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Connection with the Higher Self, Divine Self, Divine Power (strength, charisma)

There are 3 high-frequency structures: Higher Self; Divine power; Divine Self (Divine Spark). All three of these parameters can be tested. Most often, people have a connection with the Higher Self, it is somehow responsible for motivation and generalized knowledge. The rest of the parameters are shown very

There are 3 high frequency structures: 

  • Higher Self;
  • Divine power;
  • Divine Self (Divine Spark). 

All three of these parameters can be tested.

Most often, people have a connection with the Higher Self, it is somehow responsible for motivation and generalized knowledge. The rest of the parameters are very weak.

For all three, we do not know anything for sure about this. No description was found anywhere. 
But something can be noted, their manifestations can somehow be characterized.

1. Clearing the connection with the Higher Self

The Higher Self unites both our past incarnations, and incarnations in parallel realities, and those incarnations that gave birth to our Monad.

Higher Self:  If it works, then additional information comes to the person, it goes like a kind of buzzing.

In short, a person has a certain Higher Self, about which everyone says that it would be cool to have a connection with him, and most of the problems are associated with breaking this connection. It became interesting for us to develop a technology for setting up Connections with this higher self.

How it works is still not clear to the end. But it is clear that a large amount of information is going through this channel and the head begins to buzz. Everyone we put on say it's cool. Plainly explain how cool they could not, but asked to add more.
So far, we are wary of adding a lot so that there is no overheating, but we believe that the thing is quite useful.

Feedback: Service 'Clearing the connection with the Higher Self' / O. B.

I felt some waves all over my body, my consciousness was clouded, tears in my eyes, I had some kind of pre-fainting state, everything was in a fog, I didn't want anything, I wanted to work, but I couldn't concentrate.

I feel a movement along the spine, my head seems to be filled with cotton wool and does not hurt, but heavy.

I had plans for a swim in the river today, to visit, but now I know that I will not stick my head out, I will sit at home under the covers, the state is very strange, my back somehow relaxes, as if the load is falling, in general, general relaxation.

2. Divine Power:

It manifests itself in various spiritual streams. Its parameter is almost always close to zero. It manifests itself among the leaders of various currents and creates a state of a certain Higher Meaning in these currents. Whether it is a spiritual movement, or a business movement, or an artistic direction in art. It sets the state of presence of a certain higher meaning.

This channel is active among some guys, oppositionists, dissidents, who can defend their opinion. It enhances a certain quality of independence of thought, the ability to resist external pressure, information.

3. Divine Self (charisma): 

When it manifests itself, charisma increases.
Popular artists can be only those people in whom the Divine Self is somehow manifested, together with some other qualities (acting, strong energy, dedication to beauty and charisma).

One can say about the structure of the Divine I, it has its own consciousness and can manifest itself in a person. This is especially noticeable among artists and politicians. 
Their charisma, memorability, and the impression they make on the audience directly depends on the manifestation of this Divine Spark. Outwardly, there is an impression of fullness and the presence of something Higher in a person.

Manifestation of the Divine Self: 

  • Johnny Depp 80%,  
  • Brad Pete 85%,
  • Aishwarya Rai 90%,
  • Jessica Biel 30%.

In addition to this, the Divine Self strengthens and accelerates the development of the personality. 
There are magical practices in which everything is built on strengthening the connection and activating this Divine Self.

Who will use it :  
People who strive for popularity. Esotericists who are engaged in their own development.

Feedback: Service 'Connection with the Divine Self'

They ordered my friend, a popular film actor, the service "Connection with the Higher Self". Observing him, his work in recent years, I have something to compare with.
After a short period of time, I noticed that behind him a certain Power appears, which emanates in waves through him and covers the people around him. A certain luminosity appeared. 

Feedback: Service 'Clearing the connection with the Divine Self' / Boris 

The connection with the Divine Self was dispersed to me from 15-45%. After Clearing the signal of the Divine Self, my acquaintances girls and teachers at the institute began to tell me that I was charismatic. Plus, all the girls in the group, all my friends began to treat me better, began to smile. Maybe not because of this, but I can point it out.

You can measure the level of manifestation
- Divine Self
- Divine Power
- Higher Self 
and cleanse trauma and magical influences that block their manifestation.

In the card of the Higher Self, the following parameters are tested for each parameter:

1) Connection of the personality with the Higher Self
2) Connection of the Higher Self with the Divine structures 
/  power of the incoming flow of energy into the system /
3) Safety-efficiency of the Higher Self 

Any of the parameters can be adjusted for each parameter


Adjustments of any one parameter - 150cu. / 1 cycle.
Adjustment of all three parameters according to the Higher Self or the Divine Self - $ 400 / 1 cycle.
One cleaning cycle increases the channel dynamics by + 10%. 


Question: Is the "Divine Self" the "Super Self"?


These are separate structures. 
The manifestation that can be traced from the signal of the "Divine Self" is that it somehow affects the external perception of a person. And this is meaningful for the artists. It makes a person memorable.

For example, the manifestation of the "Divine Self":

  • Pugacheva - 70%, 
  • Kirkorov - 30% (additional brightness needed) 
  • Georgy Leps - 70, 
  • Magomayev - 60%, 
  • Urgant - 65%, 
  • Dima Bilan - 10% (brightly lit up and disappeared), 
  • Makarevich - 90%.

Question: Greetings! Tell me, pzhl, how is the process of measuring the level of manifestation of the Divine Self / Divine Power / Higher Self and clearing? What do you need for a session? With thanks.


We measure the activity of the Channel.
There is a Channel - we look at how high its dynamics are from the possible.
This channel is always clogged with something for millions of incarnations.
For example, there is a pipe of 100 liters, but it only passes 15 liters. Clogged, somewhere there is a breakdown through which a stream flows, etc.

The state of the pipe is tested in the Map of the Higher Self.  For one cleaning cycle, we add + 15% to the dynamics of the channel, which leads to rather significant changes in the personality.

  • If the Higher Self is cleared, the flow of information from the Higher Self increases;
  • If the Divine Self is cleared, people around usually notice an increase in charisma;
  • If you clear Divine Power, this will somehow affect the parameters of Personal Power.

Your photo is needed for a session (diagnostics, clearing). To begin with, it is enough to send an application on the website by clicking on the button / place an order /.

Note. Parameter Divine Power.
This channel is active among some guys, oppositionists, dissidents, who can defend their opinion. It enhances a certain quality of independence of thought, the ability to resist external pressure, information.

QUESTION: What parameters determine the power of fixation of the vehicle.

ANSWER: Natural fixation of the Assemblage Point depends on the level of filling, structuring of mental bodies.

Plus one of the parameters of stable fixation on the 'picture of the world' depends on the parameter of the Divine Will.


FEEDBACK: Connection with the Higher Self / Vladimir

I decided that I needed to strengthen the connection with the Higher Self, since everyone says that it is important and necessary. After work, there was a feeling that it was as if a weak current was coming from somewhere above. At the beginning, this state was uncomfortable, but after a few days I got used to it and stopped paying attention to it, but the condition remained.

TESTIMONIAL: Communication with the Higher Self / Maxim

Ordered a connection with the Higher Self, one cycle. After your work, as I got into a stream, the stream intensified with a buzzing, as if some vibrations were passing through my head. And there is a continuation of me overhead.

REVIEW: Increase in personal (Divine) power / Dmitry

Everything is just super, I managed to track all the days when the work was going on and I was bursting with it, I really feel the strength has increased. Anahata responds very clearly, I haven't felt it for a long time, but here the fire is burning, the mood has become good))

Now I want to continue with this service, perhaps completely in all respects)) thank you, you really feel the power))


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