Memory Zone Clearing

Technology clearing memory zones

Clearing the memory area increases the ability to hold and retrieve information.

Memory is a complex structure.
The work of the memory system is associated with mental trauma in this zone, special Atlantic and extraterrestrial programs aimed at supporting this zone. Programs of various levels are used: both individual programs and serious paid programs of highly developed civilizations.

The memory zone clearing service is the cleaning of injuries in this area, clearing the zones from various damages.

1 cycle improves memory by 20%. Memory work depends on various parameters (the state of your energy, tone, the work of the cerebral hemispheres). Also, the memory depends on the amount of high-frequency energy - for this purpose, level 1 swap programs are used. To memorize information requires a lot of energy at the level of consciousness.

With the service of Clearing the memory zone, the ability to retain and retrieve information is increased.

Cost: Clearing the memory zone - $ 150 / cycle.

Review: Clearing the memory zone

We can say the following: during the school year, the child said that when at the time of the lesson they asked for material (by language) and it was necessary to quickly pass the memorized material in the lesson, if he did not do his homework - so he learned something in 10-15 minutes what other children learned over the course of 3-7 days. Before that, he did not have this. The memory has improved.

 COMMENT: Clearing memory zones / Nikita

The work on clearing memory zones is noticeable. It became better to keep everything under control, planning improved. The thing is very useful.

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