an Emissary is Babaji, who sometimes appears in India. In accordance with the ancient legends of Britain, such Emissaries can be attributed to Merlin.

Transitions between castes and rituals of initiation.

Transitions between castes always depend on the amount of energy (qualities) accumulated in the form of experience and represent an event of a biological or physical order (shifting and fixing consciousness into another frequency range).

Nevertheless, in the society usually formalize this event. Such a formalization is honoring for the transitions 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4.1 (see descriptions above). These measures are not an action aimed at accelerating evolution, but simply a statement of the fact of the transition. Actions related to evolution precede these activities.

  • Transition 1-2 corresponds to the shop holidays of the journey from apprentices to the master,
  • fastening at level 2 - attribution to the merchant guild.
  • Transition 2-3 corresponds to the receipt of the rank of chief.
  • The fastening on the 3rd level corresponds to the knight initiation.
  • Transition 3-4.1 - tonsured or clerk - getting a degree.
  • However, further on, in the transition 4.1-4.2, initiation ceases to be of a festive and formal nature. 

Magical initiations.

The transition problem 4.1-4.2 is a problem of energy shortage. The next level is higher in energy, but all interactions occur in the spirit world. A person who does not know how to extract energy there will not be able to gain enough of it.

Therefore, in the rituals of transitions 4.1-4.2, 4.2 energy donors participate, which can fill it from the spirit world. These rituals are of the nature of hard work, produced at the limit of human strength. An example of such a ritual is the ancient Egyptian ritual, held in Ossirion (the construction of ancient Egyptians, which is an underwater maze).

Having received from the Master a portion of energy, the applicant goes into high-frequency mode and dives into the underwater labyrinth. With the help of aggravated intuition, he sees the structure of the labyrinth and finds a way out of it. Without an intuition, there is no chance to get out of the underwater maze. The fear of death drives the applicant, including new mechanisms of perception of the world, and the energy invested by the Master makes it possible. As a result, the applicant goes to level 4.2 and is fixed on it.

There are varieties of this initiation, but the scheme remains the same: the portion of energy invested by the master competitor is used to survive in artificially created conditions by entering the next frequency range (4.2) and using the properties of consciousness of this level.

Note: This Ritual is sometimes called the Initiation through death, when, under the influence of high stress and additional energy, activation and use of the experience of past incarnations takes place.

Ascension, or the transition 4.2-4.3.

To exit from the "middle world" energy is required even more than for the transition 4.1-4.2, because to exit from the middle world you need to disperse the entire body to the next frequency range.

This practice is called "raising the energy of Kundalini." Unsuccessful experiments on this topic are described as cases of spontaneous spontaneous combustion. The fact is that with uneven overclocking individual parts of the body just burn. These practices are fairly well described in the yogic tradition, and in the books of Carlos Castaneda this phenomenon is described as the Great Transition.

The ancients described this Great Transition by encoding the technique in describing the 12 exploits of Hercules. Each of the feats conceals in itself a certain technique of recruiting the energy necessary for the transition. Traditionally, this transition is called "Ascension", referring to the transition to a higher energy level. Ascension does not represent death or combustion of the body. The classical description of this process is associated with the appearance in the "middle" (our) world of Emissary Babaji. At the end of each of his visits, he, with a large crowd of people from all over India, enters the Ganges waters, sits in the Lotus pose and, turning into a ray of light (acceleration of the body), leaves this world in a flash.

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