Initiation into the Egregor of Egyptian Magic

"Initiation into the Egregor of Egyptian Magic"

A number of key magical traditions can be distinguished:

  • Egyptian magic;
  • Taoist magic (China);
  • Lemurian magic;
  • Dwarf magic;
  • Elven Magic;
  • Atlantic Sephirothic Magic;
  • Runic magic.

Each of them has a well-formed system of magical initiations.

Each egregor carries its own knowledge and motivation.

Initiation into Egyptian magic contains information:

1) In the early traditions of Egyptian magic - technologies for working with streams of planetary consciousness (Great Arcana), with elemental energies, with technologies of accelerated development. The technology of Initiation through Death is manifested here, which went through several stages of Egyptian magic. This technology has survived almost until later times.

2) In later versions - work with the Channels of the Deities, work with various beings of subtle planes.

In the egregor of Egyptian magic, aspects of healing are manifested - due to the energies of the Arcana, calling the Deities, using the energy of plants, stones and cleansing energy.

A lot of information on magic and healing is concentrated in this egregor. This is a powerful egregor that has existed for several thousand years.

Egregor gives motivation to practice magic.

There is a lot of information in the egregor, diverse. 

There is knowledge in the following areas:

  • Summoning magic;
  • Working with the elements;
  • Working with Arcana;
  • Deities work;
  • Working with Spirits;
  • Healing;
  • Working with a dream;
  • Working with parallel realities.

Initiation into the Egregor of Egyptian Magic is an Initiation of the Magic School of Egypt.

A clear structure of Initiations stands out here, there is a well-formed gradation by levels.

 In initiation into Egyptian magic

at the 2nd stage, the power and frequency of the channel are increased.
In addition, there is a dedicated Channel: Motivation to practice magic.

Question: Is this a priestly Initiation?


Initiation is associated with a magical school. They are not priests. Although the concept of "Priests of Thoth" is close to this egregor. Somehow they intersect with this egregor.

There is a division by levels, gradation by access level.
This is one of the few egregors structured by levels.

Cost: Initiation into the Egregor of Egyptian magic - 1 step - $ 150, 2nd step - $ 500


To gain access to the Initiation into the Egregor of Egyptian magic, you first need to request permission. Not everyone is allowed to establish this Dedication. 

Review: Initiation into the egregor of Egyptian Magic

Thank you! It was an important decision in my life for me. I had no idea how serious it was.

A completely different state, attitude towards oneself and the world. There is a sense of significance, a constant feeling of contact with the egregor, as with something extremely important.

First of all, the perception of oneself has changed. A sense of mission. The egregor stream is very dense, powerful. He helps restore energy and teaches practices.

At initiation, images of white and gold robes appeared.
Feeling of belonging to a special group. Dignity and responsibility in the Channel.

Feeling of inner stability, stability, when tuning. And there is also a feeling inside some mystery, knowledge. There was a great desire to study and practice Egyptian magic.

For myself, I feel that this is not just inclusion in the egregor, but it looks like a real priestly-magical Initiation. 

Review: Initiation into the egregor of Egyptian Magic

The result is noticeable:

  • Self-awareness:
  • Fixation;
  • The stream is powerful;
  • Motivation increased 10 times;
  • I begin to better navigate these areas, from the inside as a guide, inner knowledge comes.

I used to be quite calm about this area.
But now I was caught on the crest of a wave.
Honestly, I didn't even expect such an effect from Initiation.


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